“I specialize in providing every single one of my guests with a personalized beauty recipe of success for themselves. I believe everyone holds a unique beauty and I will give you my expertise and knowhow of how to maximize your best assets.” – Carmina Cristina

It is often said that some of life’s best gifts aren’t about the physical object or present that is being given, but the thought behind it and the experience that it will provide. To give from the heart means to put care, time, and love into your gift, to consider the lasting impact on the person you’re giving to. Giving from the heart is to give an experience, a happy memory.

We may want to get caught up in the convenience of online shopping, or we may get enamored with constant deals filling our inbox encouraging us to shop often, but the truth is that things that are convenient are not necessarily better. Would you rather shop sales to save a few dollars, or spend some time thoughtfully considering each item you purchase, understanding its purpose and knowing it’s customized to you and your needs?

This Holiday season, I ask you to consider the art of thoughtful gift-giving. Think about the experiences you’re giving. Think about the longevity of your gifts, and choose something that will create happy memories for years to come.

Here are a few heartfelt experiences Carmina Cristina Makeup can provide that make a perfect gift for you or loved ones:

  • Gift certificate for beauty consultation – to teach you a beauty routine customized for your skin and unique beauty, with tools and tips you can use every day
  • Gift certificate for a facial or spa treatment – for a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin soft and rejuvenated
  • Rituals luxury gift sets – a luxurious gift without paying for luxury prices, choose from a variety of luxury gift sets for the perfect gift that fits your unique needs