About Carmina-Cristina: Professional Makeup Artist

About Carmina-Cristina: Professional Makeup Artist

Carmina-Cristina Vasilca is part of the new generation of innovative makeup artists who are transforming the international glamour and beauty scene. Located in Harrisburg, she has evolved into one of Central Pennsylvania’s premiere makeup artists, respected and appreciated by clients and peers alike. Although the path that led Carmina to become an accomplished artist was not an easy one, for sure it was an inspiring and unique journey!

Inspired Beginnings

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Carmina first developed an eye for color and fascination with makeup in her early childhood. Bucharest is often referred to as “Little Paris” because of its elegant architecture and sophistication. Surrounded by such beauty at a young age, this inspiring environment helped to develop Carmina’s artistic eye for elegance, simplicity and uniqueness and to foster her natural talent for makeup artistry. Her passion for makeup continued to develop throughout her life, but it took a major career change before she realized this to also be her career aspiration.

Change of Course

Carmina is one of very few makeup artists who can say they have also earned their law degree! Shortly after her graduating law school in Bucharest, Carmina felt strongly that her calling in life was to help women discover and appreciate their unique personal beauty. She was willing to do whatever necessary to do that – even if it meant completely changing her career. With the realization that makeup was more than just a passion, but also her life calling, Carmina set out to follow her dreams by pursuing a top-of-the-line education in makeup artistry. She had studied at Kruger Brent Makeup Academy in Bucharest, Romania, at Complexions International Academy of Makeup Artistry in Toronto, Canada, and is a licensed professional in the state of Pennsylvania.

International Experience

In addition to her international training, Carmina has acquired valuable world-wide experience in her industry. Her resume includes working backstage for fashion shows, film and TV production in USA, Canada and Romania. Carmina’s experience in a variety of fields on the global scene provides her with a unique understanding of makeup artistry and a current pulse on emerging trends and techniques.

Unique Talent

Carmina stands out among other makeup artists because of her unique talent to earn the trust of each client and listen to their specific needs. Through this understanding and attention, Carmina is able to consistently create a custom makeup design that is perfectly matched to the person’s natural and inner beauty.

“I always keep an open line of communication with my clients.
My goal is to first understand their needs and then
translate them into outstanding makeup designs
that make them look their absolute best in front
of the camera—this is my ultimate objective.”

Carmina at her Boutique in Camp Hill, PA
Carmina at her Boutique in Camp Hill, PA

A Business Woman

The company Makeup by Carmina-Cristina LLC was founded by Carmina in Harrisburg, PA in 2014. Prior to that, Carmina was offering professional makeup services to the bridal industry and commercial clients as a freelance artist.

Carmina’s vision about her company is three-fold:

  • To help women cherish and enhance their beauty by using cosmetics and skin care products with skill and confidence.
  • To educate women of all ages in the field of personal beauty and makeup artistry.
  • To become a successful company.

The company mission is to provide professional beauty services to clients located in Central Pennsylvania in several market niches: bridal, commercial, educational and private clientele. Professional beauty services include makeovers and facials, and are complemented by offering Carmina-Cristina Signature line of high quality cosmetics.  Other reputable cosmetic brand products are also carried by Carmina-Cristina Boutique located in Camp Hill, PA and by her online store.

The company core values are professionalism, excellence and integrity. These high-order values are eagerly promoted and consistently applied on a daily basis by all members of the Carmina-Cristina team in their daily interaction with customers.

Carmina is involved in the activities of the Camp Hill Borough with respect of improving the appearance of the business area on the Market Street. She is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the local chapters of several business women associations.



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