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The Boutique Experience by Carmina Cristina

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Drop by to schedule a free beauty consultation with Carmina Cristina

Please visit our stylish and inviting Makeup Boutique on Market Street in the heart of Camp Hill, PA. You will be greeted by our friendly boutique manager Carmina, who will offer you refreshments and cheerfully attend to all your needs.

The atmosphere is intimate and relaxing, with background music and aromas that soothe all your senses. You will have a chance to see all Carmina-Cristina cosmetics displayed on shelves, along side products from several other

prestigious brands such as Rituals and Matis-Paris. Anne will help you test and purchase products you may be interested in, as well
as schedule a free no-obligation beauty consultation with Carmina.

Inside the Carmina Cristina Makeup Boutique

Boutique Services



My goal is to make modern makeup accessible to every woman



Think of your facial as an oasis of unhurried relaxation, a moment in time to totally dedicate to yourself.



It is Carmina’s passion to inspire and educate the beauty artist in you.





“I would like to personally

welcome you to the VIP

Beauty Club! Now you

can enjoy on a regular

basis all the benefits

we offer, starting from

Signature Facials and

personalized Makeovers

to educational events

and specially-priced

cosmetics and skin

care products.”

Try out Carmina-Cristina Signature line of makeup products first-hand


Wedding Bride with Professional Makeup

Carmina-Cristina Exfoliating Papaya Scrub

Carmina-Cristina Concealer

Carmina-Cristina Shadow Base


Carmina Cristina brand was created to provide women with access to sophisticated and high quality products. Every product reflects our commitment to superior quality, exceptional value, and personal passion for makeup. It is our desire to help all women discover their PERSONAL BRAND OF BEAUTY and educate them on how to show it off to the world.

Our Brands

Matis Makeup Collection


A Beauty Expert with a particularly innovative “MADE IN FRANCE” know-how


Rituals Makeup Collection


Rituals helps you slow down, to find happiness in the smallest of things. It is our passion to turn everyday routines into more meaningful rituals.

Christine Valmy Makeup Collection


Christine Valmy products are designed to work from within, creating the balance that skin needs to function at its best.

Spa Facials


Experiencing the calming touch of expert fingers

The Boutique Experience by Carmina Cristina

Do you want being pampered, feeling relaxed and refreshed?

Would you like to show up in the world with a glowing, youthful and healthy complexion?

Do you wish to become one of the few women belonging to Carmina-Cristina’s private clientele or VIP Beauty Club members?

Then schedule a Signature Vitamin C Treatment facial with Carmina now!

Carmina-Cristina spa services are known for their excellence in delivery, attention to details and high-quality materials.

The atmosphere is warm, soothing and non-pretentious where clients are being treated as family. Refreshments and beverages are included.

Facials are designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and provide an improved look, feel and health of the face. (link to benefits) A typical introductory facial begins with an examination of the skin followed by cleanse, exfoliate, massage, application of the mask, and finally the eyes and lip treatment. Massage includes face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Duration is about 45 minutes. Other facials treatments may take longer.


Major benefits of facial treatments include: unclogging the pores and removal of impurities, detoxification of the skin for better blood, circulation relaxation of tension in the face and head, reduction of headaches stimulation of the natural process of cell renewal reduction of fine lines, age spots and blemishes deep hydration of the skin for a youthful, rejuvenated look in your face.


After your facial, why not schedule a personalized makeover designed to make you look your best for that special occasion tonight?

After consult, cleanse and moisturize, Carmina will apply eye cream, primer, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner, lip color, contouring and highlighting powders, and blush.

The personalized makeover takes about one hour and costs $145 (included for VIP club members)

Add ons: lashes $25, a la carte lashes $65, airbrushing $25


$145 (included for VIP club members)
Introductory basic facial using delightful citrus Vitamin C. Complemented by decadent Macris chocolate covered orange peels.


$145 (included for VIP Club members)
Infused with 24k gold particles and targeted botanicals. Easy customizable for each skin type. Served with your bubbly choice.


$165 ($20 extra for VIP Club members)
To correct the first signs of aging using products with hyaluronic serum creating a hydrating and plumping effect.


$165 ($20 extra for VIP Club members)
To prevent aging and preserve young looking skin with two active ingredients: purple orchid extract to calm and correct skin, and cranberry extract as antioxidant.


$175 ($30 extra for VIP Club members)
A luxurious facial for repairing the skin, with four active ingredients: Caviar, Vitamin A / Retinol, Rose Essential Wax, and Marine Collagen.


$185 ($40 extra for VIP Club members)
This facial uses Asea RenuAdvance Skin Care products that are infused with powerful redox signaling molecules.
An ultra-concentrated anti-aging skin therapy designed to revitalize and support natural skin renewal.

Education, Seminars, and Workshops


Carmina applying wedding makeup to a seminar student

Every day, millions of women of various cultures, races, ages and lifestyles apply makeup. But how many of these women have received training to know what techniques and products will enhance their natural beauty?As as an experienced professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician, Carmina- Cristina provides much more than makeup application; it is her passion to inspire and educate the beauty artist in you.

My goal is to make modern makeup accessible to every woman. Whether you like a natural or totally intense look, I will teach you how to enhance your best features, feel confident in your appearance and achieve flawless makeup for any occasion.