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Heat-Resistant-Summer Bridal Makeup

June 28, 2017

Summer is clearly the favorite time of the year to schedule a wedding for. Now, my Pennsylvania clients certainly know how warm and humid the summers can be here. Therefore the number 1 concern of my brides is in how to achieve a heat-resistant makeup that lasts all day on their wedding day. My answer- with the right skincare and makeup products it is possible to achieve a heat proof Makeup!

Helena Felix wedding was on a hot summer day in August 2015.  She wished the makeup to be elegant, summery with her wedding colors gold and soft pink included and most importantly to be long-lasting.

 It’s all about oil-free formulas. So I started off with an oil-free moisturizer to not overload the skin. I recommend Christine Valmy “Valnel” Day Protection. The lightweight formula absorbs oil, hydrates the skin and is non-greasy. Priming the skin is essential for flawless, long-lasting makeup as it hugs your base like a magnet. 

For the foundation, again, I opted for an oil-free product like my Carmina-Cristina Tinted Primer. Helena’s beautifully tanned skin worked well with my primer in medium that also has an SPF 20. It protected her skin from sun rays during her photoshoot outside and kept her skin shine-free in the heat.

To achieve luminous skin and to contour the hollows of her cheeks and her jawline I used my matte creme based Carmina-Cristina Concealer and strenghtened up the contour effect with my Carmina-Cristina Contouring Powder and Brazilian Bronze. To highlight her cheekbones, her nose and temple I used my Carmina-Cristina Highlighter in Champagne Beige.

As a blusher I combined a coral and rose shade of my Carmina-Cristina Baked Blush. Important here is to apply the powder blush after setting your powder so that they last and don’t look too cakey. 

The eye makeup needs to consist in waterproof mascara and a gel-based liner like my Carmina-Cristina Gel Eyeliner.

For the lips I recommend a gloss in the summertime. It nourishes and is easy to re-aplly. For Helena I used my Carmina-Cristina Sheer Plumping Gloss in Pixie.

I finished the makeup with my Carmina-Cristina Blotting Powder just down the t-zone and conclusively used a setting spray.

This is how Helena describes her wedding-day vision:

“I envisioned our wedding to be rustic-elegant. I had picked light pink and several gold shades as my wedding colors that I used to paint Mason Jars and tin cans with, and which I wanted Carmina to carry on into my makeup. Telling her my vision for the day, Carmina worked with me toward the most suitable and heat-resistant makeup. I would describe the result as breathtaking, going beautifully with the wedding details and a makeup that lasted all day long! Looking back, I am so happy I chose Carmina as my makeup artist. She was endeavors to achieve the perfect look for my big day! I can highly recommend her.” ~ Helena Felix



These are just a few vendors that made Helena’s wedding come true:

Venue- Carlisle Country Club PA

Photographer- Ryan Randolph PA

Flowers- Whimsical Poppy PA

Dress- Oleg Cassini 

Makeup- Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique (Camp Hill)

Tuxedos- Men’s Wearhouse PA


Carmina Cristina Products & Healing Acne

June 23, 2017

Hi. I’m Sage, and I have always struggled with my skin. I started getting acne in 8th grade and have had many ups and downs with it over the years. However, still at 21, my skin was not perfect, and I just had given up on who to turn to next and what products to try for the hundredth time. I tried every solution in the book, from the all-natural approach, to changing my diet, to using harsh products that a dermatologist prescribed, even to DIY remedies at home, but nothing worked. I talked to my dad and realized it was hereditary because he had bad skin as a teenager. He said his went away around when he was 21 so I figured the only solution I had left at that point was to wait.

A little background on my skin type … it is very difficult because it is sensitive and I have combination skin (which personally I think is the hardest to deal with). This makes it hard because if I use harsh products, my skin gets irritated and flakey and dry. Having combination skin is also really hard because it means that I still break out, yet my skin is super dry. A lot of products I use dehydrate my skin, then make me break out…. and the vicious cycle continues 🙁

Everyone – friends, cousins, co-workers, specialists – swore they know what to do to fix my skin, yet nothing was working.

So, I went to see a professional makeup artist for expert advice. Carmina told me my skin was very very dry and that could be a reason I keep breaking out. When the skin is overly dry, it tries to produce more oil to make up for the excessive dryness, which then also causes breakouts (see vicious cycle). She recommended several products based on my skin type, tone and undertone. The first product is an oil based cleanser from the RITUALS line. The beauty of this product is that it is gentle on the skin and not drying, yet gives a very deep clean. It won’t irritate or dry the skin and it removes makeup by breaking down the oils in the foundation. Second, she told me I needed to use her brightening cleansing water. This product is wonderful for people with acne because it gives the skin that extra cleansing it needs to remove any leftover residue from makeup, but also has licorice extract which is wonderful for the skin. Finally, she told me to use her tinted primer foundation. It has medium coverage and works wonderful to look natural, yet cover any imperfections on the face.

When she sent me home with all these products, I was excited, yet also skeptical because I had tried so many things over the years. However, I am very conscientious and loyal with my skin care because it means so much to me, so I did exactly what she said every day for two weeks. I really couldn’t believe, even after the first night of using these products, how much better my skin FELT. It felt hydrated and over the next few days, I could see my skin improving and looking more even and smooth. I wasn’t breaking out as much and I was more confident with my bare skin.

I am so thankful to Carmina Cristina for being so willing to help me improve my skin and for knowing what to do. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering with skin problems, from acne, rosacea, wrinkles, dryness to come and see Carmina. She will make you feel comfortable and lead you down the right path to finally feeling confident in your own skin!

VIP Beauty Club Launch

May 18, 2017

We are very excited to announce the launch of our VIP Beauty Club!


This Club is a monthly membership program with the mission to inspire women to discover and preserve their unique beauty. The Club offers a personalized beauty enhancement and rejuvenation program tailored to each member’s individual needs. We are offering two levels of membership, Premiere and Elite. Your monthly membership services include a signature facial or personalized makeover every month for Premiere members, and both of these services every month for Elite members!

Included with this membership are Seasonal Trend Seminars, Seasonal Beauty packages, discounts on Workshops, as well as 10% off Carmina-Cristina Signature Line of cosmetics all year and 25% off all products during your birthday month! As part of this program you will enjoy invitations to private events, exclusive discounts with local business partners, referral bonus, and being able to use club fees toward the purchase of products!
Stop by to learn more about this amazing program!

How to pull off Purple on your Wedding Day

April 28, 2017

This season is all about purple- perfect for the bride who is looking for a splash of color in their wedding makeup! Purple isn’t only super trendy but also extremely versatile. No matter if you have green, hazel, blue or brown eyes- purple looks gorgeous on everyone. In the following I will reveal a couple of ways in how to pull off purple on your wedding day!


Cara Bate’s wedding was in May 2016. She wanted the makeup to be feminine, elegant and with a touch of color. Her wedding colors were white, cream and peach.

Since purple wasn’t included in her color scheme I decided to integrate purple into Cara’s eye makeup. My choice was a soft purple smokey-eye. As eyeshadow particles are likely to fall down the cheeks, it is necessary to start with the eye makeup first or to be prepared to clean and touch up the area underneath the eyes with foundation and concealer afterwards. Besides purple I picked __________ shades. To brighten and open up Cara’s eyes I highlighted the inner corners of the eyes with white eyeshadow. Because the focal point really lays on the eyes within this look it is important to take good care of the eyebrows. Enhanced and flawless eyebrows are essential. Using my Carmina-Cristina Brow Pencil and Brow Definer makes this an easy task! Applying the Brow Set last keeps everything in shape and place all day long. For both, Cara’s blush and lips, I chose soft pink shades.

  Now, if you have chosen purple as one of your actual wedding colors, I recommend wearing a purple lipstick. That instantly elevates your wedding makeup look. From glossy violet to matte blackberry- this color comes in a myriad of formulas and shades. For this look you want to make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly. I recommend to exfoliate the night before with my Carmina-Cristina Exfoliating Papaya Scrub. Afterwards apply my Carmina-Cristina Vitamin E Treatment. The result are smooth and supple lips- ready to pull off a dramatic purple statement lip!

My second advise is to go minimal with eye makeup. A bold lip speaks for itself! Pair a purple lip with neutral eyeshadow colors and my Carmina-Cristina Luxury Mascara in Black Waterproof.

 This is how Cara describes her wedding-day vision:


Silver Smokey-Eye and Soft Pink Accents Bridal Makeup

March 15, 2017


Getting married is a big deal- so it deserves some rather special makeup! No look says “big night out” more than a gorgeous, seductive and glamorous smokey-eye. But can it work for your wedding day? Of course, it can and I will prove it!

Carrie Heiney’s wedding was on a beautiful fall day, The 26th of October 2016. Her wish was to highlight her eyes with a super chic smokey-eye. She also wanted soft pink accents in her bridal makeup to compliment her wedding colors.

Normally I would start with foundation but it is important for a smokey-eye makeup to reverse the usual steps of makeup application. As there’s likely to be an overspill of shadow on to the cheeks, I started with Carrie’s eyes. It is essential to use an eye-primer, so the shadow stays put all day. I used my Carmina-Cristina Eyeshadow Base and applied my Gel Eyeliner in Sienna right away, while the base was still drying. Using brown eyeshadow colors and purple I had to blend, blend and blend. The secret to a gorgeous smokey-eye is great blending- you shouldn’t be able to tell where one shade begins and the other ends. My last step of the smokey-eye was applying a different color of eyeliner on top of the first. I used my silver Gel Eyeliner in Mystic.

Nevertheless, a great base is half the look! Flawless and dewy skin highlights a smokey-eye look gorgeously. Applying moisturizer first, I then chose my Carmina-Cristina Tinted Primer in Light for Carrie’s skin. To contour her pretty jaw line I used one of  our Best Seller Bronzer -the Brazilian Bronze. Because smokey-eyes can sometimes make your eyes appear smaller, I used my highlighter in Champagne Beige on the inner eye to brighten them up. We used the same color on top of the jaw-bone just where light naturally illuminates your face.

To incorporate pink accents I chose my Carmina-Cristina Baked Blush in “Rose Gold’ and a pink nude for Carrie’s lips. Typically, smokey-eyes go extremely well with a nude lip, but can look really fabulous with a bold lip color too. Perhaps keep it nude for a day time ceremony, then arm up with a statement color for the evening.

This is how Carrie describes her wedding-day vision:

“We envisioned the day as being a day that made our guests feel special.  We wanted them to know how much they meant to us in our lives and being with us along the journey to this special moment in our lives.  As for the color and decor, we were aiming for rustic elegant.  We chose a neutral palate that we hoped would blend subtly with the autumn colors.  (Of course, that’s not what we got this year or that day.)  The makeup made me feel beautiful that day.  I was so busy leading up to the day that I felt so tired and drawn out.  Once the makeup was complete, I felt like a new person!  What I really loved was the moms, bridesmaids and flower girl’s getting their makeup done.  I thought each woman looked absolutely beautiful …. as the makeup enhanced their beauty … and I felt happy knowing it could be one of my gifts to them for the day.  What girl doesn’t love a day of being a bit spoiled?!  And the little girls absolutely loved it!”


C&J Wedding Day of Coordinator

C&J Catering, Floral and Decor

Other Vendors:

Photographer: Thomas Beaman

Videographers: Tweed Weddings

DJ: Mixed Up Productions, Chris

Band for Cocktail Hour: Colebrook Road

Makeup for Day of: Carmina Cristina

Hair for Day of: Josephine Love

Stray Productions: Lighting and Tent Decor


How to include the ‘Color of Love’ into your Wedding

February 3, 2017

A lot of brides choose red as one of their wedding colors. It is a very classic, traditional and sophisticated color but first concerns arise when it comes to the question ‘how to incorporate red into my bridal makeup’? Many brides don’t necessarily feel comfortable with the idea of red lips on their wedding day. But there are other options and I will reveal those today!

Rhonda Keaveny’s wedding was on September 26,2015. She knew she wanted red to be part of her color scheme. She envisioned a red flower bouquet for her and black dresses for her bridesmaids.

I began with applying my Carmina-Cristina Tinted Primer in Medium. A classic and elegant wedding look requires a crispy-clean overall appearance with a little emphasize on highlighting and contouring around the eyes. I used my Concealer and Contouring Powder for contouring Rhonda’s jaw line and the hollows of her cheeks. To highlight I applied a lighter shade of my Carmina-Cristina Hydrating Powder. 

It is essential to work with a neutral color scheme like light pinks, brown shades and cashmere. The ideal finish is demi-matte with no strong shimmers and glitters. Stick with a neutral color for the blush like a soft rose. Lastly, decide whether you feel comfortable with wearing red lips or want to stay in the neutral color scheme. Red definitely stands out but looks gorgeous to a bright white wedding gown and looks stunning on pictures. If you decide to go with a neutral tone I recommend a nude- giving your overall look a romantic touch! Either way, both options emphasize red wedding details like red roses, or red decorations beautifully!

This is how Rhonda describes her wedding-day vision:

“I envisioned two different looks of makeup for my wedding day. (1) subtle lined lids, softly blushed cheeks and a red-colored lip to compliment my bouquet. (2) earth tone shades to build a beautiful, gradated smoky eye, soft pink blush and a nude/light pink lip. Carmina created both looks for me and in the end I felt most comfortable with a softer lip and dramatic shades of bronze/brown on my lids. She helped me choose the perfect makeup for a classic look that felt beautiful and timeless. My makeup lasted all day with no touch-ups, and our pictures looked spectacular.  Carmina is a true artist who has a wonderful eye for color, respectfully listens to your requests, and is passionate to create the look you want for your big day!”



Ceremony: St. Joan of Arc (Hershey)

Venue:  The Hotel Hershey (Hershey)

Photographer:  Everlasting Images Photo Studio (Hershey)

DJ:  Soundwaves DJ’s (Harrisburg) 

Flowers: Maria’s Flowers (Hershey)

Transportation: Unique Limousine (Harrisburg) 

Dress: Demetrios (Macy’s Bridal)

Bridesmaid dresses: Vera Wang (David’s Bridal)

Hair: The Spa at The Hotel Hershey (Hershey)

Makeup: Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique (Camp Hill)

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

How to incorporate PINK as part of your WEDDING DAY look

January 26, 2017

Many brides ask me how to incorporate pink into their bridal makeup. ‘Farmhouse Weddings’ became extremely popular in the last few years and soft rose shades accompanies the farmhouse style very well! It gives every wedding a touch of romantic and reflects beautifully in pictures! Today I will show you how easy it is to work pink shades into the makeup of your BIG day!

April Holder’s wedding (above in the picture) was one lovely winter wedding, taking place on December 6,2014.She wanted the makeup to be elegant, feminine and romantic to compliment her wedding colors blush pink and gold.

Her fairy skin tone works very well with warm colors like light brown and soft pink shades. For her eye makeup I applied pink onto her lid that gradually blended into a cashmere tone in the crease. I also highlighted her brow bone with my Carmina-Cristina highlighter to brighten and open her eyes. Finishing up the eye makeup, I used a light brown eyeliner to give her eye more definition. On her cheeks I applied a rose blush and for her lips I picked a pretty glossy nude tone to compliment her flowers.

This is how April describes her wedding-day vision:

I knew I wanted our wedding to be all about romance. I envisioned feminine accents with a little bit of glamour. Pale blush and glitzy gold were the perfect colors to compliment this theme. Carmina asked me about my vision for the big day and worked with me to give me the perfect wedding makeup. It was soft, feminine, and beautiful- flowing perfectly with the rest of our wedding details. The best part was I felt and looked like myself- just enhanced! My makeup lasted all day. I didn’t have to worry about reapplying, so I could really enjoy myself as the bride. Looking back at pictures, I am so happy I went with Carmina for my fairytale wedding!” ~April Holder


These are just a few vendors that made April’s wedding come true:

Venue- St. Patrick’s Cathedral Harrisburg PA

Reception- Crowne Plaza hotel Harrisburg PA

Photographer- Jasic Imagery

Videographer- Matt Stambaugh Films

Flowers- Hammaker’s Flower Shop (Lemoyne)

Cake- About Weddings (Camp Hill)

Dress- Gowns by Design, (Pronovias brand) bridesmaid dresses- Gowns by Design (Bill Levkoff brand)

Hair- Moda Salon (Mechanicsburg) 

Makeup- Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique (Camp Hill)

Tuxedos- Men’s Wearhouse


NEW Rituals Winter Collection: The Ritual Of Light

November 11, 2016

The Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique NOW offers the NEW Winter Collection from Rituals! Inspired by ancient light ceremonies around the world we would like to introduce you to the Ritual of Light! Days are getting shorter, the sun goes down earlier and it is important to find a ritual that helps you to slow down and soothes your soul. Find back your inspiration to shine by the light of a flickering candle. Shine in your compassion, kindness and love. Let your glow reflect what you mean to others and give light to everyone in times of darkness!


~ It’s your light that lights the world ~


Step 1: Shine Your Light Body Scrub

This scrub is specially designed to nourish and vitalize the skin! It contains organic sugar, luxurious oils and Sweet Orange. Refine aroma of Cinnamon creates a delightfully warm winter fragrance while soothing the driest of skins during the cold season.

Step 2: Illuminating Shower Foam

The Ritual of Light shower foam combines the refreshing properties of Sweet Orange with the refined and warm aroma of Cinnamon. A small amount is plenty. The gel transforms into a rich and super creamy foam after contacting with water.


Step 3: Pure Light Body Cream

The Ritual of Light Body Cream is a creamy and rich lotion that will leave your skin feeling silky soft. The scent of Sweet Orange and Cinnamon will enlighten you!


Step 4: Light the Way Candle

Take some time to relax and light this delightful candle. A comforting fragrance that opens with notes of juicy sweet orange, followed by the sensual warmth of spicy cinnamon. The fragrance of Sweet Orange is well known for its balancing effect on body and soul, while cinnamon is prized for its relaxing and warming characteristics. Light the candle in living room and bathroom.


Step 5: Bath of Light Bubbles

Switch of the lights in your bathroom and relax by the candlelight of the Rituals Light the Way Candle. Pour a dash of bath foam under the hot tap while running a bath. Sink back and recharge your inner light while enjoying silky soft bubbles and taking in the scent of refreshing Sweet Orange and Cinnamon!


Step 6: Enlightening Fragrance Sticks

A natural and stylish way of fragrancing your home. Sweet Orange and spicy Cinnamon will transform your home into a relaxing winter wonderland atmosphere. Makes also a great Christmas gift for friends and family!







Rituals Baby Collection

October 25, 2016

Did you know that one of the most popular parts of many bedtime rituals is a bath? Sitting in warm water is a soothing experience, and getting your toddler warm, clean and dry is a great way to ease him into bedtime. Expand your daily ceremonies of caring and nourishing for your little one with our Rituals Baby Products. They are specially formulated to safely and gently cleanse, protect and nourish delicate skin. 

Take the daily bath ritual to the next level! Take a bath with your baby! It is not only a great way to spend some special time with your child but it will also relax you! Use our Rituals Dao Collection that is specially designed to bring peace and tranquility into your busy life as a parent!

Baby Splash

Rituals Baby Splash is an ultra mild cleanser for your baby’s body and hair. Organic Rice Milk and Cotton Flower leaves your toddler’s skin feeling super soft. The scent is very light so it doesn’t overstimulate your child.



Baby Secret

Finish up your baby’s bath ritual with Rituals Baby Secret, a soothing and softening baby cream. The cream is rich and has a skin neutral ph formula. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling ultra soft and hydrated. 


Wash Glove

Rituals Wash Gloves are made with organic cotton and come with cute pig and elephant embroideries. They make a great gift for every child!


Honor your little ones with small, everyday rituals and transform them into moments of meaning with our Rituals Baby Products available at the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill! 

NEW Rituals Face Care: Introducing 4 Extraordinary Products

October 21, 2016

Rituals Body Care Collections already delight our clientele. NOW there are two Rituals Face Cleansing Collections available in the Makeup Boutique that surely will enchant you as well: Creamy Foam Cleanser and Refreshing Facial Toner for oily skin and Sensational Soft Cleanser and Ultra Calming Facial Toner for dry skin!


Skin Ritual for Oily Skin

Using a great facial cleanser is key when it comes to shiny skin. Rituals offers a wonderful solution- Rituals Creamy Foam Cleanser. The luxurious soap-free cleanser contains Lotus Flower that naturally cleanses and helps the skin to fight daily pollution and Moringa Extract that makes the skin feel moisturized and hydrated.

Usage: Apply the gentle cream to a wet face and neck. Gently massage into the skin until it foams a subtle foam. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Ingredients: Aqua, Lotus Flower Extract, Moringa Extract

Did you know that we offer soft spa wash gloves that are excellent to rinse the Rituals Cleanser off with?


The Refreshing Facial Toner is the ultimate finish to your cleansing ritual for oily skin. It contains Lotus Flower and Moringa Extract and compliments the cleanser beautifully. It is perfect for removing all remaining impurities and to improve skin tone and texture.

Usage: Apply with a cotton wool pad to a cleansed face and neck for clarified and luminous skin

Ingredients: Aqua, Lotus Flower Extract, Moringa Extract

Did you know that Lancome offers a cleanser and a toner that have alike ingredients and similar package designs but both cost twice as much?


Skin Ritual for Dry Skin

Dry skin requires extra gentle care. Rituals Sensational Soft Cleanser is a magic cleansing gel, that is specially designed to cleanse your skin the gentlest way. Calming botanical extracts calm the sensitive skin and help it to fight external stress factors in a natural way and Aloe Vera hydrates and soothes the skin. 

Usage: Apply a small amount of gel to dry skin. Massage well into the skin to remove dirt and makeup. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Ingredients: Aqua, Botanical Extracts, Aloe Vera

Did you know that the gorgeous gel melts into an oil on the skin and then changes into a cleansing lotion? 



The Ultra Calming Facial Toner is the ultimate finish to your cleansing ritual for dry skin. It cleanses and softens the skin while the formula is extra mild and without alcohol. It contains calming botanical extracts and Aloe Vera that compliments the cleanser beautifully.

Usage: Apply on a cotton wool pad to a cleansed face and neck to remove any remaining impurities.

Ingredients: Aqua, Botanical Extracts, Aloe Vera

Did you know that Estee Lauder offers a very similar toner that costs twice as much as the Rituals Ultra Calming Facial Toner?

Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips this Fall and Winter

October 20, 2016

Frankly- Isn’t Fall the prettiest season of the year? Isn’t it nature’s mot beautiful and exciting creation of all time? Green leaves change to the most alluring colors- a combination of numerous red, orange and yellow shades. 

My grandfather who painted and remodeled old wooden furniture said once to me “Fall is the most talented painter“. Up to this day I think this is such a wonderful saying with one little exception: Unfortunately Fall and Winter didn’t take my lips in consideration to make them as pretty as everything else in these particular seasons. For those who struggle with dry and chapped lips like I did, in the following I will share my 3-step system that keeps my lips soft and supple all year around. Your lips will be as pretty as the fall- promise! Are you ready to say goodbye to dry lips for once and for all?


Step 1: Hydrate

Not from the outside but rather from the inside! Drinking lots of water helps to prevent dryness from within. I personally find it’s easier to stay hydrated when it’s warm outside. That being said, I had to spin my wheels in how to make drinking a more natural routine for me and how to make it more fun. My solution: an Infused Water Bottle!!! Target for example not only has really pretty ones (yes, I admit- pretty things do motivate me) but also ones you can buy for less than $10. I infuse mine with ingredients like cucumber, lemon, strawberries and raspberries but really you can put in whatever you would like to keep you motivated to stay hydrated.


Step 2: Exfoliating

You want to make sure you start with clean and smooth lips before applying any protection. This is key! Get rid of flakiness with a gentle Exfoliator like the Carmina-Cristina Papaya Scrub. You don’t need a lot of product- one dime sized portion will be plenty as your lips really don’t that much. Gently rub the Carmina-Cristina Papaya Scrub in a circular motion for about 30 seconds on your lips and rinse with warm water afterwards.


Step 3: Lip Care

I’ve been using and trying a ton of different products in the past but nothing really seemed to keep the hopeful promises that came with it. After doing some research I found out some shocking results. Chapsticks most common ingredient is mineral oil which is a by-product of gasoline production. Here my question: would you be wanting to put something toxic like that on your lips? Even worse- studies have shown that we consume 25% of our chapstick every time we put it on. That is absolutely not safe! 

Instead choose something natural like our Carmina-Cristina Vitamin C Lip Treatment or Carmina-Cristina Vitamin C Serum. They both are free of Mineral Oil and only contain healthy and natural ingredients. I personally keep a bottle of the Carmina-Cristina Vitamin C Serum in my purse because you can use the Serum for far more than just the lips. The Vitamin C Serum is also my life-saver for dry hands and other dry spots in the Winter. 

My last advice: Try to prevent licking your lips! That dries out your lips in no time!


Sincerely yours,




NEW Rituals Fall Collection: Yogi

September 20, 2016

Fall is here and so is our NEW Fall Collection from Rituals. Let us introduce you to Yogi! Inspired by the Ritual of Ayurveda the collection is based on the ancient philosophy of restoring inner harmony through the act of nurturing and cleansing body and soul. 



Find your inner harmony with these 4 products and your inner beauty will rise automatically!


Step 1: Himalaya Scrub

This purifying salt scrub doesn’t only smell divine it also revitalizes and moisturizes your skin. The luxurious fragrance of Indian Rose, soothing Sweet Almond and prehistoric Crystal Salts from the Himalayas purify your body and stimulate your body’s energy flow. 

Extra: Containing Fresh Mint the Himalaya Scrub has a cooling and refreshing effect!

Step 2: Yogi Flow

The Yogi Flow shower foam is a gel that foams into rich, creamy and moisturizing foam in the palm of your hand! The delicate scent of Indian Rose and warming Sweet Almond Oil helps you and your skin to expel the cold.

Step 3: Yogi Delight

This soothing Shower Oil is the perfect addition to the Yogi Flow shower foam. Once contacting with water the oil transforms into a silky foam that is especially suitable for dry skin and for colder weather conditions. Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil indulges you, your skin and your senses!

Step 4: Honey Touch

This velvety rich Body Cream contains Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey that will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Body, skin and mind will find their inner harmony and relaxation! Guaranteed! 

Are you ready to try our NEW Rituals Fall Collection, and have a little pamper time for yourself at the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill? Stop by today for a FREE: PERSONALIZED SPA TIME!!!

Reserve your time with us at 717-343-2805


September 9, 2016

Psssst…this month we will disclose the hottest FALL 2016 MAKEUP TRENDS . Makeup’s most famous pioneers like Dior, Versace and Giambattista Valli showed off inspiring lip, eyes and skin creations at their fashion shows. Replicate Versace’s stunning lip masterpiece or Dior’s extreme Cat-Eyes look easily with Carmina-Cristina makeup products available at your Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill. Read the following post and find out how!

Versace: Glittering Red Lips

Pat McGrath suggests a classic and simple scarlet lip with the addition of glitter. The result is a “simultaneously young and chic” look.

Recreate the look: use Carmina Cristina’s Liquid Lipstick in “Uncorked” and/or “Just Bitten” and touch up with any glitter available at the craft store. If you prefer a sparkling look minus the real glitter- just add Carmina Cristina’s LipToxyl in “Contessa” to the Liquid Lipstick once dry. 


Channel: Extreme Cat-Eyes

Although the feline flick has been absent at the latest haute couture shows, Peter Philips gave the iconic eye accent a decidedly twist. Scrawling inky black pigment on the upper lash lines, rimming the entire lid before extending his line toward the temple. The effect- exaggerated sexy cat-eyes!

Recreate the look: Prepare the eye using Carmina Cristina’s hand selected fall trio eyeshadow palette or her favorite purple shades from Rituals. Add with Carmina Cristina’s Gel Eye Liner in her featured fall colors “Majesty”, “Adorn” and “Noble” a little more smoke and smudge the liner on the bottom lash line. Not enough? Add wings at the ends of the smokey look, while keeping brows light and natural.


Giambattista Valli: Supernatural Skin

Sometimes less is more. High pictorial collars or ornate embroideries require very little makeup. A radiant complexion, statement brows and sun kissed skin is all you need.

Recreate the look: Carmina-Cristina’s golden eyeshadows and a highlighter like Carmina-Cristina Brazilian Bronze will be enough to bring out this beauty look. Pair it with a berry or pink lip color like Carmina Cristina’s vibrant lipsticks in “Buh Bye” or “Pretty Please” and et voila- this look is complete!


NEW for Fall 2016: Natural Eyebrows have never been easier

September 6, 2016

Girls, lets talk about brows- natural brows! They can be thicker, some are thinner, some are curved, some are arched, some are naturally full, some of you may have a couple of empty spots. But there is one thing they all have in common- they are all uniquely beautiful. Learn in the following how to enhance your natural  eyebrow shape with just 3 products and without the tedious tweezing.

Step 1: Carmina Cristina NEW Brow Pencil

The Carmina Cristina NEW Brow Pencil comes in three different shades- Blonde, Brunette and Deep Brunette. Pick the right color geared to your hair color. If you are unsure what shade to pick we will be happy to assist finding the right tone for you here at the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill. The BrowPencil has a brush on one side with which you want to comb your eyebrow hairs upward. A simple trick that helps you to perceive the naturally shape of your brows better and to detect empty spots easily. Start to outline the shape of your brow with the other side- the pencil.  The soft texture and the shaped tip will make the usage very simple no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. Gently fill in the empty spots with little strokes. 



Step 2: Carmina Cristina Brow Definer

To achieve a darker, more precise and more natural look proceed to the next tool- the Brow Definer. It comes in there different shades Soft Taupe, Dark Taupe and Brunette and has a similar consistency of a marker. The Brow Definer allows you to produce a fuller looking brow thus it’s ability of creating fine and little strokes which appear like hairs. The Brow Definer is also waterproof. Once it is on it stays on! Huge plus especially in the summer time!



 Step 3: Carmina Cristina Brow Setting Gel

This is the final tool for gorgeous looking natural eyebrows. The Brow Setting Gel applicator looks like a mascara brush and it’s liquid has no color. It keeps color, hair and shape of your eyebrows in place all day long.





Our new Rituals collection: TAO

July 19, 2016

This month we would like to introduce you to a blend of relaxing ingredients incorporated in the new Rituals collection TAO. The collection is inspired by the ancient philosophy of Taoism – particularly the believe to flow with life and to live with the heart.

A blend of calming white lotus, refreshing Chines mint and soothing yi yi ren help rebalancing body and soul and reaching TAO’s effortless state of Wu Wei – doing by not doing! Sounds worth trying with our busy lifestyle, doesn’t it?


As the previous collections from Rituals, TAO has some all-time-favorites like a foaming shower gel sensation, a calming shower oil, a mild exfoliating body scrub, a rich and nourishing body cream and a calming body mist. But there are a few well worth to know additions. In the following we will introduce you to the new products, as well as to the classics.

1. TAO | T’AI CHI foaming shower gel

The T’AI CHI shower gel helps to bring a little balance to your life



2. TAO | SHENG SHUI caring shower oil

The SHENG SHUI shower oils helps to go with the flow





3. TAO | WAI WANG mild exfoliating body scrub

The WAI WANG body scrub gives your body regal radiation


4. TAO | MEI DAO rich and nourishing body cream

The MEI DAO body cream helps to calm your body



5. TAO | YIN calming body and body mist

The Yin body and bed mist helps your body and soul to find inner peace


6. TAO | XIU XI calming body and massage oil NEW

The XIU XI body and massage oil gifts you with the sweetest dreams you ever had



7. TAO | QING FA soothing and cooling foot scrub NEW

The QING FA foot scrub makes you feel like you have a new pair of feet


 8. TAO | QI relaxing serum NEW

The QI relaxing serum helps your energy to flow for a better life force


Scrub Seminar: Salt vs.Sugar

July 13, 2016

We think exfoliation should be a part of every skin regimen. If you’ve never done it or always used the wrong exfoliate, that only has a few seeds or synthetic molecules thrown in to the mix, you will be amazed at how effective our sugar and salt scrub from Rituals are. They are unclogging pores, balancing oil production and promoting healthy and speedy turnover of skin cells. These are only a few reasons why everyone should use body scrubs once in a while. 


 1. What is a scrub?

A scrub or body polish is a spa treatment which exfoliates the skin on your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. An abrasive product is rubbed vigorously, and massaged across and into your skin, and is then rinsed away to reveal a moisturized layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin.


2. What is a scrub good for?

There are many benefits of body scrubs. Mainly a scrub will exfoliate your skin, but will also purify the pores of toxins and dirt, improve the skin tone, help to fight cellulite and create a radiant, fresh overall look and feel. It is advisable to use scrubs in particular before spray tanning to ensure an even tan.


3. What types of body scrubs can you buy at the Makeup Boutique?

We offer numerous scrubs from Rituals for the body and an Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub from my own Carmina Cristina skincare line specially designed for the face. Generally spoken there are two main forms of scrubs on the market: Sugar and Salt Scrubs. Both are different types of exfoliation. Combined with pure natural ingredients like almonds, indian rose, orange peels, bergamot, warming ginger and fresh eucalyptus, these scrubs are invigorating and spirit-lifting experiences.

While the natural granules of both sugar and salt make excellent body scrubs, the 2 have special properties. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the differences and which body scrub is the right one for you.


Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs go back to the ancient Romans, who washed with a combination of sugar, honey and milk. Sugar scrubs are a little bit more gentle because the particles are smaller and less abrasive than sugar granules. That being said, they are recommended for sensitive skin, if you want a softer scrub and the only choice for the face.

Our three sugar scrubs from Rituals contain organic ingredients like sweet orange and cedar wood (Happy Buddha), organic sugar and cherry blossom (Sakura) and holy lotus and bergamot (Karma).

All of them eliminate impurities, gently slough away dead skin cells and the glycol acid content helps to protect the skin against harmful toxins. Sugar particles dissolve easily in hot water and will leave your skin super smooth. The combination of sugar, softening oils and beautiful scents will transform your dull skin into glowing loveliness, will improve your circulation and you’ll find yourself with more energy.


Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are found in the ancient Egyptians beauty routines. Understanding the importance of natural salt in their washing regimen, they used olive oil or vitamin E-rich almond oil with salt’s exfoliating properties to rejuvenate their skin. Salt has healing and antiseptic properties which is ideal to smooth away bumps which occur when dead skin cells block hair follicles.

We offer two salt scrubs from Rituals and they are excellent for dry skin. Salt is coarser and generally more abrasive. As a result they are just the thing for dry skin and drier areas of the body. A combination of purifying sea salt, warming ginger and fresh eucalyptus (Hammam Hot Scrub) and crystal salts from the Himalayas, mint and almond oil (Himalaya Scrub) leave your skin incredibly soft, refreshed, soft and energized. They are mood lifter and also muscle relaxants.



 Whether you choose a sugar scrub or a salt scrub, it is recommended to enjoy a good scrub once or twice a week to purify your body and stimulate your energy flow effectively. Apply scrub to damp skin, massage in a circular motion gently and rinse off with warm water.


Would you like to find out more about scrubs and learn a few additional DIY scrub recipes? Reserve your seat at one of our upcoming scrub seminars now!

Bronzy Cheeks? Why not: Learn how with our NEW Brazilian Bronze

July 6, 2016

This summer is all about being a bronzed beauty. We know, we know – it seems like a returning trend every year. Although sunbathing, tanning beds or spray tanning come to mind first, they can cause some serious skin issues like sunburn and skin irritation. Does that mean we have to be pale forever? Not at all! Welcome Bronzy Cheeks!!!


This year is all about looking fresh, healthy and flawless in maximizing your glow and you find it here in the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill: NEW Brazilian Bronze! Once and for all, say goodbye to burnt shades, dreaded orange streaks and ruddy complexions!


With some of our pro advise you’ll be ready to get that perfect faux glow every day!

1. Start with your best skin

Make sure your skin is clear and flawless before applying our Brazilian Bronze. Use our Carmina-Cristina, Brightening Cleansing Water. It is a non-drying and rinse-free cleanser, which exfoliates, clarifies and refines your skin. Your skin will feel clean, revitalized and refreshed and the scent? Mmmh – you’ve got to smell it!


2. Know your shade

We all know how difficult it can be to find the right shade of foundation. Well we have good news! We’ll make it easy for you! Due to two shades our Brazilian Bronze comes in it makes it impossible for you to pick the wrong …….


 3. Cream, powder or tint?

In general let your skin guide you. If you have dry skin, creams may work well. If you skin tends to be oily, a powder can absorb excess oil. Most difficult to use are tints. They showcase and highlight any imperfections due to their sheer texture.

Our Carmina Cristina NEW Brazilian Bronze is a clever bronzer, which serves all skin types. The technology of the powder is specially designed to absorb oil where needed while delivering moisture to drier parts of the skin.

4. Where the sun shines

Key is: the less product you use the better the result will be. It is easy to overdo bronzer, starting from you cheeks, to your nose, to your chin…Don’t do that! Don’t pretend to be a windshield wiper! The first place you want to do it is along the temples and the cheeks in a C formation. And then do a little bit along the neck. A lot of women forget to do the neck. Result: a glowing face and a white neck. A little dusting of powder along the center of your neck will also help with an all-over glow. Then take whatever is left over and dust it along the cheek, a little on the eyelid. Never work straight and hit the center of your face. It just doesn’t look right. You’ll look sunburned. You want to look sunkissed, not sunburned or sun-obsessed ;-).


5. Blending is key

The best way to sport your bronzer is a light dusting only where the sun would naturally hit. Then, blend like you’ve never blended before. Use a specific bronzer brush, like our Bronzer Blush #995 from bdellium, which comes in 3 cute colors: pink, green or yellow. This allows the bronzer to blend with a more natural finish without any harsh lines.

Dive Into Summer Makeup: Hottest Lip Colors in 2016

July 1, 2016


summer makeup, hot lips in 2016

Pucker up ladies, National Lipstick Day, July 29, is around the corner! Summer makeup is here!

We thought we would treat your lips to a few, fun lipstick facts and a couple of our personal Carmina Cristina Line picks.


Did you know that lipstick was invented by ancient men and women about 5.000 years ago? They transformed crushed gemstones into decorative color for their lips and eyes.

Lipstick gained its popularity during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, in the 16th century. Both, women and men of the upper class and actors wore makeup. Lipstick was made from a blend of beeswax and stain of red plants at that particular time.


One male famous person who wore lipstick was George Washington. He would wear makeup, a powdered wig and color on his lips occasionally. 

But lipstick has been through so some very hot and heavy affairs also. Red lipstick or lip paint in general revealed a female prostitute in the early Greek empire. Because of that most of the women avoided makeup and especially lipstick.

Today 80% of american women wear lipstick and 800-900 million lipsticks are sold annually worldwide. European women, however, seem to love their lipsticks the most – 300 million tubes are sold in Europe alone.


First things first. Before applying one of our summer hottest hues make sure you pamper your pout with these 3 Carmina Cristina finds first.

Japonesque Lip Brush

This brush isn’t only a head turner, it also gets its job done. Get the brush now for only $14!


Vitamin C Lip Treatment


The Carmina Cristina Vitamin C Lip Treatment is one of our best selling products in the Makeup Boutique. For only $22 this treatment does wonders. It nourishes with Vitamin C and Vitamin E and protects your lips from sun ray’s with an SPF 15. A definitely must have for your summer makeup. Sold?


Vitamin C Serum

If you have very dry lips you will need this product! The concentrated formula will make you fall in love with the softest lips you ever had! It is only $30 and lasts you for a long time due to the tiny amount you only need!


Lets dive into our hottest lip colors this summer! 

Our Go-To Carmina-Cristina Signature Reds

Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Cherry Bomb, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Code Red,    Carmina -Cristina Liquid Lipstick Uncorked, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Just Bitten,       Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Siren

Our Picks For Pretty in Pinks

Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Electric Taffy, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Electric Pink, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Wild Orchid, Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Pixie,              Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Fairy Dust, Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Enchanted,      Carmina-Cristina Lipstick Pretty Please, Carmina-Cristina Lipstick Buh Bye

Our Skinny-Dipping Nudes

Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Kitten Pink, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick, Haute Cocoa, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Brown Sugar, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Mink Pink,     Carmina Cristina Plumping Gloss Cloud 9, Carmina Cristina Plumping Gloss Cherub


A Pretty Addition

June 22, 2016

Carmina recently expanded her business. Helena Felix is her new assistant and “another young import from Europe” says Carmina. Helena was born and raised in Germany, met her american husband a few years ago and moved to Central Pennsylvania in 2015.

“Helena represents my european brand perfectly. She is ambitious, trustworthy and embodies very much the european characteristics”, Carmina tells us.

How did you and Carmina meet?

Helena: That is a funny story actually. While I was organizing my husband and my wedding we hired a photographer who recommended Carmina as the best makeup artist in this area for my bridal makeup. I had just moved to Pennsylvania. I was was not only happy about any suggestions I could get in regard to the wedding but also more than pleased with Carmina’s phenomenal skills. I met her in person for my makeup trial and fell in love with Carmina’s talent and her outstanding personality right away.


What is it you like about Carmina’s personality?

Helena: She is very outgoing and sincere. Carmina is also very european. Just like me (Helena laughs) I think that connected us immediately on a deeper level. Today we are friends.

What was your first impression about Carmina Cristina’s Makeup Boutique?

Helena: I absolutely love her boutique. My instant impression was that her store was very european: tidy, elegant and bright with a lot of clean lines. The second I noticed that she sells Rituals cosmetics (which I am personally a big fan of and using for many years) I knew she had great taste.

How did you like Carmina’s work when she was doing your makeup for the wedding?

Helena: I loved it. She took a lot of time for me. It was a very personal experience. She really tried to get to know me first before she was doing her ‘magic’ on me. Even though I did not have many ideas how I imagined my makeup to be, Carmina did an incredible job. And I wasn’t an easy customer. I am very picky and precise (Helena chuckles).


Why do you think Carmina is the best makeup artist?

Helena: She is very professional, very much customer-orientated, she kept me calm on my wedding day, she is able to work under a lot of pressure, yet to perform on-the-spot even on a short timeframe and she is very good in extemporizing.

What do you mean by that?

Helena: Well, I was so excited that I just met such an inspiring woman that I knocked over a jar of candy while I hugged her enthusiastically. The jar I broke was beautiful and I felt terrible but Carmina wasn’t upset with me. Quite the contrary she hugged me back and said ‘Don’t worry. The jar wasn’t important to me but the fact that I just met you is’.

Wow, what an impressive answer!

Helena: I know! That blew me away!

Last but not least we would like to know how do you see yourself being part of the Carmina Cristina beauty brand?

Helena: I think I emphasize the european component of her brand perfectly. I love the fact that you can purchase her high-end-quality makeup and skincare line to such wonderful prices. I can also relate to all of her Rituals products since I have been using them for years. She is not only a good friend to me she is also my mentor who taught me so much already. I really see us growing her business. So far I have been covering the boutique for her when she couldn’t be here and I just finished getting our new square system to work. Further down the road I could imagine doing my aesthetic license as well and partner up with her.

Do you want to learn more about Carmina Cristina’s bridal packages? Visit www.carminacristina.com/bridal/ or contact her at 

The pictures included in this blog post are from a recent photo shoot where Carmina Cristina partnered with Meeka Fine Jewelry to showcase the blend between beautiful and uniquely designed jewelry pieces and artistic makeup. The talented photographer was Borka. The blog post also includes photographs from Helena’s wedding taken by Ryan Randolph. Carmina did Helena’s makeup in every picture.

Beautiful Beginnings: How a Professional Makeup Artist Helped Give a Teenager Confidence

June 6, 2016

The following interview is with Heidi, a former bride of Carmina Cristina. She shares with us her personal story of how her teenage daughter, Teyah, was struggling with finding her confidence. To help Teyah discover the beauty within, Heidi knew exactly who to call! Here is Heidi’s inspiring story…


How did you first meet Carmina?

Heidi: I was blessed to be able to have Carmina as my professional makeup artist on the day of my wedding in June of 2011. I have never felt more beautiful than I did that day, and as a bride that meant the world to me! Carmina traveled to the venue where the wedding was being held, and when she sat me in that chair, I truly felt like a celebrity and angel wrapped into one.

After she put the finishing touches onto my face and held up the mirror for the first time, tears came to my eyes and I struggled to catch my breath because it truly was a beauty I didn’t even know existed.

What inspired you to have your daughter take one-on-one lessons with Carmina as her professional makeup artist?

Heidi: When my daughter, Teyah, turned 13, I noticed that she began struggling with common teenage things such as an insecurity in herself, poor skin, not knowing if her makeup was too much or too little, and she worried about what others thought of her. I remember the day she came home in tears and stated that the only part of her body she was happy with was her arm.

Although I thought that she was the most beautiful young lady that I have ever seen, I needed to find a way to help her build her confidence. I knew that with Carmina’s guidance and expertise, Teyah could feel as confident and beautiful as I did on my wedding day. By discovering her outer beauty, she would also let her inner beauty shine through to the world. 

What did your daughter learn from Carmina?

Heidi: My daughter learned that no matter what, always love yourself for who you are! Also that the most natural of makeup can enhance the beauty that God already gave her. Teyah learned about makeup, what it was for, how to correctly apply each product and most importantly, that she can do it herself! It was so neat to learn about the different uses of brushes (so many!) and different face cleansing routines and how crucial it is for a teenager to take care of her skin. Carmina not only taught Teyah about makeup, she taught her about beauty, confidence and life!

What changes did you immediately see take place within your daughter?

Heidi: Teyah transformed into a poised and confident young lady right before my eyes! Her inner beauty shone through so bright. She was happy to get up in the morning and start experimenting with the new techniques she was taught and every compliment she received at school and in public made her smile just a little bit more. This began to spark a passion in both in makeup and modeling.



Now about 2 years later, what long term effects did her lessons with a professional makeup artist have?

Heidi: Long term wise, I have seen Teyah become more comfortable and confident in her own skin. She is also willing and excited to try new things with makeup. Within two years, her makeup skills have increased and gotten better tremendously. Teyah just began her freshman year in high school and gets compliments from her friends and peers almost every day! Her girlfriends are starting to ask her to do their makeup for special occasions and they frequently spend hours at her vanity table learning from her. The student is becoming the teacher!

Would you recommend that other young ladies work with a professional makeup artist, like Carmina to build their confidence and sense of inner beauty?

Heidi: I would, without question, recommend every teenage girl to pursue something, like learning about makeup, to help them feel confident and comfortable in their skin! The changes I saw take place in Teyah are truly priceless. Realizing your inner beauty and self-worth at a young age is so important, yet doesn’t often happen for most girls.

Carmina made both my daughter and me feel like movie stars and empowered us with the knowledge that makeup merely helps to bring out the inner beauty that already exists within each of us! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Carmina is. She is beautiful, classy, funny, talented, amazing and creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in Europe with your own personal glam team!

Do you want to learn more about Carmina’s makeup workshops, seminars and one-on-one lessons? Visit www.carminacristina.com or contact her at "> today!

The pictures included in this blog post are from a recent photo shoot where Carmina Cristina partnered with Meeka Fine Jewelry to showcase the blend between beautiful and uniquely designed jewelry pieces and artistic makeup. In some of these pictures, Teyah did her own makeup and in some others, Carmina added a final touch. The talented photographer was Borka.

Spring Makeup Tips You’ll Instantly Want to Try!

March 24, 2016

Spring is upon us! We’re beginning to feel the warmer weather and see the flowers emerge from their winter hiding. It’s also the perfect time for us to re-emerge our beauty routine that may have gone into winter hiding over the dark and chilly months! Spring Makeup is here!!!

If you’re feeling a little lost or uninspired as to how to freshen up your makeup routine for spring, let us offer you some tips that are sure to get you excited to brighten up your most beautiful features. Take a look at these five ideas that we promise you’ll instantly want to try!

1. Nourish the delicate skin around your eyes!

Did you make it part of your New Year’s resolution to start a better skincare routine in 2016? If not, it should be at the top of your list! Investing in your skin now, especially around your eyes, will not only save you from untimely aging and sun damage, it will save you from forking over money for expensive procedures to try and fix the damage you could be preventing right now. 








Best of all, a good skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated. I recommend using the power of Vitamin C for gentle, but highly effective results! Two of my favorite products are these small but mighty Vitamin C Treatment & Transforming Eye Treatment  http://carminacristinaboutique.wazala.com/showstore .

These special products build underlying collagen tissue, firms and moisturizes skin and naturally lightens and brightens dark circles all while offering antioxidant protection! 

If you’re not committed to a good skincare routine for your eyes, this spring is the time to get started!

2. Routinely exfoliate

While we’re on the topic of skincare, our next tip for rejuvenating your makeup routine for spring is to regularly exfoliate your skin. Why? By exfoliating your skin, you remove dead and dull cells that can make your skin look uneven, ruddy and blemished. No amount of makeup will compensate for poor skincare. Instead, start by fixing the root of the problem by exfoliating at least once per week!

I highly recommend the Papaya Scrub and Exfoliator http://carminacristinaboutique.wazala.com/showstore 

which offers a gentle and relaxing massage for your face that you’ll look forward to adding as part of your routine. This product hydrates and lubricates as it gently dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation. With continued use, the Papaya Scrub can make your complexion more porcelain-like, silky and radiant. Who doesn’t want that for spring?

3. Choose a lip gloss that works for all occasions 

Our next tip focuses on your luscious lips. This spring, make it a goal to get yourself a lip gloss that can truly do it all. Do you want that one product that can take you from day to night, nourish your lips and offer unbeatable, lasting color? Try this Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss ! 


I’m not kidding when I tell you that the Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss is infused with real diamond dust! It instantly fills in fine lines (with collagen micro-spheres), gives long lasting plumping effects, reduces wrinkles (with ceramide peptides) and hydrates lips (with water-attracting skin plumpers). Yes, it truly does it all. Plus it comes in a wide variety of colors to match any style and skin tone. 

4. Fill your makeup bag with the right tools

Just as an artist requires the right brushes to create their masterpiece, you also need the right brushes and tools in your makeup kit to achieve the best results from your beauty routine. So often I find that ladies try to “make do” with the wrong brushes and end up wasting product and feeling frustrated. If this sounds like you, it’s time to “spring clean” your makeup bag!

Furthermore, having the right size and shape of brush is not enough. You also need to be sure your tools are high quality so that they distribute product evenly, are antimicrobial and stand the test of time. The CARMINA-CRISTINA boutique offers a full line of professional-quality brushes and tools that I personally use on all of my clients. We also take customer service to the next level by matching each client with the exact brush they need to achieve their makeup goals. This spring, we welcome you to come visit us at our Camp Hill Boutique : 2209 Market Street, so we can do the same for you!


5. Hydrate ALL of your skin

Finally, our top makeup and beauty tip for spring 2016 is to give ALL of your skin some love and pampering, not just your face. Yes, your face is one of the first things people see when they meet you, but in the warmer months of tank top and dress season, your arms and legs will catch their eye. What will your skin say about you?



We are excited to now offer luxurious and high-end products from Rituals including hand cream and lotions that deliver superb hydration and rejuvenation with tantalizing scents. Best of all, you can try these products from the comfort of your own home, turning an ordinary shower routine into a spa-like experience!

BONUS TIP! Purple is the new pink for spring 2016!

You’ve likely seen some of your favorite celebrities incorporating the color purple into the wardrobe and makeup routine. You might be wondering how you can also add this fun color to your look this spring. We have some easy and fool-proof ideas!

Try a purple eyeliner to make the color of your eyes pop. Purple compliments great all eye colors green, blue or brown. Use a lip color with a purple undertone. Or play with a modern shade of purple on your eye. Focus on just one of these tips at a time and avoid “doing it all.” Remember, a little hint of purple goes a long way!

Want to learn more? Get hands-on instruction at an upcoming CARMINA-CRISTINA Seminar!

If you’re inspired to really kick start your beauty routine for spring, attending one of our upcoming seminars might be just the right fit! Plan to attend our Spring Makeup for 2016 if you want a hands-on look at the hottest trends of the season that you can learn to personalize into your own makeup routine. Or, if you’re a professional woman who wants to put her best face forward at the office, plan to attend our Office Beauty in 15 min or less seminar that focuses on creating a polished look in minimal time. For more information about our seminars and workshops click here or contact !

Which one of these makeup tips has you anxious to give it a try? Share how you plan to incorporate them into your new spring makeup routine by commenting below!

Top Autumn Makeup Trends for 2015: What to try this fall!

November 10, 2015

There is a lot more to get excited about this season than just warm sweaters, delicious pumpkin-flavored treats and beautiful scenery. We are seeing a ton of new makeup trends on the catwalk…and the sidewalk! These autumn-inspired colors and daring new styles are the perfect accessory to your fall wardrobe. Plus, they will help to give you a fresh look just in time for the new season.


So what are the top autumn makeup trends for 2015? They can be broken down into three main categories: lips, blush and eyes. Let’s take a look at the new and creative makeup looks we should get inspired to try this fall!


Lip Trends

Dark, Blackberry-Stained Lips: This new trend in lip color is bold, confident and sexy. But take note, it is also extremely hard to wear. The lips need to be the only focus to make this trend work and to keep from looking too dramatic. To offset the dark lip color, keep your eyes very neutral. This means natural, skin-tone hues for eyeshadow and little to no eye liner. 



Red Lips: Just in time for the holidays we are seeing the classic red lip trend again make an appearance. This is a staple for creating that “timeless beauty” look. Similar to the blackberry lip trend we just mentioned, let your red lips steal the show from the rest of your look. Keep your eyes, blush and accessories simple and neutral to create the perfect canvas where your lips can play the star role they deserve. 


Nude Lips: Finally, and in total contrast to the other two trends we just mentioned, we are seeing a nude lip this fall season. Yes, completely natural and neutral. This trend is perfect to pair with an extreme, defined, edgy eye. Here, you want your lips to blend with the rest of your face and for another feature, like your eyes or brows, to be drawn into the spotlight. 


Blush Trends

If you’re over all the buzz about contouring, you’re in luck. This trend is fading out with the fall and instead the new “Blush Rush” trend is in! That’s right, designers are moving away from the heavily made-up look of contouring and moving toward a more natural look, especially for the cheeks. So what is the best way to incorporate the “blush rush” trend into your fall makeup look? Here are two great options…


Peachy Blush: A peach-tone blush is great because it looks very natural against most skin tones. It’s also the perfect hue for the autumn months and will blend nicely with the other trends. 


Vintage-Rose Blush: If you still prefer the more classic and vintage look of a pink blush, go for a “vintage rose” color that is a little more flirty and fun, but still fresh and youthful. Best of all, you don’t have to pick peach OR rose when it comes to your entire makeup look. You CAN combine a peach blush with a pink lip or a pink-rose blush with a peach lip. You do not have to match your lip color to your blush color, so dare to be a trendsetter! 


Eye Trends

Metallics: Shimmery and sparkly eyeliners and eyeshadows are out in full force this fall! Often we see this trend in the winter, but now the fun begins even earlier with the use of all our favorite golds, silvers and bronzes right now. These colors complement the wonderful colors we see in nature this time of year, with the added warmth of some sparkle and shine to liven up your look.


Interesting Fact! Golds can be combined with a neutral shade that is placed in the crease to bring even more definition to the eye area. Give it a try!


Dramatic Eyeliner: The use of eyeliner this season has gone completely dramatic! The ideal style is to create a look that appears almost painted. Do not be scared to extend that wing out beyond your natural eye line. The idea is to create an optical illusion that widens the eye, giving you an exotic and worldly look.


Diffused Dark Shadows: The dark and dramatic theme of fall 2015 makeup continues with dark eyeshadows. The key to pulling off this look is fading and softening the edges so that they blend into the rest of the eye. 


Mega Lashes: Bigger is better this season when it comes to lashes! This means it’s time to conquer any fears or uncertainties you have when it comes to applying false lashes – I promise, they are very easy to master with a little practice and patience. Creating a soft and full look is the goal. Avoid overusing mascara to compensate for thin eyelashes. This can often clump and create an unnatural look. Instead, opt for a good set of false lashes and achieve a natural, but enhanced look that will make your eyes the focal point of the season!


What 2015 fall makeup trend is your favorite? Want to learn how to incorporate these styles into your own makeup routine? Ask a question and Carmina will personally answer you!

How to Create the Perfect Office Makeup in 15 Minutes (or Less)!

September 17, 2015

Think of your morning routine on a typical work day. Do you often feel rushed, stressed and not quite “pulled together” by the time you run out the door? Do you worry that too little or too much makeup could be making the wrong impression on your professional career?


If you can relate to any of these feelings, you are not alone. In fact, you are like most women out there! The good news is that with a few, simple tweaks of your morning beauty routine, you can create a polished and professional look in just 15 minutes (or less).


Let’s take a look at some of these essential tips for creating a quick, but flawless look that will leave a positive, lasting impression at the office – and everywhere in between!


What is appropriate makeup for an office environment?

First, you must think of makeup as an accessory. Just like you coordinate your jewelry, outfit and hair, you should also coordinate your makeup to complement your personal style.

For a work environment, makeup should be the following 5 things:

  1. NATURAL & SUBTLE. It should not overpower your personality
  2. QUICK & EASY TO APPLY. In the morning rush, there is no time to be experimenting with odd colors and textures.
  3. LONG LASTING. During a busy work day, you want makeup that will stay looking fresh without needing constant touch-ups.
  4. EASY FOR ON-THE-GO TOUCH-UP. Also, your look should easily convert into an evening look, if needed.
  5. FEEL GREAT ON YOUR SKIN. Looking great is one thing, you also want your makeup to feel great to really boost your confidence and help you perform better on the job!


Expert tips for looking polished and professional in just 15 minutes!


FACE – When it comes to your face, it’s all about creating a natural, healthy glow that makes you look well-rested and ready to greet the day. The two most important products to use are a concealer to cover any under-eye discoloration and a light foundation to even your skin tone. Save time and space in your makeup bag by selecting products that do double-duty. For example, the Carmina Cristina Tinted Primer with SPF 20 protects and nourishes your skin as it evens your complexion (Find this online at www.carminacristina.com).

PRO TIP! To combat the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning in the office, keep a mineral spray by your desk to spritz and hydrate your face during the day. I highly recommend using NANOSTIQUE (available at the Carmina Cristina Makeup Boutique) because of the nanotechnology patented system that infuses vitamins and minerals into the skin without disturbing the makeup.


LIPS – A great way to shape your lips but also keep your color lasting longer is to outline them with a pink/neutral lip pencil. Then, use either your favorite lip gloss or your favorite lipstick to fill in the rest of your lip with a lush color that will last all day.

PRO TIP! Once you outline your lips, you can use a clean lip brush to really work the pencil into the creases and smudge it for a very natural effect.


EYES – Take a few extra minutes each day to give your eyebrows some love! Proper shaping will instantly and naturally add definition to your eyes. For eyeshadows, use neutrals on your lid to create a clean and professional look. Then, add just the right amount of “drama” by using a black/brown/grey eyeliner to smudge into your lash-line for a very natural effect. It’s best to use a clean, square brush for this technique. Then finish with mascara to really awaken the eyes.

PRO TIP! Try lining your eyes with a pink/beige eyeliner, tracing just along the inner rim for a brightening effect. And for women who wear glasses, remember that your eyes need more definition but this does not necessarily mean more dramatic eye makeup. Aim for a soft and subtle enhancement to your natural beauty.


Put these tips into practice….

Learn first-hand from Carmina on September 23 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania!

If you would like to learn more about how to customize and create your very own office makeup style, Carmina has a seminar just for YOU! On Wednesday, September 23 at Carmina’s Makeup Boutique located on Market Street in Camp Hill, you can learn a step-by-step tutorial taught by Carmina herself! The cost to attend is only $55 and includes FREE, essential makeup products that will help you create your ideal office look in just minutes. For more information or to register, click here:


Want to know more about creating the perfect look for the office? Leave your questions in the comment section below and Carmina will answer you!



2015’s Hottest Trends in Bridal Makeup

August 14, 2015


Wedding makeup trends change with every passing season and each new year. For this reason, many brides are unsure how to incorporate a new trend into their wedding day so that they will still feel classic and timeless as they look back on this memories years and years from now.


The good news is that there are many different ways to use current makeup trends to add a fun and fresh twist to a timeless look that will make you feel uniquely beautiful on your wedding day!


2015 has brought with it an exciting mix of energizing colors, romantic styles and an emphasis on highlighting natural beauty. Let’s take a look at the top trends to watch – and how to seamlessly incorporate them into your wedding makeup this year!



Coral is among the hottest colors we are seeing used in wedding makeup in every season so far in 2015. In the spring, we saw this color quickly gain popularity, only to carry into the summer months with the addition of pink tones. Now, we expect to see this fresh and vibrant tone remain popular into the fall, transitioning into more orange and pumpkin hues.


Coral is the perfect shade for injecting some color into a neutral look without steering the attention away from the natural beauty of the skin. Besides lips and cheeks, soft corals can be worked into the eye makeup paired with warm neutrals and champagne tone to give an ethereal yet all around “pretty” look.


Best of all, coral is a shade that can be adapted to complement various skin tones from a very light complexion to a Mediterranean skin, but also can be a great touch for ebony skin. Don’t shy away from this trend! Incorporate a touch of coral into your wedding makeup for a modern hint of color while still looking naturally flawless.


Contouring with Color

If you follow any celebrities’ social media or makeup blogs, you are sure to have come across of the “contouring phenomenon” as of late. Why is this trend so powerful? Because contouring works to instantly (and might I add, painlessly) sculpt your face, highlighting your best features like never before.


Basic contouring uses bronzers and highlighters to achieve its effects, but the latest take on this trend adds in color too! We are not talking extreme colors, but rather soft peaches and warm pinks to enhance your natural features for a radiant and flawless silhouette. The key is to use the right techniques to achieve the balance of chiseled features while still looking bright and natural.


Metallic Eyelids

As the fashion and beauty worlds continue to obsess over reviving the “best” part of the 90’s style, it’s no surprise that this year we are now seeing the return of metallic eye-shadow!


But before you dig to the back of your makeup bag for that eyeshadow from 20 years ago, keep in mind that this is a modern take on a retro trend. Brides should looks to use soft silver shimmer or metallic bronze liners to achieve an eye catching, but still chic look. This trend has served us very well in the summertime and will continue to look great well into the fall and winter seasons.


Just-Bitten Lips

One of the prettiest, and most accessible make-up trends for 2015 is the “just-bitten,” English rose lip. This is a not-quite-pink, but not-quite-red hue that has the potential to be “the new nude” for our blushing brides!


This trend pairs equally well with a completely natural look or the drama of a smoky eye. I especially recommend this lip trend for mature brides as it will bring color into their lips while still looking fresh and youthful.


Gatsby-Inspired 1920’s Burgundy Lip

Ever since the revival of the movie, the Great Gatsby set the stage for many recent trends in bridal makeup. As we move into the fall and winter months, we can expect to see the deep, rich burgundy lip color return.


Brides often pair this lip style with a soft, smoky eye for a look that’s less harsh, but just as sexy. When selecting your coordinating eyeshadow, steer toward soft and dark purple hues to complement the burgundy tone. This look captures the wonderful romance of the 1920’s while modernizing the look to be just as fashionable in 2015!


Want more expert advice on the year’s hottest trends? Ask Carmina by leaving a comment below!


Carmina was also featured in a special segment on Fox43 News where she talked about the 2015 bridal makeup trends and showcased her techniques on actual brides. Listen to Carmina’s advice and learn how to incorporate these trends into your own wedding day look by  watching the video interview here

Professional Makeup Artist Tips for Makeup that Will Beat the Summer Heat

May 20, 2015

We have long awaited the warmer temperatures and beautiful weather that summer brings. Unfortunately the tradeoff for this enjoyable season is makeup that tends to smudge, smear and streak in the heat. Combine this with the existing challenges of oily or aging skin, and this is a recipe for disaster that can leave you feel frustrated and insecure.


The summer months provide us with so many reasons to get outside and get social, like graduation parties, weddings, BBQ’s, pool parties and more. So it’s time we prepare ourselves with knowledge of the best products and techniques to use when creating our summertime makeup looks!


Let’s take a look at professional makeup artist, Carmina Cristina’s advice on how to tackle the challenge of finding the right makeup products (combined with the right application) to keep us looking cool, calm and flawless from morning to night – regardless of sweltering temperatures! Here are just a few summer beauty tips for Heat and Humidity.

MAKEUP IN GENERAL – First, think carefully about the textures you are using and how these are affected by the heat, humidity and perspiration. For example, a water-based or powder-based product will NOT stay put! Instead, look for primers, foundations, blushes and shadows that have a creamy or silicone texture.


It’s also very important to remember that in the summer, less is more! Too much makeup will look unnatural in the harsh sunlight and because of how it reacts to the heat. I encourage you to go as bare as you dare! Use only a few key products (especially with an SPF!) and embrace a more natural look in the summertime.

FACE – Protection from the sun is the most critical thing to keep in mind when selecting your summer makeup products. A product without an SPF will not prevent you from burns, sunspots, wrinkles and cancer! I highly recommend multi-tasking products that protect you from the sun while giving you an even, healthy glow. It’s okay to want to have a sun-kissed look, but rather than relying on the sun to damage your skin to create this, use bronzers to add some color – the safe way!


EYESHADOW – My summer makeup advice is to use a liquid shadow that dries in very little time. I suggest choosing something with a bit of a shimmery texture that will reflect sunlight and glow under it, making your eyes look like beautiful gemstones. Particularly, gold-toned shadows will complement tan skin, wear longer and look less “flat” than a neutral color. Try my signature line of CARMINA-CRISTINA Liquid Eye Shadows in a variety of colors perfect for summer! 


BROWS-You can’t hide much under the bright light of direct sun, which is why you must use the right products to shape and fill in your brows while keeping them as natural-looking as possible. I recommend using an instantly-drying formula that helps you design hair-like strokes and is also waterproof so that it won’t budge or smudge, even under sweat.


LIPS & CHEEKS – When it comes to summer makeup products for your lips and cheeks, I suggest a staining formula that will provide a healthy flush of color while instantly setting in place.

If you are a fan of the glossy look for your lips, be sure to use something that has hydrating properties like my signature CARMINA-CRISTINA Lip Plumper. These glosses are infused with Nutmeg & Cardamom, smell delicious and gently plump your lips making them looking instantly fuller and softer. Full lips are a hallmark of youth and never go out of style!

This summer, remember to foremost protect your skin each and every day with products that include adequate SPF, are silicone-based, hydrate your skin and set instantly! Using these types of products with the techniques mentioned above will help you create a youthful and lasting look that will stay flawless throughout the longer summer days!


What other questions do you have for Carmina about perfecting your summer makeup routine? Share your thoughts by commenting below and Carmina will personally answer you!

Mother’s Day gift ideas: Give the Gift of a Lifetime Beauty!!!

April 29, 2015


Trying to show one of the most special women in your life just how much you care about them can be a challenge – to say the least! Sure, chocolates taste good, flowers smell nice and jewelry is pretty, but they are not unique and chances are you have given her these gifts every other year for as long as she can remember.

This year is the perfect time to think outside the box and surprise your mom with a gift she can enjoy now and use every day for years to come. This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of a Carmina-Cristina Beauty Workshop!

It’s safe to assume that for the vast majority of you, this would be unlike any gift you’ve ever given your mother. So while you could choose to stick to the “same old” presents like in years’ past, here are several reasons why a Carmina-Cristina Beauty Workshop would be among the most thought gestures your mother has ever received.

1. It’s the best of both worlds – an experience that includes many gifts!

A day at the spa is relaxing, but once you leave and the relaxation wears off the next day, you’re left with little more than a memory of the experience. A Carmina-Cristina workshop is the best of both worlds, because along with the experience and pampering of a day with Carmina, all participants receive a makeup kit including a carefully selected palette for eye shadows, blush and powder as well as a Top-of-the-line selection of professional brushes. This is all included in the cost and will give your mother all the tools she needs to take what she’s learned and apply it at home!

2. You can do it with her to create a lasting memory.

A great way to honor your mom on Mother’s Day is to give her a break from housework and other family responsibilities. But rather than sending her off on her own, make a memory with her! All the women in the family and come for a day of glamour and fun while learning skills they will use for the rest of their life. The workshops include refreshment and social time, so it will give you quality time together that is often so rare.

3. She will use these skills – and think of you – every day.

Every morning when your mother goes to apply her makeup, she will think about the wonderful and thoughtful Mother’s Day present that helps her to feel more confident and beautiful. Most presents are not as lasting or won’t impact your mom on a daily basis, a Carmina-Cristina Beauty Workshop will!

4. She will feel pampered, appreciated and valued.

If you ask any woman what she wants for Mother’s Day, it all really comes down to the fact that she wants to feel appreciated. This is why it’s all the more important to give mom a unique present that shows you put thought into it. Unlike generic flowers or predictable jewelry, a Carmina-Cristina Beauty Workshop will help your mom to feel appreciated and valued…all while being pampered!

5. What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful?

In case you’re still not certain whether your mom will love her experience at a Carmina-Cristina Beauty Workshop, ask yourself this. What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful? The whole experience, and the skills and gifts she will take from it, all work together to help your mom feel confident and beautiful about herself. Now that’s a great mother’s day gift idea!!

Want to know more about what a Carmina-Cristina workshop entails? Visit the website for more information and to purchase one as a present in time for Mother’s Day! Carmina offers various upcoming dates and times from which you can choose. There are also different topics and skill levels that teach the basics all the way through more advanced makeup techniques. Get a feel for the quality of these workshops by watching this video.

And to all the mothers out there who work so hard and give of themselves every day, your kindness and love are the qualities that make you look absolutely beautiful from the inside out! Happy Mother’s Day!

How to Pick a Quality & Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

April 5, 2015

One of the hardest parts of my job is having to tell a bride that unfortunately her wedding day is already book and I cannot do her makeup for this special moment in her life. I wish I could be a multiple places at once and accommodate all of my brides, but this is simply not possible.


I want to help direct these brides to another quality and professional makeup artist that will take care them, which is why I’ve become experienced with helping people find a makeup artist they will love – even when it can’t be me.


If you’re looking for a makeup artist that will make you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable on your big day, start with these 7 tips to ensure you’re matched with the right talent!


1. Check the credentials

When first evaluating a potential makeup artist, check their resume! Ask about their education and qualifications. Where did they go to school? Are they properly licensed? It’s important to note that a cosmetology or aesthetics license does not necessarily indicate that the artist has received education in advanced makeup techniques. Look for a makeup artist that has experience beyond the bare minimum required. This shows passion and dedication.


2. Read online reviews

Websites like WeddingWire.com and TheKnot.com are excellent ways to find available makeup artists in your area. They also often include online reviews from past clients who can share a testimonial about their personal experience working with this vendor. Take into account not only what a review says, but how many there are and if they seem genuine and honest.


3. Find a fit for your personality

You definitely want to take special care to find a makeup artist that fits your personality and shares your vision. Some artists prefer a particular style of makeup or specialize in certain ethnicities. You want to choose someone who “gets” you and will create a look that reflects your personality.


4. Meet them in person

There is only so much you can learn by reading online interviews and talking to some via email or phone calls. If possible, meet your makeup artist in person before you make a final decision. Take note of how they do their own makeup, their personal style and their nonverbal cues. This will help you with step #3 – picking an artist who fits your personality.


5. Examine their “tools”

When meeting your potential makeup artist in person, ask to see their makeup kit. Look at the brushes. Are they clean or full of powder? Do they appear new or worn? Do they have a large selection of tools and products to design a custom look? This is a good indicator of the quality and attention to detail you can expect to get from your own experience with them.


6. Learn their process

Next, ask about how the entire process works and how they will remember your look on your special day. Do they create a profile for you and take notes on what you want? Also ask how much time they require per person (for your bridal party) and confirm that this fits your time-line for your wedding day.


7. Have a trial before booking

It’s fair and reasonable for a makeup artist to require a trial for your wedding day. You should want one as well! This is an opportunity to evaluate their work and make any changes well in advance. It’s also the best way to see if your personalities work well together and to check the quality of their work. Ask to pay for the trial separately before booking so that you are not committed to working with them if you should have the gut feeling that it is the wrong choice.


Finally and most importantly, even when I cannot be with a bride on her wedding day, I can offer advice, quality products and customized makeup lessons to help her look their best! The CARMINA-CRISTINA signature line of makeup and skincare products is designed to give women access to top quality products at an affordable price.


Along with these products, brides will receive my personal expertise on how to use them to create the look they envision. Finally, I provide seminars, workshops and one-on-one makeup tutorials to teach you how to create your very own wedding look. Best of all, this education will help you create a flawless face long after your wedding day has passed. More information about can be found here: www.carminacristina.com.


What other questions do you have about finding a quality and professional wedding makeup artist? Comment below and I am happy to provide more advice!

10 Makeup Bag Must-Haves for 2015!

January 29, 2015

At the beginning of 2014, I gave you a list of New Year Beauty Resolutions as a guide for feeling more beautiful throughout the entire New Year. Now, with the start of another New Year, I wanted to again provide you with some beauty wisdom that will help you make 2015 your most beautiful year yet!

Rather than another list of resolutions or telling you about products you shouldn’t be using, I instead compiled a concise list of the top 10 products you should have in your makeup bag right now. It wasn’t an easy task narrowing it down to 10, but what we ended up with was a list of the absolute core essential products that are a smart investment in your health and beauty routine and ones that will do double (or triple) duty to give you the most bang for your buck.

So join me as I describe – in no particular order – the 10 products I highly recommend keeping in your makeup bag throughout the next 12 months and beyond!

  1. Brightening Cleansing Water

No matter what your plans are for the rest of the day, whether you’re simply headed to the gym or to a black tie gala, this Brightening Cleansing Water is the product you should always begin (and end) your beauty routine with. It removes makeup and surface impurities, leaving skin clean and hydrated. Best of all, it’s impossible to mess up! To use, saturate a cotton pad and apply evenly to a clean face; no rinsing required!


  1. Vitamin C Eye Treatment

Next, you need to focus on nourishing the delicate skin around your eyes. Now is always the best time to start a healthy skincare routine – whether you’re 21 or 81. While there are countless products on the market, this specially formulated eye treatment truly does it all in one small, but mighty tube. It builds underlying collagen tissue, firms skin, moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin, naturally lightens and brightens dark circles and offers antioxidant protection!



  1. Vitamin C and E Lip Treatment

After your eyes, you want to have a product that also nourishes your lips. What’s worse than dry, cracked lips that are as hard to look at as they are hard to apply lip color to! This intensive-healing antioxidant balm helps repair dry, chapped, aging lips. Vitamin C retexturizes and smoothes fine lines, while a core of Vitamin E brings extra nourishment.


  1. Tinted Primer with SPF 20

With a clean face and nourishes eyes and lips, you’re now ready to even out your skin tone. Instead of using several different products to moisturize, protect and even out blotches and blemishes, I highly recommend this one product that does it all. This undetectable, light, creamy fluid tinted primer smoothes skin, evens tone and warms the complexion with a subtle radiance. It is enriched with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and age-defying Ceramides to help improve skin hydration and overall skin integrity. Additionally, the oil-free formula helps minimize the appearance of large pores, and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.


  1. Brow Pen

Your eyebrows play an important role framing your face and adding structure and balance. So often, women neglect their brows for fear that filling them in will look unnatural. My response is that you just haven’t found the right product yet…until now!

The SuperWear Brow Definer’s precision, felt-tip pen defines and fills-in brows for hours of indelible wear. It’s designed for expert control and easy application so that your brows will never look “painted on.” The quick-dry formula sets instantly, and won’t smudge or stray, as it delivers a lasting, natural finish and professional makeup artist results.


  1. Brow Set Gel

Once you’ve created the perfect brow, you want to keep everything in its place. This brow set gel is an often overlooked makeup must-have because it’s meant to go undetected. The clear, brush-on gel sets quickly to sculpt brows, for easy, error-free contouring. Most importantly, it’s flake and feather resistant so you can be confident that your brows will look perfect from morning to night even when you can’t see them.


  1. NEW: Luxury Mascara

By now, you have likely tried and experienced the profound power of a quality mascara. It can take your eyelashes from non-existent to supermodel status in mere seconds. I highly recommend investing in a quality mascara that gives you clump-free length and definition. The CARMINA-CRISTINA Luxury Mascara is new to the product line and offers a unique curved brush shape that targets even the finest lashes in the corners of your eyes so that your eyes look wider and brighter.

  1. NEW: Eye Shadow Base

Using an eye shadow base is especially important for aging skin that color can set into. A good quality eye shadow base creates a protective layer and prevents the natural oils of your lids from affecting the pigment and placement of your eye shadow product. Using an eye shadow base ensures smooth, even color that will look great now and hours from now.

Want to try out the newest CARMINA-CRISTINA makeup products first-hand? Visit our Makeup Boutique in the heart of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania where you will benefit from one-on-one advice from Carmina herself. With her expert help, you will learn how to maximize your results from the products, giving you an immediate return on your investment. Carmina also regularly holds workshops and seminars in her beautiful, naturally-lit boutique. Visit www.carminacristina.com for her upcoming class schedule!

Inside the Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill.
Inside the Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill.
With Carmina's personalized attention and expert advice, you'll be sure to leave with the perfect products to fit your look!
With Carmina’s personalized attention and expert advice, you’ll be sure to leave with the perfect products to fit your look!
A happy (and beautiful) customer after a consultation and mini-makeover courtesy of Carmina Cristina!
A happy (and beautiful) customer after a consultation and mini-makeover courtesy of Carmina Cristina!
  1. NEW: Neutral Eye Shadow Trio

Once you’ve primed your lids with the eye shadow base, you’re ready to contour and highlight your eye with shadow. While I do love color, for the purpose of this top 10 list, I recommend having a simple eye shadow trio which includes three different neutral shades that complement your skin tone. These are colors you can wear every day, with any outfit and for any occasion. They offer extreme versatility and can even be made to look different depending upon how you apply the colors.

  1. Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of collecting far too many lip colors we don’t like and will never use. If I can recommend just one lip gloss to keep in your makeup bag this year, it’s the Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss in a neutral color. What makes this product special is that it is infused with real diamond dust! This allows it to instantly fill in fine lines (with collagen micro-spheres), giving a long lasting plumping effect and reducing wrinkles (with ceramide peptides). And unlike those uncomfortable, drying lip sticks, this gloss hydrates lips with water-attracting skin plumpers.

plumping lip gloss in nude

BONUS TIP! 5 Makeup Must-Haves On the Go!

As an added bonus to this expert advice, I also wanted to give you my list of the top 5 makeup products you need to have in your retouching kit on the go. Here they are!

  1. Lip Gloss/Lip Stick – Whatever you applied on your lips before leaving the house, take it with you on the go! You will surely be due to a touch up after food and drink or just after several hours of wear.
  2. Lip Liner – While packing your lip gloss, be sure and throw your matching lip liner in your bag as well. Redefining your lines will really help to keep your lips looking fresh all day long.
  3. Blotting Powder – Sun, rain, snow, heat, humidity, stress and simply enough hours of wear will cause your skin to get moist and oily. This invisible blotting powder allows you to quickly absorb the excess oil while keeping your makeup intact and looking fresh.
  4. Black Eye Liner – When applying black eyeliner, especially to the waterline on your eyes, you can expect that this will need retouched every so many hours. If you’re planning to be at an event where weather or tears may play an added role, you’ll definitely want your black liner on hand to refresh your eye makeup throughout the day.
  5. Powder – Finally, a fresh coat of powder can do wonders for refreshing your look. It combats shine and can help reduce the look of redness and blemishes that may have chosen to appear throughout the day.

Have these makeup must-haves inspired you to clean out your own makeup bag as part of your 2015 New Years resolutions? Then I have the perfect special occasion for you! Join me at my NEW beauty boutique located at 2209 Market Street in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania on January 30 at 5:30pm for a FREE “Clean Out Your Makeup Bag” party! There is no cost to attend, but registration is required. You will receive one-on-one expert advice from me, Carmina as to what’s working and not working for your current makeup routine. You will also enjoy refreshments and get the chance to explore the many products of my signature product makeup and skincare line. I hope to see you and your friends there! Email for more information!

Looking for a Fun and Unique Girls Night Out?

June 10, 2014


There are only so many times you can spend your Girls Night Out going to the same restaurant or movie theater before you need a change of pace. If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend time with your ladies, we’ve got the answer!

Carmina Cristina is now offering private makeup parties for small groups at her Beauty Bar in Lemoyne with some extra special presents for the host. After all, what could be more relaxing than a few hours spent indulging with luxurious beauty products, snacks and wine?



This is a great opportunity to get your friends together for some real quality time where internationally trained professional makeup artist, Carmina will personally teach you the latest makeup techniques and answer all of your makeup-related questions in a fun and friendly environment. Here’s how the private parties work.

First, you can choose between Carmina’s 1.5 hour long seminar or 3 hour long workshop. The seminars make for a good introductory class with instruction and live demonstration from Carmina. The workshops are much more interactive and hands-on, allowing every guest to personally try out the techniques with step-by-step instruction. What option is best for your group? This will depend upon a couple of factors and we can help you decide when you !

NEW-Girls-Night -out-ideas-at-Carmina-Cristina-Beauty-Bar-Private-Makeup-Parties-in-Camp-Hill-Lemoyne Carmina-Cristina-Professional-Makeup-Artist-17

Next, Carmina will work with you to create a custom-designed seminar/ workshop theme that is tailored to the specific needs and interests of your group. This ensures you and your friends will have a truly unique and valuable experience.

For seminars, every guest will receive…

  • One and a half hours of instruction and demonstration in a private, relaxed and intimate setting
  • Workshop theme tailored to the specifics needs/interests of your group
  • Expert advice, tips and professional secrets from internationally trained makeup artist, Carmina Cristina
  • Wine and refreshments (also welcome to BYOB)
  • Social time with Carmina and your friends throughout the seminar

For workshops, every guest will receive…

  • Three hours of practice, hands-on application and demonstration in a private, relaxed and intimate setting
  • Workshop theme tailored to the specifics needs/interests of your group
  • Expert advice, tips and professional secrets from internationally trained makeup artist, Carmina Cristina
  • Top-of-the-line professional makeup Brush Kit to keep! ($49 value)
  • Custom designed Makeup Kit including a carefully selected palette for eye shadows, blush and powder to enhance your beauty ($75 value)
  • Wine and refreshments (also welcome to BYOB)
  • Social time with Carmina and your friends throughout the workshop

Special gifts for you, the host…

  • Book a private party with 3 additional guests and enjoy 40% off your registration cost
  • Book a private party with 6 additional guests and enjoy FREE registration
  • If your party purchases $500 or more in product, you will receive 30% off your entire product purchase

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Treat yourself and those you love with the gifts of beauty and confidence at your next girls night out, birthday party, bachelorette party, retirement party or any other special occasion where you simply want to create a fun and unique memory. Contact to get started planning your event!

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Spring and Summer Makeup Trends for 2014 – Blue Mood

May 18, 2014

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year! As we welcome back the warmer weather, sunshine and time spent outdoors, the bright colors of this new season begin to surround us everywhere. But these vibrant hues aren’t limited to Mother Nature, this year’s Spring and Summer makeup trends are also making good use of these fresh shades. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been seeing on the runways and can expect to see on faces all around us this coming season.

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-look-Lupita-Nyongo

Trends for Spring 2014

Barefaced Beauty, Pastel Eye Shadows, Orange Lipstick and White Liner

This spring we’re seeing a totally trendy, all-natural look that is accented by bold pastel colors on the eyes. And for the lips? Get ready to see a whole new hue that will really bring the fresh spring colors to life on the face – orange lipstick!

Learn-how-to-orange lips-trends-makeup-classes-by-Carmina-Cristina

Barefaced Beauty

The look: Ironically the biggest makeup trend for this spring is the effortless look of bare skin. This look requires well-conditioned skin which is why we can expect to skin the popularity of BB,CC and DD creams play to continue to rise. These skin products play a big role in helping with uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles and other simple skin issues. They typically have light-diffusing particles, which visually even skin tone. Plus, they pack a super-dose of antioxidants to hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun.

Pastel Eye Shadows

The look: Pastel tinted eyeshadows are the perfect contrast against the bare-skin look for the season. Look at how they gave models at Miu Miu a youthful charm! Pat McGrath chose lilac, lemon, pistachio and aqua hues in a subtle wash across the lids. All of the colors brought the face to life, but it was the blue that really stood out.

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-miu-miu-beauty-vogue-jan14Photo By Indigital 

Bright Orange Lips

The look: From neon to coral, orange tones make loud mouths cool this season. It’s interesting to note that in Paris and Milan, lips were largely left natural, but in New York they stole the show. Bright, matte lips packed a punch and the look carried into London Fashion Week as well.

White Liner

The look: Yet another trend from the 90’s is making a comeback this season. We’re seeing white liner placed on the top and bottom eyelids. It looks fresh and fun, especially paired with a hot pink or orange lipstick.


Trends for Summer 2014

Aquatic Eyes and Nudes, Earthy Browns and Gold Tones

Blue eyeshadow has always conjured up images of 80’s disco divas, schoolgirls who have just discovered makeup and the perennially unused shades in beauty palettes. But for Sumer 2014, the trend is to throw these preconceptions aside and open our minds to embrace a modern take on blue hues.

This season, makeup artists are taking shades of azure, aqua, sapphire and sky and making them new again. Whether as a flash of electric blue on the lower lash line or in bold blocks of opaque color across the lids, this is a trend that truly offers something for everyone!

Aquatic Eyes

The look: Blue eyes are as bold or as subtle as you like this season. It’s a continuation from 2013 when the trend first returned, but it’s now expanded to include so much more. For a more conservative look, start with a subtle liner. If you’re ready to go bold, try a block of color-rich eyeshadow.  I recommend trying the Spring sunset shades for a very relaxed summer day.

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-Blue-eyeshadow-1-vogue-29Jan14-bourjois_b

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-Badgley-Mischka_14SB034-vogue-29jan14-james-cochrane_b


Nudes, Earthy Browns and Gold Tones

The look: What better to accent the blue hues than nudes, earthy browns and gold tones? This is a killer color combination! Try pairing a gold makeup look with brown liner and soft matte nude lips. The warm tones will accent the glow or your sun-kissed skin this summer and give you that goddess-like appearance!


So fashion dreamers, the trends of Spring and Summer 2014 bring many reasons to celebrate! With an emphasis on youthful skin, fresh, bright colors and a modern take on retro trends, now is the time to explore and experiment with some new accents to your everyday look.

Do you want to learn first-hand how to create these looks? We have the perfect opportunity for you on Sunday, June 22. Join Carmina-Cristina at her signature Spring/Summer 2014 Best Makeup Trends seminar and gain a solid foundation for flawless makeup while learning how to seamlessly incorporate the latest trends into your everyday look. Click here for more information! 

What is your favorite trend for Spring or Summer 2014? Join in the discussion by sharing below!

5 Reasons Why Commercial Projects Need a Professional Makeup Artist

April 7, 2014

From billboards and professional head shots to television commercials and magazine ads, we see examples of completed commercial projects on a daily basis. Some of these appear professional and polished while others lack the same quality and level of talent. One of the main differences between these two very different finished products is the use of a professional makeup artist.

A professional makeup artist is an asset to your team, a professional image for your company and a valuable investment that saves you on editing and retouching. Whether it’s being filmed or photographed, makeup artistry will help you deliver the highest level of quality and professionalism to your client. Here are five reasons why your next commercial project needs a professional makeup artist.

MAKEUP-for-CORPORATE commercial project-on-set with-Carmina-Cristina
1. They save you time – A professional makeup artist takes several big tasks off your list. They organize the talent, keep them moving on schedule and ensure they’re looking their absolute best.

2. They save you money – Retouching film isn’t cheap and can be a significant line-item in your budget. With a professional makeup artist, you will save money in the long run by making your talent look flawless from the start.

LancasterCommercial-advertising-MakeupArtist-Carmina-Cristina3. They bring unique expertise – Professional makeup artists know what products work best to achieve different looks and are a wealth of creative knowledge at your disposal.

4. They prepare the talent – Many clients are new to the limelight and may feel nervous in front of a camera. A professional makeup artist will help give them confidence and relax them before their big moment.

CampHill TVcommercials makeup Artist

5. They build your professional team – A professional makeup artist becomes an extension of your team, an extra set of hands and assists you in achieving the overall look and feel you desire for your project.

For many commercial projects, time and budget is a big consideration. A professional makeup artist is a valuable asset to your team that will help you to maximize both of these things and keep your project on track. Aside from just expert makeup application, a professional makeup artist is that extra set of eyes, hands and creative mind on set that will help you deliver exceptional quality to your clients!

Learn more about Central Pennsylvania’s Top Commercial Makeup Artist.

Interview with CARMINA-CRISTINA: 6 Expert Tips for Organizing Your Makeup

March 21, 2014

For so many women, it’s one of the most disorganized and chaotic spaces in our home. No it’s not the pantry, the laundry room or even the closet – it’s our makeup drawer! Picture the space where you store all of your makeup products. What does it look like? If you’re like most of us, this might look like a mini bomb went off in your bathroom. But what would it really take to get more organized? This is the question we aim to answer in this week’s blog post!

Professional makeup artist CARMINA-CRISTINA joins us and answers some of our most desperate questions surrounding makeup organization. Because makeup is both her passion and her livelihood, organization of her countless products is critical. Here are 6 key ways in which Carmina recommends getting your beauty routine organized.

Q: From bags and boxes to bins and trays, how do you know what organizational style is right for YOU?

A: It really depends on how much makeup you have in your arsenal, but also how much counter space you have to devote to makeup storage. Also, cosider how much you like to play-up your look. Are you someone who wears the same colors every day? Or are you someone who likes to play with different looks, textures? This will dictate how much space you need and what you keep at the forefront.

how-to-organize-my makeup-ideas-by-Carmina-Cristina

Q: Where do you recommend purchasing the organizational solutions? (i.e. a big box retailer, a specialty makeup store, on-line, etc)

A: It really doesn’t matter, as long as you find the right fit for you! You can sometimes look in odd places and you will find some great options. Think kitchen supplies stores, office supply stores and jewelry organizers. I personally recommend transparent organizers because you can easily see what it is in it.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake women make when organizing their makeup?

A: Women tend to hang on to too many things they’re simply never going to use. And who can’t relate to this? Specifically, I’m talking about makeup and skincare that they never used, and they will never use because they tried it once or twice, found out it doesn’t work for them but keep it because it was so expensive that they feel bad throwing it out. I’m just as guilty of this mistake! You have to declutter your makeup products just as you would your closet. If you haven’t used it in several months, it needs to go!

Q: What about when it comes to travel; how can you easily organize your makeup for the road?

A: First, consider where you’re going and what type of makeup you’ll need while there.  This will determine whether you pack just the products for your daytime makeup routine or whether you need something more glamorous for the evening. No matter where you’re doing, do not forget your skincare products and your makeup removers! These can be even more important than your makeup as it will help keep you on a healthy routine for your skin.

Then, transfer the selected products into travel bottles and take just the quantity you need. Think about multifunctional products. Products that will meet multiple needs so that you can slim down the number of products you’re packing. A great example is my new Brightening Cleansing Water. It removes impurities as well as makeup from the face while hydrating the skin. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup that day, you should still use this product to make your skin feel clean and refreshed. Did I mention that it works wonderful for men’s skin too?

SPECIAL OFFER: Send us a quick e-mail at if you would like a free sample of our new Brightening Cleansing Water. It will make you a believer!


Another example is my SPF 20 Primer. This protects your skin from the sun and gives you an even skintone while hydrating the skin (thanks the the hyaluronic acid and ceramides that trap the moisture inside your skin).

carmina cristina SPF 20 tinted primer

Q: Do you have any out-of-the-box tips for getting organized – things people might not normally think to do?

A: Organize your makeup and skincare products in the order you normally apply them every day.  This will help you move quickly and efficiently through your makeup routine. Also, keep your brushes clean! Besides keeping away bacteria, a clean brush will give you a smooth natural effect versus a makeup stain.

Q: What’s one of your own biggest struggles with keeping your makeup organized?

A: As I mentioned before, I struggle to toss the things are not working for me. I think that maybe, someday, I will use them and because I spent good money on them I shouldn’t toss them. But really, I’m doing myself – and my makeup organization – a big disservice but not admitting that “someday” will never come. Any unused products must go!

There you have it – some of the best expert advice on how to better organize your makeup! The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must pick a solution that meets YOUR needs. Every person has a unique makeup routine that requires a different organizational style. And don’t forget to think outside the box. An office supply store or hardware store offer some great, cheap solutions.

Discover more organising ideas on…




Are you local and want more advice from Carmina? Schedule a FREE consultation at her Beauty Bar located in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania and enjoy complimentary expert advice. Simply email to set a date!

What tips and tricks have you found most helpful for organizing your makeup products? Or what struggles do you still encounter? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below and Carmina will personally answer with expert advice!

New Year Beauty Resolutions

January 7, 2014

It’s the New Year – a time in which we’re all thinking about ways we can improve ourselves and tackle the goals we’ve been putting off. For you, maybe this is to eat healthier, lose some weight, start a hobby or rekindle a friendship. But among all of these common New Year resolutions, there’s one very important category that always seems to lack our attention – beauty.

What will you do this year to make yourself feel more beautiful?

We don’t often think about the impact our beauty routine has on our mood, confidence and overall health, but even the smallest changes can significantly change the way we feel about ourselves! This year, why not resolve to refresh some of your beauty habits to create a healthier, more beautiful you? Both inside and out!

So, forget those larger-than-life resolutions that are impossible to keep! Instead, start with these 12 easy steps to improve your makeup routine and your overall feeling of beauty for 2014.


Resolution #1

Throw out your makeup sponge after every use (or at least once a week). Bacteria love to hide here and can cause your skin to breakout if not replaced often. Think of it this way: you can buy a 32-pack of makeup sponges for less than a Starbucks coffee!

Resolution #2

Wash your face every night before bed (or at least keep cleansing wipes on your nightstand). Your skin needs time to breath and a clean, moisturized face before bed will give it hours to rejuvenate, leaving you looking more refreshed in the morning. Try CARMINA-CRISTINA Wet Cleansing Makeup Wipes NEW for 2014, $15.

Resolution #3

Throw out your mascara every six months—it’s a breeding ground for bacteria! If you notice a change in smell, throw it out sooner. This small investment twice a year can improve your makeup wear and save you from health issues, especially around an area as sensitive as your eyes.

Resolution #4

The New Year is the perfect time to clean out your makeup bag. Make it your fresh start for 2014! You’ll be amazed at the outdated, broken and unsafe looking products you’ll find hiding in there. This will also show you what you have versus what you need to avoid duplicate purchase.

Resolution #5

Change your moisturizer to a primer that has an SPF. Already use one? Look for one that is infused with Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides  that will trap the moisture inside your skin & protect it from cold, while the SPF protects it from the sun. Try CARMINA-CRISTINA Tinted Primer SPF 20, $38.00.


Resolution #6

Clean your lip and eye pencils every month simply by sharpening them. Not only will this ensure their points are precise, it will also remove dirt and bacteria that tend to build up over time.


Resolution #7

Clean your makeup brushes weekly, since build-up can lead to breakouts or infections. This also keeps your brushes in the best shape possible, extending the life of their use  – and your investment!

Resolution #8

Choose the perfect shade of foundation by using your jaw line as your color match. This area is the most evenly toned part of your face and won’t leave you looking like you have two distinct skin colors, especially under natural light.

Resolution #9

When moisturizing your face, don’t just stop at your chin. Apply your skincare products to both your face and neck for optimal results. This will help to create toned and moisturized skin that ages evenly, extending the look of your beauty beyond just your face.

Resolution #10

Start using an eye cream. It’s never too early or late to fight fine lines and wrinkles! This moderate investment now will pay huge dividends to making you look more youthful for years to come. Think of it this way: it’s much less expensive and invasive than the surgical procedures that reverse aging!

Vitamin C-Eye-prep-Treatment-by-Carmina-Cristina

Resolution #11

Maintain your eyebrows. They are the high points of your face that have the powerful to completely redefine its shape. Without clean arches and groomed brows, even the best makeup application will still look messy. Care for them regularly like you would care for your hair or nails.


Resolution #12

Schedule a beauty date with your BFF, sister or mom. This is a great way to spend quality time together while feeling pampered and indulged. Best of all, you will all leave with beauty tips and tricks that will enhance your look for years to come! Here’s a great way to spend a “girl’s afternoon,” attend a CARMINA-CRISTINA hands-on workshop and learn skin care essentials and the perfect daytime beauty routine. Learn more here!


It’s the beginning of a new year and the perfect opportunity to clear your mind of old habits that are holding you back. The same applies to your beauty routine! Make 2014 the year in which you refresh your makeup bag and the way you apply your makeup. To really kick start this New Year resolution, consider attending one of my signature workshops designed for all levels where you’ll learn and experiment with the latest techniques, essential for flawless skin and every day beauty.

Share your New Year makeup resolutions! What are you planning to do in 2014 to feel more beautiful?

Tips To Refresh and Recreate Your Makeup Style

November 24, 2013

Think back to the first time you learned to apply makeup. For most women, this was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Since then, you’ve updated your clothes, hair and personal style, but have you updated your makeup routine? Makeup trends and techniques have changed just as much as all other aspects of our world. If you’re still applying your makeup as you did decades ago, it’s time to take a fresh look at your makeup bag!

Many women avoid changing their beauty routine because change can seem complicated and intimidating. But simply put, your outer beauty should reflect your inner personality. Don’t feel pressured to wear bold colors or fake eyelashes if that’s not a representation of who you are. It’s most important to choose a look that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Whatever reason you’re using to avoid updating your makeup routine, put it aside and open your mind to a beautifully modern new you.

Stay-young-tips-for-women-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-CristinaHere are some simple tips to help you refresh your makeup style today!

1. Prepare your skin

The most tried and true principle of makeup application is to prepare your skin. If you’re not currently doing this, make this change today! Before applying any makeup, you need to prepare your eyes, lips and skin with the right level of hydration for you. Depending upon whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, you should select a moisturizer and primer to meet your needs. Keep in mind that the right cream for your eyes may not be the right cream for the rest of your face. Pay special attention to each part of your face and treat it uniquely.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizer applied to a freshly washed face evens the skin porosity and allows the foundation to blend evenly. This is a critical step to preparing your skin and should be done each and every day. More than any other part of your body, your face is exposed to all the elements such as sun, wind and pollution. A quality moisturizer will help you replenish the hydration you lose throughout the day, making you look younger and keeping your skin healthier to prevent premature aging.

beauty-tips-for-women over-50-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-Cristina3. Never underestimate the power of foundation

The right foundation is one of the single most powerful makeup products you can use. The difference is immediate and profound! If you don’t think you need foundation, think again. Everyone can enhance their features by first evening out their complexion and hiding any discolorations or imperfections such as dark-sun spots, red spots and inflamed areas.  This step in your makeup routine can make you look 10 years younger in just several minutes. If you haven’t been wearing foundation, you’ve been missing out on some incredible benefits!

4. Don’t overdo it

Many women will opt not to wear foundation (or any makeup at all) because it feels thick, sticky and uncomfortable on their skin. This is a sign that you’re not using the right product or technique. The key is to use as little product as possible so that it still looks like natural skin.  Another tip is to use multi-functioning products like a primer that offers sun protection while evening out your skin tone. This eliminates extra layers of product and gives your skin a very natural look and feel.

Even-face-skin-tone naturally-BB-Cream-SPF20-by-Carmina-Cristina Try CARMINA-CRISTINA’s Tinted Primer. This product is undetectably light with just enough color to warm the complexion. It acts as a moisturizer, foundation and sun screen all in one and is hypoallergenic without any fragrances or parabens.  Click here to shop and enjoy 10% off this product throughout the month of December. Simply use the code DECSAVE upon checkout! 

5. Choose quality products

Any product you put on your skin, especially the skin on your face, should be of the highest quality. This small investment will give you quality makeup ingredients that provide better light-reflecting properties and last longer so you stay looking fresh from day to evening. Just as quality clothes have a better fit, quality makeup is also more flattering to your features. While higher-quality products may cost more upfront, you actually use less and reapply less so they last much longer than their less-expensive counterparts.

beauty-tips-for-women over-40-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-Cristina6. Cream-based products have staying power

Aging skin can be emphasized with makeup that smears off or is absorbed into the skin throughout the day. To keep your face looking as fresh as it did when you first applied your makeup, it again comes down to the right products. Cream-based makeup provides all-day staying power and gives you ultimate control with application. Powders can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, emphasizing the areas you want to cover up. Cream-based products blend seamlessly into the skin’s complexion and stay exactly where you place them. TIP: anything you apply as cream, such as lip liners, eye liners, primer and foundation, will stay in place better if set with a powder.

Beauty-tips-for-women naturally-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-Cristina

7. It’s all about the eyes

Our eyes are the first part of our face to show age. Fortunately, there are many makeup techniques that allow us to add youth and vitality to the eyes. First, use eye shadow. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone (and personality) and use it to add depth and interest to the eye area. Then, curl your lashes! Many women are intimidated by a lash curler, but they are as easy to use a tweezer and offer a big impact for your efforts. Next, line the eyes with eyeliner. Much like with the lash curler, don’t be intimidated! Every woman is capable of applying eyeliner with just a little practice and confidence. Finish off the eyes with mascara – this is one of the most noticeable differences you can make to your face. Mascara draws attention to all the right places and really “dresses up” your look.  Want a hands-on way to learn the latest eye makeup techniques? Attend one of CARMINA-CRISTINA’s signature seminars!

8. Pay attention to your brows

Your eyebrows may be made up of hair, but they should be treated much differently than the hair on your head. They are just as much a part of your face as your eyes and lips, so be sure to include them as part of your daily beauty routine. Defining your brows also defines the shape of your face. You can quite literally give yourself an instant facelift and erase years from you look all with a little attention to the brow area.  Next to a good bra, it’s the best thing you can do for a lift!

Eyebrow-shaping-tips-Waterproof-Brow-Definer-by-Carmina-CristinaTry CARMINA-CRISTINA’s Super Wear Brow Definer for its expert control and easy application. The quick-dry formula sets instantly and won’t smudge or stray!
Click here to shop and enjoy 10% off this product throughout the month of December! Simply use the code DECSAVE upon checkout! 

Whether it’s been just a few years or several decades since you’ve updated your makeup products and techniques, there’s no better time than right now to discover the (modern) beauty in you! Visit CarminaCristina.com for more makeup tips, inspiration, seminars and to shop her exclusive line of makeup products!

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Makeup Tips for Mother of the Bride/Groom

November 5, 2013


The wedding day is not only important for a bride but also for her mother. And of course, on your daughters wedding day you want to look and feel great. I have compiled some advice and tips, helping you achieve a fresh radiant and possibly a new look for your daughter’s special day.

Bridal-Beauty-Mother-of the-Bride-Makeup-by-Carmina-Cristina

Use priming products: Use a foundation primer, they are a must for mature complexions. Look for a Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides infused primer that evens skin tone and helps plump-out lines. Use  the same primer on your lids area before your eye shadow. It will help reduce crepy eye lids.

Less is more: Although you still need to wear make-up, do remember that too much make-up can make you look older. I advise to use a foundation which is light to moderate coverage rather than medium to heavy. Also opt for foundation which is dewy rather than matte because matte foundations are usually not complimentary on older skin.

Avoid Shimmer: Avoid shimmery makeup products, only they tend to enhance facial lines and pores. Always choose matte eye shadows and avoid shiny glittery ones.

Hide red veins: Mature complexions often have visible red veins on the facial surface, in order to hide these-use a yellow based concealer just on the problem areas.

Use Loose Powder: Use it, but use wisely-only on shiny areas, normally the t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). The Brush you apply your powder is very important!!! Keep in mind that a soft brush will give you less coverage but a more natural finish.

Apply Colour: Soft floral and pastel eye shadows are often very flattering so I would personally avoid too dark and dull shades.

Use a soft-gel blendable eye liner: Out of all the make-up products, eye liner is usually the most troublesome for mature ladies, for a couple of reasons, one is normally because they struggle to apply it- due to poor eye sight and the other being uneven liner application because of loose eye lid skin. If you struggle applying liner due to vision then my advice is get a really strong magnifying mirror. For the soft pencil liner application, do not worry if you can’t apply the line perfectly even, because you can gently smudge and blend gel liner, but still achieve eye definition, which looks great! You can also blend it with a softer matte eye shadow, in the same tone for a more long lasting and natural effect.

A touch of cheek colour: In general I tend to select peachy/coral/apricot tones for cheek colour- they often work really well, and add a beautiful glow to a dull complexion. On a number of occasions I have worked with ladies who experience hot flushes or naturally have high cheek colour, if this be the case, either try the peachy colours to tone down the redness or you can avoid cheek colour all together.

Use Lip Liner: Always use lip liner as it reduces the risk on lip stick bleeding into fine lines which surround the lip area.


Make-up-for-Mother-of the-Bride-by-Carmina-Cristina

My dear Mothers of the Bride/Groom, You can look 10 years younger  with the right Makeup!!! Ask for what you want , hire a skilled professional, put your trust in him/her and you too can look stunning on the Big Day – no matter what your age is!!!

I truly believe in…BEAUTY AT ANY AGE!!! Thank you to all my Brides, Mother of the Brides and Grooms,Grandmothers that throughout time, help me learn more about their beauty. They helped me to be the MUA I am Today!!!

Makeup-for-Mother-of-the Bride-by-Carmina-Cristina-wind-in-the willows-farms

Thank you KM Photography , Julie Paisley Photography and Leslie Gilbert Photography for all these unforgettable pictures!!!

Discover the Beauty in You: From Tomboy to Girly Girl

October 18, 2013

I define my work with the single tagline, “Discover the Beauty in You.” Yes, makeup enhances physical appearance, but what most people overlook is the inner beauty that makeup also helps to let shine through. This is the type of glow that radiates from within the soul. I work every day with women who exude inner and outer beauty, but every so often a particular client reminds me of what my work is all about by showcasing this radiant inner glow.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for a Sweet Sixteen birthday party. In getting to know my client, I discovered that she was the definition of a tomboy. She didn’t enjoy getting dressed up, doing her hair or putting on lip gloss and eyeshadow. Normally, the thought of professional makeup would seem like far too many frills and fluff for someone who preferred a much simpler beauty routine!

carmina cristina tomboy to girly makeup transformation 1For one special day (and as her mother’s plea) she was open to embracing a more “girly” appearance. I knew that the look I wanted to create for her was one that was still very true to who she was, but took all of that inner beauty and brought it to surface.

carmina cristina tomboy to girly makeup transformation 2She was absolutely radiant! She looked glamorous while still looking youthful and the pop of pink color on her eyes added that element of fun. Combined with hair, jewelry and a beautiful dress, she was ready to celebrate her birthday in a way unlike she had ever done before!

carmina cristina tomboy to girly makeup transformation 3When I encourage women to use makeup to “Discover the Beauty in You” I am saying this to every person out there! This concept is not limited by how old you are, how beautiful people tell you that you are or any other factor we might imagine. Makeup can play a large role in this self-discovery process, just as it did for my client on her 16th birthday. Makeup is not meant to just create a beautiful façade, it’s meant to reflect the beauty you feel inside. I truly believe that with my passion, I can change people’s lives through the way they see themselves and how they are seen by others. So I encourage you today…take one step closer toward Discovering the Beauty in YOU!

Very special Thanks goes to: Wendy St. Peter, Kristina’s beautiful mom and to Nicole, Reflective Lights by Nicole who captured the best moments of that special day.

The Hottest Fall Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter 2013

October 6, 2013

With a background in fashion makeup and editorial photo-shoots, it is wonderful to be able to contribute my expertise to the local beauty scene!

Boutique Week in York was a great opportunity for me to pair up with local fashion stylist Hilary Arthur (owner of Arthur & Daughters) and very talented hair stylist Glen Coco. Together we created a showcase of the latest makeup and hair trends combined with amazing clothing pieces from local boutiques as part of the York Boutique Week Fashion Show. Watch our special feature on Fox 43 on York Boutique Week by clicking the image below!

fox 43 harrisburg york boutique week video

The Susquehanna Style photo shoot for their fall publication was another great event where I was able to highlight the trends for fall/winter and have successful women in business as my canvasses.

York-Boutique-Week-Makeup-by-Carmina-Cristina- WPMT FOX43The fall 2013 makeup trends represent an unusual mixture of different eras, styles and the most extravagant colors ever. There are ideal options for fashionistas who love to experiment with daring looks as well as for those who prefer minimalism and modesty in makeup.


Beach Season may be long gone, but sun-kissed complexions are here to stay. Keep your skin dewy and bronzed all fall with NEW Tinted Primer with SPF 20 my favorite product from the Carmina-Cristina Makeup Collection . This undetectable, light and creamy primer smooths skin, evens tone and warms the complexion with a subtle radiance. It has quickly become one of the most essential products in my tool kit and is a must-have for creating this season’s makeup trends.



Smoky, metallic eyes are my specialty so this was a trend I was excited to see. Bronzed eyes are an ideal way to create a radiant glow during brisk months.

Revlon Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman created the foiled look at J. Mendel using copper with a glossy sheen.



 One of my favorite looks was created by Peter Philips at Paris Fashion Week for Chanel’s 2013 Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear Show. The beauty look at Karl Lagerfeld’s show was by far, the most eye-catching look we’ve seen since  Pat McGrath’s “butterfly eyes” at Dior’s Spring 2013 show
 What appeared to be tiny silver sequins adorned eyelids starting at the lash line and working out into a slight wing shape. Some were also glued onto the tops of the lashes for an added shimmering effect. A thin black line was penciled in under the lower lash line for definition and to give a balance to the eye. The rest of the face was suitably bare, with sheer natural skin, a lightly defined brow and a flesh-tone balm lips.

Imax Tree Picture ChanelV9Bi744NnSFl


Shiny fire-engine red lips can feel like a screaming loud statement, but makeup artist Dick Page pulled it off with class by keeping the rest of the face velvety and whisper soft. He brushed up the brows and filled them ever so slightly, and dusted lids with a soft sable shadow. This allows the lips to be the focus of the face.

PHOTO-Imaxtree hbz-Marc-clp-RF13-5363-lgn


The 60’s “Twiggy” eyes, soft feline flicks and precise winged liner are all looks we can expect to see this autumn/winter. To achieve such a stunning look, you simply have to visually lift the outer corner of the eyes by drawing a winged line or by applying the eye shadow in a winged form. This trend has inspired me to try out some different looks, especially one of the looks I designed for the upcoming November issue of Susquehanna Style.

hbz-beauty-Lhuillier-4185-nyfw13-lgnIt came as a welcome surprise that models in Monique Lhuillier, one of the most ultra-feminine shows, donned such delightfully edgy makeup, courtesy of Val Garland. The makeup artist drew an art deco-inspired cat-eye with black kohl pencil, then traced back over the shape with cream liner. A small gap on the bottom lash line just below the iris gave the look startling appeal.

  •                                  FLESH-TONE NATURAL LIPS

Barely-there lipstick appears effortlessly cool yet totally professional. By patting a flesh-tone balm onto models’ lips, makeup artist Lucia Pieroni conveyed an “angelic but strong” look at Missoni.

runway-report-0913-8-lgnNow that you’ve seen my own breakdown of the new season’s hottest trends, it’s your turn to weigh in! What trend are you most likely to try out yourself? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

The Beauty of a Morning Bride at Cameron Estate Inn (Mount Joy, Pennsylvania)

September 4, 2013

The morning is a beautiful and peaceful time. The earth is cool, refreshed and radiates with the energy of the day that is preparing to begin. While it’s not often the time of day we envision for a wedding, the morning makes for a spectacular backdrop for such a special event.  Imagine the soft romantic glow of the sun still low in the sky and the start of this new day symbolizing the start of your marriage. For one bride, this is the imagery she will always have when she remembers her wedding day.

When I was asked to do the professional bridal makeup for this Central Pennsylvania wedding, I was excited to create a look that felt as soft and fresh as the morning. The bride asked for elegant and simple makeup to compliment the style of her ceremony. She was to be married in the morning on a farm at Cameron Estate in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania with an intimate guest list of close family and friends. Her wedding colors combined crisp hues of lime green with peach-pink. I immediately saw a vision for her makeup that combined all of these elements!

Cameron-Estate -Inn -Wedding-Best-MakeUp-Artist-Carmina-Cristina

The most important part of the bridal makeup began with preparing the skin to look absolutely radiant before any makeup was applied. First I used the Carmina-Cristina Tinted Primer for intense hydration to create a fresh and dewy look. Then, I used a silicone-base foundation to ensure the makeup would last all day, through sun, sweat and tears and to preserve the “bridal glow” every girl wants on her wedding day. Once we had the perfect canvas, I was ready to bring in the color!



Beginning with the bride’s eye makeup, I blended together hues of copper brown natural tones and rose peach-pink. This created a soft and “pretty” effect while pulling in the accent colors of her wedding. Her cheeks were brought to life with a kiss of coral to create a fresh and natural look (Blush in Coral Sun from the Carmina-Cristina Blush Collection). For her lips, I tied together the colors of her makeup with a pop of romantic pink (Lips in Radiant Rose and Lip-Liner in Mochaberry from the Carmina-Cristina Luxury Lipstick collection). This added soft color without competing with her eyes and cheeks.

How to define my LIPS

The finished look was a subtle enhancement to the bride’s natural beauty. She looked as fresh and radiant as the morning sun that shone down upon her ceremony. For any bride who is planning a morning wedding, your makeup should appear soft and pretty to match the morning light. I recommend using natural earth tones with subtle pops of color such as coral or pink. Remember to keep your makeup a reflection of the style of your wedding and most importantly – have fun with it!

It is always my pleasure to work with these talented vendors:

Jonnaysa Kirkham of Planned Perfection

Stacia McClune-McComsey of Petals with Style

Douglas Benedict of Douglas Benedict Photography

On the Job with Carmina-Cristina

August 1, 2013

The love for what I do comes from the people I meet and the places I visit. Professional makeup has provided me with so many unique and unexpected experiences over the years and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the memories that now make up my portfolio – and my life. Here is just one recent opportunity that allowed me to showcase both my talent and my life story in a magazine. I could have never anticipated having such an experience!

When Sue Long, the editor of Lancaster County Magazine asked for my help for her 2013 summer cover, I was absolutely thrilled. I knew it will be a challenge since we were planning to shoot on a very hot day and also underwater, but I was confident that the look I designed would be a true example of what “good professional makeup” means. I was excited to learn that a young record-winning swimmer would be my cover model. But the detail that excited me most was the opportunity to share my life story of what got me into makeup and what led me to opening a business in Pennsylvania, within the pages of this same magazine!

Below I share with you the story that was printed in the 2013 summer edition of Lancaster County Magazine as well as the photos from our cover shoot. Enjoy!

(This content is shared with permission from Lancaster County Magazine. More information can be found by visiting www.lancastercountymag.com.)

On the Job with Carmina-Cristina

Chlorine and the sun can play havoc with your skin and hair. Imagine the impact they have when you’re in the water for hours nearly every day as Emily Cameron is.

“Can you do something about my raccoon eyes?” Emily asked makeup artist Carmina-Cristina. Actually, Emily has the reverse of raccoon eyes – the skin under and around her eyes is paler than her tanned complexion. “It’s because of my goggles,” she explained.

carmina cristina lancaster county magazine articleCarmina, who recently launched her own line of cosmetic and skincare products, went to work. The look she devised included a neutral eye, “sun-kissed” cheeks and bold lips. Carmina then turned Emily over to her colleague, hairstylist Glen “Coco” Oropeza, who designed the dampened sleek look for her hair. Soon, Emily was looking like a 21st-century version of the San Tropez girl who appeared in those iconic ads before baking in the sun became a no-no. Emily looked into a mirror and couldn’t believe her eyes!

Lancaster-Magazine-July2013-Cover-Makeup-by-Carmina-CristinaCarmina has been a makeup artist for 10 years. Born in Romania, she was always fascinated by the makeup facet of theater and expressed a desire to take her creative talents in such a direction. Her parents encouraged her to take a different path, so she chose to attend law school. Soon after graduating, she met her future husband, who was born in Canada but had grown up in Central Pennsylvania due to his father’s job with Hershey Chocolate. The newlyweds made their home in Harrisburg.

Knowing her law degree would not “translate” to America – “I’d have to start all over” – she saw it as an opportunity to follow her dream and launch her own business as a makeup artist. She began her quest by taking courses in Europe and Toronto, and earning her aesthetician license through the Lancaster School of Cosmetology. Her expertise encompasses weddings, commercial work and high fashion (everything from magazine editorials to Fashion Week, both here and in Europe). She’s also partnered with Harrisburg photographer Nancy Jones on a makeover/photography project they call “Mom Glam.” Plus, she conducts educational seminars for women of all ages who are interested in learning essential makeup techniques. “The right makeup can make a woman look 10 years younger,” she says. “Who you are should reflect on your face.” As for young women such as Emily, beautifully applied makeup is a confidence builder, especially if you’re about to experience your first streak of independence or start a career.

Lancaster-Magazine-July2013-with-Carmina-Cristina-makeup-artistCarmina’s decision to launch her own line of cosmetic and skincare products grew out of frustration at not being able to find professional-level products in this area. Two years ago, after growing tired of ordering items via catalogs and the Internet or stocking up when she was in New York, Carmina began to research the possibility of creating her own products. She also realized a need existed for such products when brides and other clients asked how they could obtain the products she was using. Working with a lab in New York, she went to work. Thus far, her line, which is manufactured in the United States and in Europe, consists of 16 high-end makeup items (including a tinted primer SPF 20, Baked Hydrating Power and Finishing Powder) many of which are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free and four Vitamin C-based skincare products. While her line “offers the performance of professional products,” she takes pride in the fact that they are “accessible to everyday women.”

Marketing is her next challenge – she hopes to work with regional boutiques that have a desire to provide their customers with the final touch for their wardrobes. “But, my ultimate goal is a storefront in Lancaster,” she says.

For more information, visit carminacristina.com.

The Look of Summer

Carmina-Cristina maintains that beautiful skin is the ultimate canvas for your summer look. Unfortunately, hot, humid weather only accentuates your skin’s degree of dryness or oiliness, so it’s important to use cleansing/moisturizing products that address such conditions. “You want your skin to feel fresh and pleasant,” she says.

She prefers a light foundation for summer. Choose one that multitasks in that it acts as a primer, traps moisture and provides coverage.

As for eyes, dark shadow colors look heavy in bright sunlight and can “melt” in the heat/humidity. A neutral palette looks much cooler and more natural. For texture, add shimmer.

In Carmina’s opinion, summer is the perfect season to play with bold color for cheeks and lips.

The Blushing Brides of Summer: This season’s must-have trends in wedding makeup

June 21, 2013

The most beautiful makeup looks tend to be ones that pull their inspiration from nature’s changing seasons. As we now enter into summer, and wedding season, we’re seeing a new must-have trend for all 2013 brides –whimsical and romantic pastel hues that compliment the season’s colorful blooms. Pastel tones are special in that they can be a part of almost any combination of wedding colors. Using a palette of warm rose and blush, you can create a bridal makeup look that exudes romance, delicateness and sensuality.

This is exactly how I would describe my recent bride, Virginia. For her look, we combined this lovely palette with soft ivories and browns. Together these colors created a vintage and romantic feel that still looked natural and effortless. Virginia’s blush and lips were done in an ultra feminine vintage rose color from the Carmina-Cristina makeup collection.

carmina cristina BAKED BLUSH Bouquetcarmina cristina BAKED BLUSH Petal

Carmina-Cristina Baked Blush in “Bouquet” (Left) and  “Petal” (Right)

York-Makeup-Artist-for-Weddings-Carmina-CristinaFor a timeless and romantic feel, Virginia’s makeup was designed to incorporate the soft blush pink accent colors of her bridesmaids dresses. Her soft, smoky eye was created by using very delicate tones to add depth and interest without overpowering the face (Carmina-Cristina shadows in Roselle, Chocolate and Dark Brown). Most importantly, all of the products used for Virginia’s makeup are specially designed as long lasting to ensure they outlast the heavy wear of a wedding day.

Yorktowne-Hotel-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-CristinaYork-Bridal-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-CristinaWords from the blushing bride, Virgina:

“Carmina-Cristina is incredibly talented, professional, warm, and understanding. She was actually booked for our wedding day, so I asked her to do my makeup for the engagement photos. Somehow we worked out a way for her to do my makeup on the day of the wedding and I could not have been happier! I did my trial the day before the wedding and had so many compliments on my makeup. On the day of the wedding, my mother and I had our makeup done at 7am and it lasted ALL DAY for literally 20 hours of tears, dancing, and costume changes. It’s sort of amazing that she even does wedding makeup because she is more like a celebrity makeup artist….so if you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day – call her early!”

Country-Club-of -York-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-CristinaVirginia’s makeup is just one way to incorporate this season’s pastel trend into your bridal look. The color combinations, accents and highlights are almost limitless. The best part is that you can take this look and truly make it your own. Consider incorporating your wedding colors or choosing a palette that contrasts to really liven things up. No matter how you choose to use pastel tones, they are sure to provide that whimsical and romantic feel that will leave you absolutely glowing!

All makeup done by Carmina-Cristina. You can learn more about her work and the Carmina-Cristina makeup  line at www.CarminaCristina.com.

A special thanks to the following vendors who contributed to Virginia’s beautiful day:

Photography: kmphotographystudio.com/

Coordinator: plannedperfectionpa.com/

Cinematography: mattstambaughmedia.com/

Ceremony Venue: ccyork.org/

Reception Venue: yorktowne.com/index.php

Band: chrisgrassomusic.com/Amaretto/

Lighting: eventsdonebright.com/

Taking Center Stage: The Benefits of Professional Makeup For Dancers and Performers

April 18, 2013

There is no doubt that professional makeup is truly an art form. Every time that I sculpt and contour the human face with colors and techniques, I feel like an artist in front of my canvas. It’s very fitting that the art of makeup is also closely aligned with the performing arts such as dance and theater for this very reason. You are able to amplify and express the emotions of the face to complement the emotions you are also expressing on stage. Because such performances are most often done in front of a live audience, it’s particularly important to know the right makeup techniques to really draw attention to your features and to prevent looking white or washed out under the harsh stage lights.

I have recently had the pleasure of working with several local performing arts organizations on three creative projects where my canvases were young teens. The Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, One Broadway Dance and Performing Arts Centre of Hershey and a local high school theater program brought me back to the magical world of childhood and immersed me in the beauty that is the performing arts. These experiences helped me to see the world once again from a child’s pure eyes and inspired me to help these students understand the power and importance of professional makeup on stage. I was able to teach them many of the basic techniques of applying correct stage makeup and saw a tremendous difference in the final results. The best part was that these were critical skills they had learned for themselves and could repeat for every future performance!

I would love to have more local performing arts organizations open their eyes to the power of teaching professional stage makeup techniques to their students – and this is something I am very happy to offer as part of my seminars. Both the techniques and the products we use to create our every day makeup look are quite different from what stage makeup demands. Just as any other sport of hobby requires a degree of skill training, so does the performing arts and one of these essential skill sets is stage makeup.

Take a look at these three creative projects I helped with and see the power that professional makeup techniques have on stage!

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet – Sleeping Beauty Commercial

In working with the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB) on filming their promotional video for “Sleeping Beauty,” I had the chance to meet two very talented young performers. I was amazed to discover that all three of us are connected by a related force – the love for classical music and dance. It was also interesting to discover that we all shared the same favorite ballerina, who I can proudly say is from my native country, Romania. Her name is Alina Cojocaru, the principal dancer in the Royal Ballet in London and has performed numerous times for the MET in New York City. No matter how various my work projects, I love coming across the unexpected similarities I so often share with my clients. It helps me to bond with them and to gain a better understanding of who they are inside. This is all reflected in the makeup I create for them and by watching the video clip below, you’ll see that their emotions are amplified by the colors and contouring designed into their stage makeup. Even though these are youth performers, the right stage makeup makes them look like true professionals!

(Fun fact about Alina Cojocaru: At 19 she became the Royal Ballet’s youngest principal dancer and has since danced all the leads in the company’s repertory, recently winning a Ballerina of the Decade award at the Stars of the 21st Century International Ballet Gala in Moscow. Learn more about Alina here: http://www.alinacojocaru.com/)

[vimeo 62269084 w=500 h=281]

A huge thank you goes to GK Visual for creating this beautiful and enchanting preview of CPYB’s Sleeping Beauty and for trusting me with a diverse array of projects that we have worked together on. It’s been a pleasure! (visit them at: http://www.gk-visual.com/)

One Broadway Dance and Performing Arts Centre of Hershey

This was a very interesting project where I had to rely upon my creative eye. I was asked to design the makeup for five graduating dancers that were “transforming” into notorious women of history – Eve, Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe and Pocahontas. It was a challenge to accurately represent these ladies with makeup that reflected their era and personality. Even more challenging was transforming someone else into this character using merely the right makeup coloring and techniques. But the results were spectacular and the five dancers have the perfect look to compliment their performances and wow their audiences!


cleopatra-makeup*** Marilyn Monroe-Pop Culture


Local High School Theater Program

As my third project with the performing arts, I was asked to introduce future performers to the techniques specific to stage makeup. I provided these rising stars with a better understanding of how to create straight makeup, character makeup and aging makeup. These three categories are the ones most commonly used in dance and theater and together provide a diverse tool kit to pull from to create almost any basic character you can imagine. They were a wonderful audience to work with and I have no doubt that they will continue to create their own art for many years to come!

Overall, my recent past experiences with the performing arts and the young artists who bring them to life was an eye-opening and refreshing adventure. I shared many valuable techniques for stage makeup and learned a great deal in return. I hope to continue to expand my seminars into teaching more and more youth how to amplify their stage presence through professional makeup. If you have any suggestions for this, please contact me at or visit my seminars here!


Beauty and Inspiration: A Highlight of Wedding Venues in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

April 2, 2013

There have been many times throughout my life when I have felt blessed to have such a passion and inspiration for makeup. I feel extremely lucky to also have a career which allows me to engage this passion every day and to travel and discover some of the most beautiful places that surround us. Born in Europe and now living in Central Pennsylvania, I feel I am very well traveled. But even with all of the different countries I’ve visited and sights that I’ve seen, I am still taken aback by the breathtaking settings that can be found not more than an hour away in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


As a professional makeup artist, I have had the pleasure of being a part of absolutely stunning weddings at almost countless locations. Among the different areas in which I travel for my work, Lancaster has continued to impress me with its unique, versatile and classy wedding venues. You might wonder why a wedding venue means so much to a professional makeup artist, but this is because it sets the tone for the entire wedding. When creating a bride’s wedding day look, I want to be sure it reflects her personality, vision and compliments the feel of her entire wedding day. I pay close attention to wedding venues for this reason – to gain a sense and understanding of the memory the bride wishes to create.

I’m influenced by the energy that a wedding place radiates and I bring that touch into my makeup design. As I mentioned some of the wedding venues in Lancaster, I’d like to highlight a special few in which I’ve found to be particularly inspired by their beauty.

Lancaster Arts Hotel

300 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603 (866.720.2787)

The history of the Lancaster Arts Hotel seems to radiate from every place on the property. Dating back to the 1800’s, it’s still positioned right in the heart of downtown Lancaster. Throughout the years, the hotel has been many things– a tobacco warehouse, storage facility and a paper and twine business –all of which helped to create some amazing character in its design! Overall, I would describe the Lancaster Arts Hotel as a modern and sophisticated wedding venue. It’s versatile for sure! The bridal makeup I’ve created to fit this venue is just as versatile as the space. Most importantly, I’ve tailored the makeup to fit the bride’s personality and used the inspiration of the venue as the accent piece to compliment the look. One example of fitting bridal makeup is extremely soft and natural hues which captures the timelessness of the hotel. This look calls for earth-tone eye makeup, glowing skin and nude lips. I have done a red and brown smoky eye that is more classic and natural to allow a bride’s blue eyes to really pop.

Lancaster_Arts_Hotel_Makeup_Artist_services(Pictures courtesy of http://yukaryhernandezphotography.com/)


Wedding-Makeup-by-Carmina-Cristina-Lancaster-Arts-Hotel(Pictures courtesy of http://urdaneta.net)

The Cork Factory Hotel

480 New Holland Avenue, Suite 3000, Lancaster, PA 17602 (717.735.2075)

The 19th century brick walls and wood ceilings are just the starting point of what makes the Cork Factory Hotel once of Lancaster’s most chic and vintage wedding venues. As a bride, you can take many different approaches to the style of your wedding here depending upon colors, rentals and of course your own look. I have created multiple bridal looks to compliment this venue – each being unique and special while still tying back to the overall theme. I have done modern and colorful makeup with soft purples to compliment the wedding’s accent colors and the bride’s personal taste. While the Cork Factory Hotel is historic, you’re not stuck in one era or one setting. It’s completely what you make it and there’s plenty of room for creativity!

Cork_Factory_hotel_Wedding_Venue_on _location_airbrush_makeup Wedding_Makeup_Artist_Lancaster_Cork_Factory_Hotel Wedding_Make-Up_Cork_Factory_Hotel_Lancaster_PA(Pictures courtesy of http://www.kmphotographyweddings.com/)

Riverdale Manor

62 Pitney Road, Lancaster, PA 17602 (717.394.5554)

The Riverdale Manor combines the elements of nature and water and showcases them as a backdrop for your wedding day. The location overlooks the Conestoga River and is what many call a “Lancaster County oasis.” I believe it! I would best describe the Riverdale Manor as a traditional and romantic wedding place. So many aspects of the design and layout lend itself to creating this feeling and so the bridal looks I have created to complement this venue have been very similar. I recommend a brown base for a soft and smoky eye. I also apply lash extensions for further enhancement and romance. Finally, I finish with a soft rose lip to pull in the hues from nature and a complimentary blush color to match. I want the brides to look as though they are the most beautiful centerpiece of this natural setting! The Riverdale Manor is a great choice for a bride who wants a romantic and classic setting in a location inspired by nature.

Lancaster_Wedding_Makeup_at_Riverdale_Manor Riverdale_Manor_jewish wedding_airbrush _makeup Riverdale_Manor_on_location_makeup_artist(Pictures courtesy of http://epic-photos.com/ and http://www.newchaptersphotography.com/home/)

Drumore Estate

331 Red Hill Rd  Pequea, PA 17565 (717.284.5076)

Imagine that you owned a large, historic estate with sprawling gardens and stunning views. While this may be a wish for the far off future, for your wedding day Drumore Estate can turn this dream home into your dream wedding venue right now. Built in 1938, this estate is a beautiful snap shot of the past that provides a tranquil and formal backdrop for your special day. On the sunny fall day in which I made my first drive to Drumore, I felt as though I was driving into heaven. My favorite aspect of creating bridal makeup to compliment this wedding venue is that you can be very creative in terms of your wedding theme. The space lends itself to retro/vintage as well as modern. It can be fresh and fun or traditional and formal. The following bride’s makeup incorporates two very distinct elements: a coral lip and blush color combined with a vintage and metallic smoky eye created out of a monochromatic color palette.

Lancaster-wedding-drumore-estate-Make-Up_Artist Lancaster-wedding-drumore-estate-on_location-airbrush-Make-Up(Pictures courtesy of http://www.mattnnat.com)

In conclusion, these Lancaster, Pennsylvania wedding venues are just a glimpse at the beauty and possibilities that the area has to offer. As I continue to explore and experience the many other wedding venues surrounding Harrisburg, York and Lancaster, I will continue to share my inspiration with you!


February 23, 2013

It’s one thing to get on top of the fashion trends for spring 2013, but another to have all the right beauty tricks up our sleeves to go with them. Makeup trends for spring / summer 2013 will be, in many ways, built to compliment those key moods in clothing. But at other times it’s about experimenting, doing something fresh and new, and taking inspiration from the runways whish-list still making each look your own.


Photo: Ken Bruggeman Photography
Model: Rachel Ballentine
Makeup: Carmina Cristina
Hair: Glen Coco Oropeza
Stylist: Hilary Arthur 


Revealing Beauty: The seminar series that’s as unique as your look

January 11, 2013

In my years of working with women of all ages and nationalities, I’ve learned a great deal about the common skin and makeup struggles they all seem to face. I’m sure you can think of a few off the top of your head right now. These are those pesky skin problems and makeup concerns that so many women are too shy or embarrassed to ask about or seek a solution for.

In developing my 2013 signature seminar series “Revealing Beauty,” I kept in close mind these common problems and used them as inspiration. This series is unique in that each seminar is specifically tailored toward addressing one of these skin or makeup concerns so that they are ultra tailored to what you’re most interested in learning. Instead of a broad or basic makeup education, I will give you the best information that fits your exact needs.

These seminars will be held all across Central Pennsylvania – in Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Hershey to accommodate you and your friends. No matter where you’re located, there will be a seminar not too far away! And just as they cover an extremely focused topic, the length of the seminar itself is also condensed to make the most of your time, covering everything you need to know in just 1 to 1.5 hours. Finally the cost, which will range from $35-$55, is fully redeemable in CARMINA-CRISTINA signature products to help you put what you’ve learned to immediate use.

For every lady – from early teens to 85+ – there is a seminar topic tailored to the problems you’re most likely facing. To get started, ask yourself this: What do you most desire for your look? Is it…

1. A Face Lift in 10 Minutes?

The problem(s): dry skin, creases around mouth and large pores

In this seminar you’ll learn: How the right skin care regime can create the same drastic affects of a face lift – but in far less time and without the use of any needles or knives. With quality products used together properly, you can achieve an all-natural, healthy and youthful looking glow. The essential products you’ll get to try include: Vitamin C Peel, Nanoestique, Vitamin C –Eye Treatment and Vitamin C & E –Lip Treatment.

2. Even Looking Skin Tone in 2 Minutes?

The problem(s): age spots, dark circles or bags under the eye, fine lines around the mouth, large pores, occasional blemishes, redness, broken capillaries, wrinkles, scars, sensitive skin or oily skin, looking too made-up, uneven skin tone and preventing running makeup

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to conceal under-eye darkness, how to keep your skin hydrated with the perfect skin primer, how to create perfect looking skin with the minimum amount of product, how to choose and use the perfect concealer brush, foundation brush and powder brush for your skin.

York makeup classes about beauty seminar

3. To Slim Your Face with the Proper Contouring Technique?

The problem(s): Slim nose and contouring

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to pick the right shades of powders to accent your coloring and how to use the appropriate brush shape to highlight and downplay features on your face. These techniques can completely change the shape of your face to use for special occasions or an everyday look.

Hershey makeup lesson seminar how to find the right eyeshadow color for your eyes

4. Natural Looking Brows?

The problem(s): thinning eyebrows, using an eye-brow pencil

In this seminar you’ll learn: The classic brow shapes and shaping techniques, how to use the right tools to maintain these looks and the secrets to fool-proof trimming and brushing up. The right brow shape is a powerful way to accent your best features – without the use of any makeup at all!

Lancaster makeup lesson seminar how to get a perfect arch for your eyebrows

5. 3D Lips?

The problem(s): finding lipstick colors specific to day or night

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to pick the perfect lip liner, lip color and lip gloss to accent your complexion and compliment your style, how to shape your lips and the best products for long stay lip color and lip correction. With these techniques, we promise when you speak everyone’s ears – and eyes – will be on your lips!

Harrisburg makeup lesson seminar how to design a perfect lip

6. An Eye Lift Without Surgery?

The problem(s): fine lines, droopy eye lids, always looking tired, applying eye shadow or eye liner, finding color that will best compliment your eyes, learning how to wear makeup for the first time but still look natural and the right shades to compliment but not overpower light complexions

In this seminar you’ll learn: the most effective makeup techniques to use to give yourself the look of an instant eye lift and which shades of eye shadow will look most natural on your complexion to achieve this desired look.

7. Smoky Eye?

The problem(s): creating a dramatic eye makeup that will not bleed after one hour and making a real smoky eye

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to adapt your makeup to your exact eye-shape, how to make your eye makeup last longer and how to pick the right shade of blush to accent these dramatic eyes without overpowering your look.

Hershey makeup lesson seminar

More information, including the exact 2013 CARMINA-CRISTINA “Revealing Beauty” seminar schedule will soon be announced. Check www.carminacristina.com for regular updates or email "> for information anytime!

The Miracle of Christmas: My Old Hollywood Inspiration Comes to Life

December 22, 2012

Every artist has different things that inspire their greatest work. This might be a place, a person, a memory or an emotion. For me, one of my longest-held inspirations has been the glamor and romance of Old Hollywood. I wish I could have lived in this era, even if just for a day, to soak up the sights, sounds and smells. Even without ever spending a second of my life truly living during this time, I still find special moments of particular inspiration in the world all around me right now. One of these moments came to me as a December wedding last year that I will forever remember for the magic it created inside me and the magic I hoped to have created for this wonderful couple as well.

Cairnwood Estate wedding

Jenn and Nate were married on December 10, 2011 and I had the pleasure to be a part of this special day. I still remember this vividly because it was right around the time in the holiday season when you could start to feel the magic and anticipation of Christmas. This magic seemed to allow for a time warp to occur in which I felt like for one day we had gone back in time to the era of Old Hollywood Glam.  It was a delight to have such an iconic “canvas” in front of my eyes …a stunning muse that let my creative mind be completely free.


Cairnwood Estates on site make-up artist

For Jenn’s wedding day makeup I called upon smoky hues to add the dramatic flair of the big screen to her eyes. These cool, dark colors popped against her porcelain skin and light hair. Next we added color. What is more iconic “Old Hollywood” than sultry bright red China-doll lips? Together these elements created a flawless look – almost as if when watching her you were watching a beautiful movie play before your eyes. Everything detail about the wedding accented her look. From her hair to her dress and the venue.

Though we have come a long way from the Old Hollywood era, anyone who imagined that the age of elegance is gone, must only peek at the beautiful photos from this timeless wedding:

Bridal Makeup Cairnwood Estatescairnwood estate wedding makeup artistWedding Makeup By Carmina-Cristinajpg

Venue: Cairnwood Estates, Bryn Athyn,PA ; http://www.cairnwood.org/

Photography: Krisha Martzall,Lancaster ;www.krishamartzall.com

Cake: Bella Manse; http://www.bellamanse.com/

Dress: Tara’s Bridal;http://www.tarasbridal.com/

To Find That Unique Holiday Gift, Dare To Think Outside the Box

December 15, 2012

This time of year is when we all seem to remember that finding a thoughtful and personal present for someone else (while staying within budget) is no easy task. But when you do find that gift that you just know someone is going to love, how wonderful is it to see their face light up with joy? If this is the type of Christmas gift you want to give to someone, it first begins with thinking outside the box. Especially for the special women in our lives, we often resort back to the very predictable and uninspired candle, piece of jewelry or perfume. These are things people like, but easily forget after the moment has passed.

Instead, what I want to help you give this Christmas is a present that is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever given. I want to help you make your loved ones feel beautiful –not just for a couple hours – but for a lifetime. My signature skincare and makeup products and private seminars help women discover their inner and outer beauty while exuding confidence. My professional expertise gives them the skills they need to create this same look for themselves every day.

So before you settle for another boring or overdone present or stress yourself out about not having any ideas at all, consider these three incredibly unique and thoughtful gift options for your special ones this holiday season!

Holidays 2012 Beautiful Skin KitCARMINA-CRISTINA Seminars – A lifetime of beauty
Treat several special ladies at once to a seminar taught by Carmina Cristina herself. This is the perfect gift for groups of friends, family or women-based small companies. These seminars are completely customizable, relaxing and fun. It’s like spending several hours at a spa, but once you leave, the gift keeps giving! Each lady will gain the knowledge of how to create beautiful makeup every day and for special occasions. Unlike a massage or facial that only lasts for a few hours, this gift truly lasts a lifetime.

CARMINA-CRISTINA Skincare Products – A perfect pampering
The newly launched CARMINA-CRISTINA skincare line is unlike any other product you could buy for your special someone. Based with the natural antioxidant Vitamin C, this skincare régime is great for any age, male or female. These products are the safe and effective alternative to expensive chemical and surgical procedures. The Vitamin C technology revives lifeless skin, fights the aging damage of free radicals and boosts collagen production to firm and transform skin with new resiliency. It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin and whether you’re young or old, Vitamin C is highly touted as a skin brightener to make you absolutely radiant! If you have someone on your list that’s in need of a little pick-me-up or pampering, Carmina will provide her expertise to help you hand pick the best product to give them the gift of glow.

CARMINA-CRISTINA Makeup Products – A look all their own
Much like the CARMINA-CRISTINA skincare line, these makeup products were specifically developed with the same attention to detail and passion for quality. Each of Carmina’s makeup products include her expert advice in regards to what best fits your features, your lifestyle and your personality. These products make such a thoughtful holiday gift because they are 100% customizable. Just as a new accessory or perfume can make a lady feel beautiful, a special makeup product custom-fit to their look is a way of saying, “I want you to feel beautiful every single day.” Let Carmina guide you toward the perfect product to freshen up any cosmetic case!

Makeup How To

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box and search extra hard for that special holiday gift that will make the faces of your loved ones light up with joy! To purchase a CARMINA-CRISTINA gift certificate or any of the makeup and skincare products simply email for more information. Now that’s Christmas shopping made easy!

That Holiday Sparkle: My multi-page spread in VEUX Magazine!

December 13, 2012

VEUX Magazine , Makeup for December 2012

During the time of year when surprise gifts are just always right around the corner, I am extremely excited and honored to share the wonderful news that has already made this Christmas a very special one for me…

The international magazine, VEUX has published a multi-page spread of my work!

In the special section of this magazine entitled “That Holiday Sparkle” I was fortunate to get to work with the gorgeous and talented model, Ada Adams. But this was not my first pleasure of working with Ada. In fact, Ada was the very first model I worked with in Toronto and she continues to be an inspiration to me!

VEUX Editorial Spread, Glam Makeup by Carmina-Cristina

It’s hard to put into in words the bond a makeup artist forms with their models. It’s a unique relationship where you begin to understand each other on a deeper level as you work with them so personally. In special cases, this relationship also turns into a chemistry which combines and amplifies the energy of both the makeup artist and the model and allows it to be captured on film. This is the type of bond and chemistry I feel with Ada and in the following photos from VEUX magazine, I think you will see exactly what I mean!

New Fashion Editorial Makeup

Holiday Glam Make up Look

Special Thanks to my wonderful PRO -Team!!!

Model: Ada Adams

Photographer: Andriy Zolotoiy

Video: SV Media Productions

Makeup Assistant: Olivia Popsor

Makeup, Hair and Styling by Carmina-Cristina with Carmina-Cristina Makeup and Skincare Line.

Location: Toronto, Canada Distillery District Fashion Studio

Editorial Makeup Artist

Fashion,Beauty, Editorial by Carmina-Cristina

Check out this backstage video for behind the scenes footage from this this VEUX Magazine photo shoot!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIi3-HI8rtk]

Where The Wild Things Are: The inspiration behind Susquehanna Style’s Editorial Spread

November 26, 2012

As the temperatures drop and the hours of daylight decrease in winter, our inspiration for cheery and glamorous makeup tends to wane as well. But with family get-togethers and holiday celebrations right around the corner, there’s so many reasons to want to look your absolute best. Even the most subtle changes or additions to your regular makeup routine can add a boost of holiday cheer to your look.

This time of year calls for dark, rich colors to warm up your face and to complement the accents found in nature. This season, I wished for a way to share winter-inspired makeup techniques with a broader audience to help women reconnect with the warmth of their beauty even in these chilly months. I guess some holiday wishes come true early as I recently had the distinct honor of contributing to Susquehanna Style’s Fall/Winter fashion editorial spread. What an experience!

When Editor-in-Chief, Keely Childers invited me to bring my creative eye and professional skills to their fall/winter issue, my immediate response was, “Yes!” I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented team, and even more so I was thrilled to share several winter-themed makeup looks with thousands of readers. The inspiration for the makeup photographed in this spread all began with the clothing. When Hilary Arthur from Arthur and Daughters shared with me the different looks that she had prepared, I noticed one exciting theme emerge. Each outfit exuded the feel of “City-Chic.” And with that, I had my inspiration.

I wanted to complement the upscale and fashion forward style of the clothing with makeup that could also be described by these words. I began by creating a smoothly blended smoky eye and paired it with a different accent color on the lips for each outfit. The rich lip colors included china doll red, deep burgundy and a fun pop of cherry red. These are the same hues that can be found in the clothes and accessories and are accents colors that can also be found in nature and all around town this time of year.

The following are photos from the editorial spread and were taken by the very talented Donovan Roberts Witmer, photographer at Jeremy Hess Photography. I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks to Donovan for expertly capturing the beauty of this shoot and to Susquehanna Style and their talented team for allowing me to be a part of creating this work of art!

Central Pennsylvania Makeup ArtistABOVE: The classic camel-colored dress and natural hues of the boots and bag is accented with a pop of Teaberry red on the lips and Earth Red on the liner. Paired with the smoky eye, this color draws attention to the lips and warms up the face against all of the brown and beige in the outfit.

Susquehanna Style Editorial Makeup ABOVE: This romantic winter look was created by pairing a smoky eye with the raspberry frost lip color “Starlet” and the lip liner “Garnet.” Just a touch of cheek contour and an iridescent pink blush brings the perfect amount of warmth to the face and cheeks.

Susquehanna Style Holiday Makeup LookABOVE: Use your lip color as an accessory by pairing it with the same accent color of your gloves to bring a sophisticated touch to your outfit.

York Makeup ArtistABOVE: A modern orange-red color was brought not only into lip-color but also into the blush for an overall warm and cohesive look.


A Special CARMINA-CRISTINA Giveaway from Susquehanna Style!

Did you know that with Susquehanna Style’s “12 Days of Giving” you can enter to win 12 incredible prize packages ranging from jewelry to tasty treats? That’s right, Susquehanna Style has collected some of the most luxurious and unique presents from all across the Central PA region to give away absolutely free just in time for the holidays. Be sure to pay special attention to Day 10 where you can win an incredible gift bag stuffed with all the CARMINA-CRISTINA products you need to sparkle and shine this winter season!

susquehanna style carmina cristina prizeThis makeup set (a $79 value) includes Lip Toxyl Sheer Gloss – instantly fills in fine lines with collagen micro-spheres, gives long lasting plumping effects and reduces wrinkles with ceramide peptides and hydrates lips with water-attracting skin plumpers; Tinted Primer SPF 20 – an undetectable, light, creamy fluid tinted primer that smooths skin, evens tone and warms the complexion with a subtle radiance, enriched with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and age-defying Ceramides to help improve skin hydration and overall skin integrity; Lash Thickener – Perfect mascara base to lengthen and thicken; making lashes appear longer while strengthening and conditioning.

There’s no reason not to enter—we all know someone who deserves to feel beautiful this holiday season and this special CARMINA-CRISTINA gift package will do just that! Click here for more information.

Looking For The Perfect Bridal Look…Featuring A Super-Model Bride

October 18, 2012

It’s not every day that you get to experience a wedding of such grandeur and elegance – a wedding that truly makes you believe that fairytales and beautiful princesses do exist. I’m fortunate to have had the experience of being part of one such wedding and it is a memory I will always cherish.

Weddings by JDK design, Couture Cakery

The story begins with my good friend David Everett of JDK who was the heart and soul of this wedding and first introduced me to this very special couple,Bryce and Kyle. The bride and I met for her trial makeup almost one year in advance. I created a very soft, natural and simply beautiful look for her to complement all of the other themes and elements of her wedding and she loved it! But to my ultimate surprise, just two weeks before her big day, the bride expressed to me she would like to do something very different. We immediately did a second trial in which my heart told me to design a fashion-forward and sexy look that was still very bridal. My vision aligned perfectly with hers and we finally found it—a European fashion inspired look always present in Chanel, Dior or Gucci shows.

This story, and its fun twist of an ending, is an example of the benefit of having a European makeup artist. I bring an exquisite sense of style and a natural eye for fashion and apply this toward designing your unique bridal look.

Whether you want all-natural with a hint of romance or over-the-top fashionista makeup inspired by the runways, don’t be afraid to change things up or ask for input from your makeup artist. We’re here to help pull out your inner-supermodel for your special day! Also, I’m proud to say that this look was done using only products from the new CARMINA-CRISTINA Makeup Collection.

Wedding makeup Mechanicsburg

Smokey Eyes Makeup Design

Take a look at the stunning finished product in the pictures below. You will see how the right touch of fashion and glamour can create a bridal look that is still very romantic and natural while delivering that extra “wow” factor.

I’d like to give a very special thank you to the Mother-of-the-Groom, Deb whose close relationship with the bride helped guide her toward discovering her unique inner beauty that shone through her wedding day makeup. Also, thank you to David Everett from Weddings by JDK who first introduced me to this very special couple. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Thomas Beaman for so exquisitely capturing this dream wedding on film as well as all of the special details including the makeup application and finished product.

Bridal Party Makeup


The full list of wedding vendors includes:

Wedding production and design: Weddings by JDK (David Everett)

Florals: Weddings by JDK (JoAnn Ort Reisinger)

Catering: Weddings by JDK (Josh)

Wedding planning and coordination: Planned Perfection (Jonnaysa Kirkham)

Wedding Photography: Thomas Beaman

Cake and candy station: The Couture Cakery (Jasmine Clouser)

Lighting: Premier Production Services

Tents: Event Central PA

Ice sculpture: Ice Concepts

Rentals: Weddings by JDK

Landscaping: Utopian Landscapes

Wedding dress: Custom designed by Janel Berte of Posh Bridal

Cinematography: Cinema Cake

Photography: Thomas Beaman Photography (Special thanks to Shannon Confair, Rebecca Derstine, and Shannon Pray for helping out)

Invitations and menu cards: Persnickety Invitation Studio

Band: Cityscape (Three Rivers Entertainment)

Ceremony Sound: Mixed Up Productions

October’s Featured Bridal Makeup: Tina’s Wedding at Moonstone Manor

October 16, 2012

On September 1, I had the pleasure of working with the absolutely lovely bride, Tina. From start to finish, this wedding was the perfect blend of romance, tradition and fun. This particular wedding is a wonderful example of how much your venue can impact the feel of your wedding and become an extension of your personality and vision. Tina and Eric’s wedding reception took place at Moonstone Manor in Elizabethtown, PA. This rustic and eclectic mansion is ideal for creating a warm and romantic setting, but still provides the flexibility to add in unique and fun touches.


When I first arrived at the venue, I immediately took notice of the natural elements that surrounded the area. A small river trickled near the ceremony site, giving off the most subtle but soothing background music. Once inside, I was impressed with the beautifully decorated rooms that accommodated the bridal party as they prepared for the big day. Moonstone Manor’s owner, Penny, is an exceptional hostess and made me feel welcomed from the moment I arrived on the grounds.

moonstone-manor-wedding-airbrush makeup

Once set-up, I focused my sole attention on the bride, Tina and worked to turn her dream bridal makeup into reality. Prior to the wedding day, Tina had decided upon her specific look. Not wearing much makeup on a regular basis, Tina wanted to her makeup to subtly enhance her features on her wedding day while still looking natural and timeless. Using soft colors and natural hues, I emphasized Tina’s bright blue eyes and porcelain skin to create a fresh and youthful look with a touch of romance.

moonstone-manor-wedding-bridal makeupmoonstone-manor-wedding portrait, Makeup by Carmina-Cristina

As I always say, your wedding should be an extension of who you are and this includes everything from your dress, your venue and especially your makeup. Tina’s personality translated beautifully into every detail of her wedding day. Getting to know her through the bridal makeup process, I could sense that she was a naturally fun and outgoing person whose love for her family and friends ran deep. The Moonstone Manor was the perfect fit for a venue and Tina’s natural and romantic bridal look blended seamlessly into this theme!


I would like to extend an extra special thank you to all of the vendors who helped to make Tina and Eric’s wedding day an absolute fairytale. Thomas Beaman Photography and SV Media Productions did an extraordinary job capturing the subtle and intricate details of the bridal makeup. But more than just the makeup, the bride’s expressions and emotions were reflected beautifully in the film from this special day. Your talent has helped to preserve my artwork in film and video that will remain forever in time – and for that I am truly grateful!

Enjoy Tina and Eric’s newly finished wedding video here!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru3t-9b7Ly0]

Full List of Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Reception: Moonstone Manor

Catering: Weddings by JDK

Flowers: Hammaker’s Flower Shop

Video: SV Media Productions

Transportation: Elite Trolley

Photography: Thomas Beaman Photography

The Value and Savings of a Professional Makeup Artist

October 15, 2012

Makeup and cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar a year industry – and it’s no wonder! Women all around the world want to look and feel their best and to do so often includes the purchasing of makeup products. How much money do you think you personally waste on products that you don’t love and therefore don’t use? Whether this is several dollars a month or several hundred dollars over the course of a year—it’s too much! This is where the knowledge of a professionally trained makeup artist can become invaluable to your cosmetic budget. The following are just a few areas in which a makeup artist is more than happy to share their expertise:

Choosing Your Colors – If you don’t already know “your colors” chances are you may have bought an eye shadow or blush that looked great in its container, but didn’t translate well onto your face. We’ve all been there and have felt the frustration and disappointment of another “failed” product. This is no reflection on your natural beauty! It simply may have been the wrong color for your skin-tone, hair color and eye color. This is where the expertise of a professionally trained makeup artist can save you the struggle. We’re able to identify the shades and tones that will enhance your features in a very natural way. Once you have a customized palette of the colors that best compliment your features, you’re well-equipped to select the right products without any of the guess work.

Carmina-Cristina Custom Blush CollectionCarmina-Cristina, Natural Beauty Custom PaletteCarmina-Cristina, Natural Beauty EnhancementNatural Beauty Custom Colors by Carmina-Cristina

Creating the Perfect Canvas – Look for a makeup artist that is a licensed esthetician. This additional expertise can teach you how to prep your skin and make your makeup last longer. Because facial skin is so delicate, and for some very sensitive, it’s imperative to find the type of makeup that fits your skin’s needs. An esthetician can suggest products to balance your skin and create a perfect canvas for makeup application. Not sure how to tell if your makeup artist is a licensed esthetician? Simply ask! Carmina-Cristina is proud to be a licensed esthetician in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Carmina-Cristina licensed esthetician central pa

Tools of the Trade – A professionally trained makeup artist can provide advice in regards to what brushes provide what type of effects. One size (or shape) does not fit all! It’s important to consider things such as: Does the brush fit the space in which you’re working? Will the hair density (thinness or thickness) provide the appropriate amount of pressure? From what type of hair is the brush made (natural or synthetic) as this will impact the texture of the makeup. There’s a lot of questions, but don’t worry – this is where the knowledge and expertise of a makeup artist can help you make a wise investment in quality brushes that will save you money and frustration in the long run.


Reflecting Your Inner Beauty – Makeup is not meant to be a mask. It’s meant to enhance your natural beauty, reflect your personality and fit your lifestyle. A professional makeup artist can identify the products and techniques that achieve just this. If you don’t give much thought to whether your makeup compliments your clothes, accessories or the occasion – it will appear this way. Whether you’re a business woman, busy mom, college student, retired young grandmother or somewhere in between, the right makeup can make you look your best while still looking like yourself.

Carmina-Cristina natural professional makeup

Emerging Trends and Technology – Finally, a knowledgeable makeup artist will be able to share with you the latest technological advancements in products, skincare and makeup. There’s a reason products keep evolving. It’s because they’re getting better, safer and more comfortable. Just as you wouldn’t continue to wear a style of clothes from decades past, your makeup routine should also evolve with trends and technology. A professional makeup artist can identify which trends are right for you and which new products are worth investing in.

Carmina-Cristina,Tinted Primer SPF 20

Are you convinced of the value of a professional makeup artist yet? Our knowledge and expertise can be applied to so much more than just a single occasion. You should seek out regular advice from your makeup artist just as you would any of your other specialists. We can help you save time, money and frustration – and help simplify what it takes to make you look your best!

A great way to get started is to attend a CARMINA-CRISTINA In-Studio Private Showcase in which Carmina herself will walk you through the new products from her makeup line and demonstrate how to best incorporate them into your look. Visit Carmina’s beautiful new studio and try out the CARMINA-CRISTINA product line firsthand. By appointment only, weekdays after 5:00pm. Call 717-343-2805 to reserve your spot today! There is no cost to attend but an appointment is required.

Carmina-Cristina Private Makeup Studio

LAUXMONT FARMS: On Location Professional Makeup Artist

September 20, 2012

Mobile make up, York PA

Nicole got married last weekend and I am thrilled to share her bridal portraits with you! Truly beautiful!

Photography by New Chapters Photography.

Central PA, Premiere Wedding Venue Lauxmont Farms.

Lauxmont Farms Wedding Make-UpWATERPROOF MAKEUP for Brides is so important for such an emotional day!!!

Just a few Bridal Makeup Tips …

  • Consider using a silicone based foundation as it will last much longer than oil/water based foundations and you won’t have to touch it up.
  • Waterproof mascara is a must for your wedding day.
  • Wearing a soft white eyeliner on your inner rim will help to create the illusion of a larger eye, giving your eyes a lift. This will prevent any smearing or running.

On-Location Bridal Makeup Artist Lauxmont Farms,Wrightsville PA

Stay tuned, our amazing movie inspired Wedding Video is coming soon…

courtesy of  Weddings By SV Media.

Four New Trends in Bridal Makeup

September 15, 2012

There’s no hiding the glowing and radiating beauty of a bride on her wedding day. The white dress, styled hair and sparkling accessories help to complete the overall look, but the internal happiness that shines from within every bride is what truly makes her stunning. The right wedding makeup can capture and enhance this happiness, creating a perfect palette upon which it can be showcased. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many different brides to help them design their unique bridal look – each one as different as it is beautiful.

Makeup for such a special moment in your life should reflect who you are. The theme, color and feel of your wedding can all be incorporated into your wedding makeup. The creativity of these details doesn’t just apply to a ceremony or reception anymore. Your makeup can and should be an extension of all the other very special details you’ve placed in your wedding design. As a professional makeup artist, my personal mission is to make each bride look her absolute best. This requires much more than just applying makeup, it requires the expertise to know what will translate well in pictures, what works well with the bride’s features, and how she envisions herself on her special day.

This past wedding season I’ve seen a new trend emerging in bridal makeup. Brides are breaking away from the traditional and typical wedding look. Now more than ever, brides are boldly designing their makeup around their personality and individuality. And the result? A refreshing breath of creativity to bridal makeup and hopefully the confidence other bride’s need to do the same!

Let’s take a look at four very different examples of bridal makeup I’ve created. Which is the closest reflection of what you might choose for your wedding?

Timeless, Natural Beauty (Bride: Cozette)

Camp Hill Wedding MakeupNatural Bridal Makeup Look“Timeless beauty” is what most brides ask for and what most makeup artists suggest.  This look stands the test of time and makes for beautiful wedding photos both now and 50 years from now. The timeless beauty look is essentially a neutral palette with natural, earth-tone colors on the eyes such as beige, soft gold, ivories, beige-pinks, soft browns and opals. The lips are kept natural and a hint of soft blush accents the cheeks. For Cozette, this was the perfect look. The simple makeup accented her quiet and calm personality and let her natural beauty remain the focus. The warm earth tones kept in theme with her romantic fall wedding.

Credits: November 8, 2008, Crowne Plaza, Harrisburg, PA

Fashion Forward, Modern Soft Smokey Eye (Bride: Voula)

Hershey Wedding Make-upSmokey Eye Bridal Make-Up

From red carpet to wedding day, the smoky eye remains a very popular makeup look for occasions of all kinds. The smoky eye can be a beautiful bridal makeup technique as it portrays a mysterious sexiness with an added glamour.  To keep the smoky eye both modern and unique, it’s important to remember that “smoky” is a technique and not a color-choice.  You can achieve a beautiful smoky eye with all colors of eye shadow such as brown, purple, gray, blue and green. Voula’s eye makeup incorporated hues of black, grey, metallic and pearl combined with lash extensions for added emphasis.

The overall look we achieved blended seamlessly into her entire wedding décor that I would describe as sophisticated and fashion forward with modern and luxurious silver accents. She was the breathtaking highlight of this absolutely elegant mid-day spring wedding.

Credits: May 27, 2012 at Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA – Pictures: KM Photography

Retro Glam (Bride: Lindsey)

Lancaster Makeup for WeddingsRetro-Glam Bridal LookRetro glam wedding makeup is the ideal way to showcase classic beauty through sophisticated glamour. For her wedding, Lindsey wanted to pair vintage with modern to make a statement that was unique to her.  We achieved this by first leaving the skin slightly dewy to create a clean, almost porcelain base. Then we added a smoky eye, using earth-tones and taupe shadows. Mini lashes added extra emphasis to the eye area while still looking very subtle and natural. We finished everything off with a bold, red lip. Part old-school, part Hollywood glam, Lindsey’s makeup complimented her elegant summer wedding. From the runaway to a traditional Lancaster wedding, the retro glam makeup trend is extremely versatile and customizable!

Credits: June 15, 2012 at Riverdale Manor, Lancaster, PA – Pictures: mattnnatt

A Touch of Color (Bride: Vanna)

York Bridal Make-upColorful Wedding MakeupAnother new trend in wedding makeup is incorporating the wedding accent colors into the bridal makeup. Simply adding a touch of color in the inner section or the outer corner of the eye can create an interesting and beautiful look.  Wedding colors can also be tastefully used as a liner in a deeper shade of the same accent color and smudging it around the lash line.

In the example of Vana’s wedding makeup, purple was used to give her an extra touch of glamour and incorporate her accent colors – and it was a perfect choice! Purple is the color of royalty. In times past, kings and queens wore deep purple to display their regal status. Today, purple still symbolizes royalty, but it also represents spirituality and abundance. For Vana’s colorful bridal look, I created a lush monochromatic makeup design that incorporated purple paired with a fun pink lip color.  If you look closely you’ll see real diamond particles in the lip color for added shine and shimmer. This special lip-gloss is part of my signature CARMINA-CRISTINA makeup collection and the color I used for our beautiful bride is called Starlet.

Credits: September 1, 2012 at the Box Hill Mansion, Regents Glen, York PA – Pictures: The Photograph Adventure


Want to learn more from Carmina Cristina? We have a lot of upcoming opportunities for you to meet Carmina, try out the new CARMINA-CRISTINA makeup line and learn techniques from an internationally-trained professional makeup artist! Here are just a few:

IN-STUDIO OPEN HOUSE: Visit Carmina’s beautiful new studio and try out the CARMINA-CRISTINA product line firsthand. By appointment only, weekdays after 5:00pm.

PRIVATE IN-HOUSE PARTIES: Enjoy the expertise of Carmina Cristina right in your own home. Gather all of your girl friends together for a private in-house makeup party with Carmina as your on-site expert. She will teach you the top techniques for beautiful every day makeup and how to spice things up for a special occasion. For brides-to-be, Carmina can also create a special party package focused on creating beautiful wedding makeup and a coordinated image for all the ladies in the bridal party.

CORPORATE LUNCHEON EVENTS: As a working woman, you still need to look your best – and in the least time possible. Learn how to create your professional daytime makeup in less than 15 minutes! Carmina Cristina is available for corporate luncheon events in which she will teach your group of businesswomen how to put their best face forward.

IN STORE EVENTS: If you’re a store owner in the Central PA area, we would like to talk with you! Carmina Cristina offers promotional in-store events in which she sets up a product display and offers mini makeovers for any interested customers. This is a great way to drive business to your store and promote purchases of both your products and the CARMINA-CRISTINA makeup line.

Please visit www.carminacristina.com or contact for more information about any of these events and to reserve your spot today!

Through Rain and Tears – Still A ‘Perfect’ Wedding Day

August 15, 2012

As you may recall from our July blog post, “Practice Makes Perfect: A Real Bride’s Trial Wedding Makeup Experience,” our real bride, Stephanie had her first experience with professional makeup and was preparing for her beautiful August wedding with Carmina Cristina as her makeup artist.  After happily marrying her prince charming, Stephanie now wants to share with you her wedding day makeup experience and of course…her before and after photos from the big day!


We had chosen an outdoor wedding in early August assuming it would be hot, dry and sunny. But on our wedding day, life threw us our first curve ball which also included torrential downpours, gusty winds and swirling black clouds that looked anything but “bridal.”  The humidity and dampness of the day, combined with a fair share of tears could have been a wedding day makeup disaster had I attempted to do it myself. But I was fortunate to have the skill of a professional and the positivity of a friend to help make the day as flawless as I could have hoped.

Carmina arrived early with an entire studio’s worth of makeup and tools neatly organized in her kits. By the time I had finished with my hair, she was already set-up and ready to begin right in my apartment. Carmina’s on-site makeup allowed me to stay close to my family and friends who were also at my apartment getting ready. Her makeup application was exactly what I had remembered from the trial and even went a bit quicker since we had planned in advance the color and techniques we would use. From start to finish, Carmina was absolutely thorough! I first received a vitamin skin treatment before any makeup to give my skin and extra dewy glow. Then from eyes to skin to lips, Carmina completed my look at a comfortable pace and even ahead of schedule.

The Finished Product:

My finished bridal look was everything I could imagine! I felt confident, beautiful and still like myself. I was most pleased with how comfortable the makeup felt and I knew that no matter what the rest of the day had in store, come rain or tears, my makeup would last through anything!

carmina walking to apartmentCarmina arrived early to set-up everything onsite

She had everything neatly organized and laid out in a matter of minutes

vitamin skin treatmentWe started with a vitamin skin treatment; it was truly a pampering experience!

long lasting eye makeupNext Carmina created a natural and romantic effect for the eyes, using warm earth tones to add depth and shadow

wedding day lash extensionSubtle false eyelashes added just the right amount of drama

airbrush makeupNext came the flawless skin I asked for! Carmina skillfully airbrushed on a velvety smooth layer of foundation that lasted all day

Never one to wear much lip color, Carmina hand-picked the perfect hue to keep me natural, but to still add “something special” to my look

Not even an hour later, I had an entirely finished look for my wedding day. It was the exact makeup I had hoped for!

An Emotional Downpour:

We had planned to take all of our posed photos before the ceremony, including the very special “first look” photo where Scott would see me all dressed up for the first time. On our way over to the farm, the rain steadily poured down and my heart sunk. This isn’t what I had envisioned at all. Would we even be able to take a single photo outside? Our photographer came over to the car and said “Scott’s been standing in the rain waiting to see you for over an hour.” I started to cry. On a day where nerves and emotions are already running so high, the rain amplified how we were feeling. I knew Scott was likely worried about my disappointment with the weather and the rest of the day’s plans and I had to see him to know it would be okay. I got out in the rain and with the help of my family and several umbrellas, I made my way to Scott. As he turned around to see me for the first time, we both broke down. The weather wasn’t perfect, but being together and knowing that no matter what we would be married in just a few hours reminded us what the day was really all about…

long lasting bridal makeup in Mechanicsburg PAEven through tears and rain, my makeup never budged

Luckily one hour before the start of the ceremony, the clouds broke and the rain stopped. We were able to still have our outdoor wedding as planned! By the end of the night our guests were dancing outside under the stars and it became the magical scene I had been envisioning for the past 7 months.

A Lesson for All Brides:

Even the most organized and scheduled bride can’t possibly predict some of the unplanned circumstances that will crop up on her big day. Carmina’s calmness and confidence helped to make my wedding day makeup a relaxation and not at all another added stress. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people throughout your entire wedding experience and Carmina is one of these people. As she did my makeup, I faced the front window and could clearly see the storm clouds building and then the rain pouring down, but her reassurance – along with my family and friends – helped me to stay calm and stay focused on what the day was really all about…marrying my prince charming!

I highly recommend Carmina Cristina’s professional makeup talent for all brides and for all occasions. The weather and my emotions absolutely put her work to the test. With only one touch-up before the ceremony, I was able to celebrate early into the next morning feeling just as fresh and beautiful as I did 12 hours earlier!

Words From Carmina Cristina

It’s always been my belief that every bride will look their most beautiful on their wedding day. This isn’t dependent upon their hair or skin color, natural beauty or age – it’s the joy and happiness which shines from within that creates the signature “bridal glow.” And Stephanie was no exception. I always try to learn who the person is before I do their makeup. For Stephanie, she wanted to look polished, elegant and to be a more naturally beautiful version of herself. She wanted the look of flawless skin to last through the entire day and most importantly she wanted her makeup style to reflect her personality. I truly believe we achieved all of these things!

What I uniquely bring to the table is my own collection of 10 high-quality makeup products which I use on all of my brides. This allows me to blend the sophistication of the Big City with the natural beauty of Central PA and to give each of my clients a truly signature look that they then have the ability to create every day.  Every bride also receives a hand-selected Carmina-Cristina Lip gloss from me on her wedding day – something to keep her glowing long after her honeymoon! Most exciting is that within just a few weeks I will officially launch my workshop series where everyone – bride, mother, sister, grandmother – are invited to learn the trade secrets of beautiful, every day makeup. Stay tuned for more information about my product line and my workshop series or visit www.CarminaCristina.com!

A special thank you to the other talented vendors who together helped make Stephanie and Scott’s wedding a beautiful memory:

Practice Makes Perfect: A Real Bride’s Trial Wedding Makeup Experience

July 15, 2012

stephanie bennis, carmina cristina, wedding makeup, brideThis month’s blog post comes from real bride, Stephanie who having never had her makeup professionally done before just recently completed her trial wedding makeup with Carmina Cristina. Stephanie shares her personal experience as well as some common misconceptions she had about professional makeup prior to working with Carmina. We can’t give away Stephanie’s final wedding day look just yet, but be sure to stay tuned after her August wedding for pictures of Stephanie’s dream look and Carmina’s artistic skills that helped her achieve this for her big day!


This August 4th I’m thrilled to be marrying my own Prince Charming. But between now and then, there’s a lot more to be done than just counting down the days until I walk down the aisle. As many other brides may relate, in the months and weeks leading up to my big day, there are countless details and to-do lists that need to be completed. Among those items, is determining how I want to look on my wedding day. It’s easy to simply say “I want to look beautiful” or “I want to be a blushing bride,” but in my own planning process I quickly realized that to achieve this end result, I would need to give my wedding day look a bit more consideration than just a verbal wish. The anticipation of a hot August wedding and an already hectic-enough day, I knew that a professional makeup artist was the only way I could achieve my dream look, have it last all day and take one stress off of my wedding day list.

My wedding trial makeup was the first time I ever had my makeup professionally done. Prior to this, I always thought what I could do on my own was good enough. And it is – for most days. But my wedding day isn’t going to be like “most days.” At least I hope not! So before my appointment with Carmina Cristina, I shared many misconceptions about trial makeup and professional makeup that I’m sure many other women out there share as well.

The Misconceptions:

 Professional wedding makeup is an unnecessary expense.

It’s natural to want to keep a tight budget and not waste money on things that your guests won’t ever notice. I’d put items like napkins, escort cards and monogrammed hand towels in the bathroom into this category—but not wedding makeup. You’re the focus of this day and not one single guest will walk away without seeing you. Moreover, you’ll have wedding photos that will forever remind you of what you looked like on your wedding day. The best part is that professional wedding makeup is a small expense in the grand scheme of your budget, but makes a huge difference where it matters most—on you!

Only I know what type of makeup looks best on me.

I thought this before too. I like how I do my makeup and even get compliments from time to time. I was afraid that someone else might make my eyes too dark or my lips to bright and not listen to my vision. Carmina proved all of this wrong. She first designed my look around the inspiration photos I brought to her, but went one step further and interpreted that look into what fits my face shape, skin color and eye shape the best. Not all makeup trends are for everyone, and in reality who can you trust more to tell you this than a professionally trained makeup artist?

I’m concerned I won’t look like myself if someone else does my makeup.

I think we’ve all seen examples of makeup that make someone look like a completely different person. Whether this is intentional like costume makeup or just too much product, this was never even close to being an issue for my wedding trial makeup. When I looked in the mirror, even after Carmina spent hours airbrushing my skin, shaping my eyes and contouring my cheeks, I still looked very much like me. A better version of me, yes, but Carmina kept my look very natural while highlighting my best features. Even my fiancé, a guy who much prefers me with no makeup at all, loved my look!

I don’t really need trial makeup, I’ll just explain what I want the day-of.

On your wedding day, so much else is going on that you can’t afford for your makeup to take longer than planned or in the worst case scenario for you to try one look you don’t like and then have to completely start over. This could throw off your entire day’s timeline or leave you with a look you don’t really love. The trial makeup is a critical day, just like trial hair. If you pick a day where you can take your time and try out a ton of different looks, you’ll be so much more excited (not nervous) for your wedding day makeup and this is one less stress you’ll have to worry about!

Isn’t trial makeup sort of a waste?

It’s easy to think that just because you’re not going to a fancy event or a night out with your friends right after your trial makeup that it’s a waste to take all this time and use all this product for something not many people will see. However, the point of trial makeup isn’t to be showcased, it’s main purpose is for you and the makeup artist, like Carmina, to design your look, become comfortable with it and be sure that your makeup wears well for hours with no allergic reactions. If you achieve these things alone, then trial makeup is well worth it! But if you really want more “bang for your buck” try scheduling your engagement photo shoot right after your trial makeup and you’ll have professional makeup for all of your special photos too!

My Experience:

I can summarize my trial wedding makeup experience into 3 words—relaxing, fun and educational. First, Carmina’s studio is a chic and organized space full of natural light which makes it easy to feel instantly relaxed. Unlike a busy hair salon with just a small section for professional makeup, all of Carmina’s studio is dedicated to her makeup. I was the only other person there with her and was given 100% of her attention. We first started looking at my inspiration photos and discussed what I specifically liked about each look. Carmina closely examined the shape of my face, eyes and brows to determine the best way to interpret the models’ makeup on to my own face. I knew I was in very knowledgeable and professional hands. She talked me through her exact ideas so I had a good understanding of what my final look would be like before she even began. If there was anything that sounded different than what I had envisioned, I had plenty of opportunity to clarify this with her.

Once we got started, Carmina and I talked the whole time and the process flew by! We really got to know each other and by Carmina gaining a better understanding of my personality and my wedding style, I could sense she was gaining a better understanding of how to make my makeup reflect who I really am. She gave me a ton of options, like eye shadow colors, fake eyelash styles and eyeliner techniques, to choose from but guided me with explanations as to what each would do for my look so I could best decide. She was also very willing to go back and try something new if I wasn’t quite sure. One of my favorite aspects about working with Carmina was that most of the products she used were from her own line, CARMINA-CRISTINA which gave me confidence I was getting the highest quality makeup that Carmina believes in enough to put her name on. When looking at my skin, she suggested I begin to use eye cream now until the wedding to hydrate the dry skin around my eyes. Without the trial, I wouldn’t have known I needed this and it would have made the makeup around my eyes dryer and more difficult to blend on the day of my wedding. This is one of the many benefits I found to doing a trial wedding makeup—and to working with Carmina.

In addition to being my first time having my makeup professionally done, it was also my first time having my makeup airbrushed. What a cool experience! It felt like the smallest breeze against my skin but created the most flawless skin I’ve even seen on myself. It was completely dry to the touch and looked the same 7 hours later as it did when it was first done. Heat, sweat and tears don’t stand a chance against this stuff – and that’s exactly what it will be up against the day of my wedding!

Carmina spent nearly two hours perfecting my look! I never once felt rushed and I left with a look I truly loved. The next morning Carmina and I chatted over email to confirm everything felt OK and wore the way I wanted it to. She was thorough and professional from start to finish—and we haven’t even gotten to the wedding day yet! I’m most pleased with the fact I know that my wedding day makeup will not be a stress for me at all. I’ll have the flawless, but natural look I wanted and be able to wear it with the confidence that it will last all day…no matter what type of heat and humidity Mother Nature throws at us on August 4th!