Carmina Cristina applying makeup to a model

Commercial Makeup Artist Overview

In commercial film and photography, professional makeup artistry will save you and your employees’ valuable time and money. Rather than putting your efforts into airbrushing and digitally editing film, professionally applied makeup will create a flawless canvas ready for the big screen before the camera turns on! A true professional makeup artist is there for much more than a paycheck. They are there to create the most perfect piece of art to film and photograph; they are there because makeup is their passion and their life. When hiring a professional makeup artist for your next project, you want to be sure to choose someone who is knowledgeable in their field, who knows the difference between the appropriate makeup looks for each decade, who understands what type of makeup should be applied for each medium and who is open to listen to your direction and turn your vision into reality.

And this type of makeup artist is Carmina Cristina.

“I believe in quality makeup application, creativity and professionalism. Guided by these core values, I help turn a vision into a real life artistic expression that can be captured by TV, movies and commercial and fashion photography.”

With a decade of growth and success, Carmina-Cristina is an internationally trained makeup artist and a self-proclaimed perfectionist. In a profession where so often makeup artists are behind-the-scenes focusing on only one thing, Carmina’s versatility and wide range of skills make her a unique asset to your professional team. Carmina is a can-do, get-it-done type of person – always the first one on set and the last one to leave. She will impress you with her quality of work, ingenuity and professionalism. If you need to capture the most attractive qualities of a product or a person on film, you need Carmina.

Why You Should Work With Carmina Cristina

“Makeup is an art but it’s also a business and it should be treated as such. I consider both parts to be of equal importance. On-set presence and etiquette are as important to me as the makeup artistry and application.”

Located in Harrisburg and serving Lancaster, Camp Hill, Hershey and surrounding areas, Carmina Cristina brings to the table her impressive creative experience and expertise, a versatile set of skills, organization, fresh ideas, patience and understanding, professionalism and an uplifting positive energy that will set the tone for the entire project. In short, Carmina is someone you want to work with for so much more than just her unmatched makeup artistry talent. She is someone you want to work with for her professional presence and positive attitude as well.

Carmina has experience and expertise in the following fields:

  • Film, TV, Video and High Definition and the best makeup to use for each of these mediums
  • Theatrical makeup and special effects
  • Period and historical makeup (1920s to present)
  • Character makeup design: manipulating the age, genetics, lifestyle and health of a character

Carmina Cristina brings years of experience and a lifetime of natural talent to her work. She is a true professional in her makeup artistry skill as well as in her attitude and presence on-set. Contact Carmina today to receive a quote and take the guess work and stress out of your next commercial photo shoot or video production! (Links to 2 commercial portfolios: Tear-sheets and Photo-shoots, and other links)