For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.


Over 15 years experience

Worked with top A-list celebrities and brands


Carmina-Cristina shares her over a decade of experience as a makeup artist with her clients across Central Pennsylvania. With training from the United States, Canada and Romania, Carmina brings a unique world-view to her work as a makeup artist.

Carmina has worked in the makeup industry worldwide, from working backstage for fashion shows to leading film and TV production sets. Carmina’s experience in a variety of fields on the global scene provides her with a unique understanding of makeup artistry and a current pulse on emerging trends and techniques.

Carmina is artistry in motion! She is a complete professional and exquisitely talented as well! Carmina is a breath of fresh air and a peaceful influence with Brides! I have worked with Carmina since my 1st wedding and look forward to many future collaborations!

Susan Moran
That’s It! Wedding Concepts

Carmina-Cristina is so great to work with. She is hands down the best makeup artist we have ever seen, and her personality is exactly what you want in a professional. Makeup is such a personal thing, and your wedding day can be stressful. Starting your day off with Carmina-Cristina sets the pace for a flawless wedding day, and you’ll be blown away when you look in the mirror.

Deep Focus Pictures

Carmina is an absolute artist! She has a natural ability to flawlessly enrich any vision. I personally witnessed her artistic talent at the Harrisburg Magazine’s 2011 Simply the Best Gala where she showcased her proficiency in enhancing natural beauty. She just has that perfect punch of finesse. With professional training on an international level, our team at the JDK Group trusts Carmina to deliver her unique makeup artistry expertise to our clients without a worry. She never fails to exceed our expectations!

Steve Sanchez
The JDK Group

During Carmina Cristina’s service with us, I admired her for many valuable qualities and regarded her with evermore respect. Very much a team player, Carmina was always punctual, yet easygoing. She was keenly devoted to her work but being a real people person, she was also enjoyable to be around. Carmina demonstrated from early in her tenure that she understood what business is all about. She was well organized. Almost without exception, she put the customer first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as she was, efficient by nature.


Alexandru Rabanca
Cosmétiques de France

I first worked with Carmina as an actor. It was a fast-moving set with a lot of actors and Carmina effortlessly met her deadlines for each actor and got everyone to set on time. I was very impressed. I also work as an independent producer/director and I realized the value of someone with her skills and calm demeanor under pressure. I was fortunate to be able to book Carmina for my next project. The shoot required that our lead actor have an overgrown bushy beard that almost reached his chest. Carmina took on this challenge with the same calm ease that impressed me on our initial meeting. On the day of the shoot, we were running behind due to inclement weather. Carmina helped us make up that time by applying the beard and make-up effects in even less time than we had allotted. I have worked with a variety of make-up artists but Carmina is by far one of the most talented and dependable professionals I’ve met.

Erik Soulliard
Annubis Productions

Carmina completed her work timely, creatively and professionally; always on time and available on set to freshen up the talent. Sets are always a tough venue, and generally result in a lot of stress in various departments, but Carmina executed these situations with a pleasant sense of humor, candor, and always with a positive outlook.

All the actors and crew that worked with her admired her involvement and her commitment to this project.

Cristian Vargalui
La Dolce Vita Productions