Carmina was responsible for preparing a total of 9 actors and actresses each day with the appropriate make-up applications and beauty styling needs for each particular scene being filmed. Her challenge was to be on-call for consecutive periods ranging 8-12 hours each day, and to create each character as instructed by the director. Carmina completed her work timely, creatively and professionally; always on time and available on set to freshen up the talent. Sets are always a tough venue, and generally result in a lot of stress in various departments, but Carmina executed these situations with a pleasant sense of humor, candor, and always with a positive outlook. All the actors and crew that worked with her admired her involvement and her commitment to this project.

— Cristian Vargalui, Executive Producer, La Dolce Vita Productions


During Carmina Cristina’s service with us I admired her for many valuable qualities, and regarded her with evermore respect. Very much a team player, Carmina was always punctual, yet easygoing. She was keenly devoted to her work, but being a real people person, she was also enjoyable to be around.

Carmina demonstrated from early in her tenure that she understood what business is all about. She was well organised. Almost without exception, she put the customer first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as she was, efficient by nature.

— Alexandru Rabanca, General Manager, Cosmetiques de France


As a producer, you plan and prepare as much as possible prior to shoot day. You are responsible to make sure everything gets captured that needs to, in the way that it is supposed to. Part of the pressure is making sure you have built the right team that will help you deliver what the client is expecting – both in final product and in the experience getting there. Carmina is one of those rare talents that will help you exceed those expectations, every time. She invests herself in each project. She takes the time to understand your expectations and her role. Her presence on-set demonstrates a well-balanced mix of being reactive and proactive. She cares about what is in each frame without over-stepping her boundaries. She’s willing to adapt her working style to accommodate yours. And she somehow comforts and empowers each person who sits in her chair, setting them at ease and making them ready to step out in front of the camera and take charge – something I recently got to experience firsthand. But of course, none of this would be relevant if it wasn’t coupled with incredible skills in her craft, of which she delivers on brilliantly.

— Dean Sell, Producer, 
JPL Creative


I first worked with Carmina as an actor. It was a fast moving set with a lot of actors and Carmina effortlessly met her deadlines for each actor and got everyone to set on time. I was very impressed. I also work as an independent producer/director and I realized the value of someone with her skills and calm demeanor under pressure. I was fortunate to be able to book Carmina for my next project. The shoot required that our lead actor have an overgrown bushy beard that almost reached his chest. Carmina took on this challenge with the same calm ease that impressed me on our initial meeting. On the day of the shoot we were running behind due to inclement weather. Carmina helped us make up that time by applying the beard and make-up effects in even less time than we had allotted. I have worked with a variety of make-up artists but Carmina is by far one of the most talented and dependable professionals I’ve met.

— Erik Soulliard, Annubis Productions


I wanted to have an understanding about What is unique about Carmina-Cristina, as your MAKEUP ARTIST?

You’re a classy gal, spirited personality, you listen to my needs, you represent me and my company well.

Please let me know if they are any areas that you think, if I would have done things different, would added more value to your client satisfaction?

Not really.

What is the key reason that you, as a business owner/producer, considered working with a MUA for some of your commercial projects?

It makes my product better and makes my client feel oh so important.

What are the benefits of having a professional MUA for your client “on camera days”?

Most clients, especially men, have not had the privilege of being made up by a professional. They are astounded what a dramatic difference it makes in the image quality. And typically once they get that attention and doting, they are on a whole new plane with their ego – in a good way. It’s one more step to make them feel like a king.

— Steve Kownacki, Executive Producer, Final Focus Productions


Carmina is a very talented make-up artists and a wonderful person to be around. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a detailed, kind and creative professional.

I have worked with Carmina on two projects and hope to work with her again in the future. The first project we worked on was for the International Make-Up Show competition where she proceeded to create a stunning avant-garde look, incorporating various impressive make-up techniques and even some beautiful gemstones. The second project we worked on was a creative venetian mask project, where she transformed my modern look into a beautiful mask fit for both a hot fashion runway and a theatrical play.

I would definitely recommend Carmina’s many talents to others. She is extremely skilled, well-trained, professional and her workstation is always immaculately clean and organized. As well, her fun personality makes her pleasure to work with!

— Ada Adams, Canadian TOP MODEL and Actress