The Boutique Experience by Carmina Cristina

More about our Boutique Experience

Visit the boutique for a personalized, holisitc beauty experience.

Ready for a personalized beauty consultation? Make an appointment with Carmina at her stylish and inviting Makeup Boutique in the heart of Camp Hill, PA. Carmina will be ready to serve you and offer her expert advise on how you can reveal your unique inner beauty.

At the boutique, you can browse the complete Carmina Cristina makeup produce line, along with other featured brands like Matis Paris, Rituals, and Christine Valmy skincare products. Schedule a free beauty consultation today!

Boutique Services


Carmina’s goal is to make modern makeup accessible to every woman.


Think of your facial as an oasis of unhurried relaxation, a moment in time to totally dedicate to yourself.


It is Carmina’s passion to inspire and educate the beauty artist in you.

VIP Beauty Club

You’re invited to join the Carmina Cristina Makeup VIP Beauty Club! As a member, you get access to exclusive benefits, starting from Signature Facials and Personalized Makeovers to educational workshops and specially-priced high-quality cosmetics and skin care products.

The idea of inspiring women to discover and preserve their unique beauty has been a dream of Carmina’s for many years. And now, with your support and participation, the VIP Beauty Club has become a reality. In return, Carmina makes it her commitment to you to design and implement a distinct beauty enhancement and rejuvenation program tailored to your specific needs.

Experience the Carmina-Cristina Signature product line

The Carmina Cristina brand was created to provide women with access to sophisticated and high-quality products. Every product reflects our commitment to superior quality, exceptional value, and personal passion for makeup. It is our desire to help all women discover their PERSONAL BRAND OF BEAUTY and educate them on how to show it off to the world.

Our Brands

The Carmina Cristina Boutique carries a unique line of luxury skincare products that will make you look and feel beautiful. These skincare brands specialize in anti-aging, hydrating, and balancing properties to keep your skin looking youthful, smooth, and glowing.


MATIS PARIS embodies the art of French skincare. MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, emphasizing the most potent active ingredients as well as the most precious. Combined with Carmina’s expert technique, they provide the most receptive treatment conditions, for visible, lasting results that make skin radiant, smooth, and more resistant to signs of aging. 



Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, Rituals is an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for home and body. Carmina will match you with the Rituals body care products that fits your needs.

Rituals helps you slow down, to find happiness in the smallest of things. It is our passion to turn everyday routines into more meaningful rituals.


Christine Valmy products are designed to work from within, creating the balance that skin needs to function at its best. These products explore the best combinations of natural ingredients to correct skin conditions and drive immediate, long-term results by combining ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions with 21st-century scientific techniques.


Matis is a comprehensive, elegant & professional skincare brand with a strong Parisian heritage and international appeal. Matis was started by “Eugene Mavromati” an expert in cosmetic formulations that left l’Oreal Group to create his own laboratory dedicated to professional production. He was the first to put hyaluronic acid in products in the early 50’s.

Matis is a pioneer in Anti-Aging with over 80 years experience, that was created around 3 Beauty Principles: SKIN, SCIENCE & SENSES. Matis is a complete plant-based skincare line with wonderful facial and body products of exceptional quality. Its uniqueness is partly due to the fact that it only uses the very best of plant extract, vegetable oils, aromatherapy, algae and vitamins. The products are based on advanced plant technology, and Matis laboratory is among the best in the world.

Plant technology is the most forward thinking concept of all cosmetic ingredients. It’s the process where plant substances go through advanced lab processes in order to derive even more active ingredients from the plant, while preserving its natural properties. By recreating identical substances naturally found in the skin, the products are both gentle and effective, while minimizing the risk of allergic reaction.


Spa Facials

Do you love being pampered and feeling relaxed and refreshed? Would you like to show up in the world with a glowing, youthful, and healthy complexion? Experience the calming touch of expert fingers through one of the Carmina-Cristina spa services. Carmina’s facials are known for their excellence in delivery, attention to detail, and high-quality materials. Refreshments and beverages are included.

Facials are designed to thoroughly cleanse and improve the appearance of skin. A typical facial begins with an examination of the skin followed by cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, applying the mask, and finally the eyes and lip treatment. Massage includes face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. The duration is about 45 minutes. Other facials treatments may take longer.

BENEFITS OF FACIAL TREATMENTS: Major benefits of facial treatments include: unclogging the pores and removal of impurities, detoxification of the skin for better blood, circulation relaxation of tension in the face and head, reduction of headaches stimulation of the natural process of cell renewal reduction of fine lines, age spots and blemishes deep hydration of the skin for a youthful, rejuvenated look in your face.

PERSONALIZED MAKEOVERS: After your facial, why not schedule a personalized makeover designed to make you look your best for that special occasion tonight? After the facial, Carmina will provide a complete makeup look. The personalized makeover takes about one hour and costs $145 (included for some VIP club members). Add ons: lashes $25, a la carte lashes $65, airbrushing $25.

Education, Seminars & Workshops

Every day, millions of women of various cultures, races, ages and lifestyles apply makeup. But how many of these women have received training to know what techniques and products will enhance their natural beauty?As as an experienced professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician, Carmina- Cristina provides much more than makeup application; it is her passion to inspire and educate the beauty artist in you.

Her goal is to make modern makeup accessible to every woman. Whether you like a natural or totally intense look, Carmina will teach you how to enhance your best features, feel confident in your appearance and achieve flawless makeup for any occasion.