Carmina Cristina Products & Healing Acne

Hi. I’m Sage, and I have always struggled with my skin. I started getting acne in 8th grade and have had many ups and downs with it over the years. However, still at 21, my skin was not perfect, and I just had given up on who to turn to next and what products to try for the hundredth time. I tried every solution in the book, from the all-natural approach, to changing my diet, to using harsh products that a dermatologist prescribed, even to DIY remedies at home, but nothing worked. I talked to my dad and realized it was hereditary because he had bad skin as a teenager. He said his went away around when he was 21 so I figured the only solution I had left at that point was to wait.

A little background on my skin type … it is very difficult because it is sensitive and I have combination skin (which personally I think is the hardest to deal with). This makes it hard because if I use harsh products, my skin gets irritated and flakey and dry. Having combination skin is also really hard because it means that I still break out, yet my skin is super dry. A lot of products I use dehydrate my skin, then make me break out…. and the vicious cycle continues 🙁

Everyone – friends, cousins, co-workers, specialists – swore they know what to do to fix my skin, yet nothing was working.

So, I went to see a professional makeup artist for expert advice. Carmina told me my skin was very very dry and that could be a reason I keep breaking out. When the skin is overly dry, it tries to produce more oil to make up for the excessive dryness, which then also causes breakouts (see vicious cycle). She recommended several products based on my skin type, tone and undertone. The first product is an oil based cleanser from the RITUALS line. The beauty of this product is that it is gentle on the skin and not drying, yet gives a very deep clean. It won’t irritate or dry the skin and it removes makeup by breaking down the oils in the foundation. Second, she told me I needed to use her brightening cleansing water. This product is wonderful for people with acne because it gives the skin that extra cleansing it needs to remove any leftover residue from makeup, but also has licorice extract which is wonderful for the skin. Finally, she told me to use her tinted primer foundation. It has medium coverage and works wonderful to look natural, yet cover any imperfections on the face.

When she sent me home with all these products, I was excited, yet also skeptical because I had tried so many things over the years. However, I am very conscientious and loyal with my skin care because it means so much to me, so I did exactly what she said every day for two weeks. I really couldn’t believe, even after the first night of using these products, how much better my skin FELT. It felt hydrated and over the next few days, I could see my skin improving and looking more even and smooth. I wasn’t breaking out as much and I was more confident with my bare skin.

I am so thankful to Carmina Cristina for being so willing to help me improve my skin and for knowing what to do. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering with skin problems, from acne, rosacea, wrinkles, dryness to come and see Carmina. She will make you feel comfortable and lead you down the right path to finally feeling confident in your own skin!