Makeup Lessons Testimonials

Carmina’s beauty seminars are awesome. I learned that I can make myself look beautiful even though I’m not exactly model material. The most I ever used in the past were mascara and lipstick. Now I really enjoy using make-up the way that Carmina taught me. What better way to find the new you than with a professional make-up artist who is as talented as Carmina.

— Patricia Bennett

I thoroughly enjoyed your recent seminar. It was a perfect blend of expert instruction with an opportunity to practice the techniques you demonstrated for us. This type of workshop helps you fully understand the nuances of makeup application – the pressure you use to apply with your brush, how you place the makeup versus wipe it on, and more!

I also learned how a difference in brushes can mean a big difference in the finish of your makeup. When I returned home and used some of my old brushes, they did not produce the same results. The brushes that were provided during the seminar were superior quality. The texture and density in the hair of your brushes picked up the makeup products and presented a more even, polished look. So, I returned to see Carmina for a few additions to my brush collection.

The makeup products that you offer are fabulous! With your assistance in color selection, I know I won’t end up with a drawer full of products that won’t compliment my skin and coloring. I love your Primer and once I used your products, I realized that my former product didn’t compare. They did not provide the same coverage or finished look. Since attending the seminar, people commented that I looked so fresh, refreshed, and my skin looked great. But nothing was different with my skin care regime, it was my change in makeup and application.

I would recommend Carmina’s seminars and products. A great learning experience, excellent products and tools, and Carmina is a genuinely passionate coach who wants each attendee to be delighted with their results. I look forward to attending future events!

— Deb Royer

Carmina gave an one day makeover workshop for consultants in my sales force. Her teaching skills and the easy interaction with the audience was second to none, she is simple, explains each step clearly and has the best rapport with the audience. Carmina’s work was instrumental for consultants in my unit. They not only completely understood simple ways they could enhance their customers’ look but also how they can grow their portfolio.

Carmina’s expertise not only makes our makeover appointments better but also helped consultants increase our sales.

— Cristina Carper, Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay

Some time ago, Outlooks for Hair engaged Carmina-Cristina to prepare and conduct a seminar with our staff on makeup techniques. The seminar was a definite success!!!

All my five stylist staff participated and rated the seminar as very useful.
The main benefit of the seminar was the acquisition of basic knowledge and advanced techniques of bridal and artistic makeup.

To conclude, our experience with the seminar offered by Carmina-Cristina was very pleasant and we highly recommend her services.

— Janice, Manager, Outlooks For Hair

Comments made by Mary Kay consultants at the end of the Bridal Makeup Seminar,

held in Philadelphia.


  • Authentic, loves profession and wants to share
  • You did a Great job!!! It was very informative and I learned a lot
  • Amazing job in explaining first and then hands on
  • You are FABULOUS, thoroughly enjoyed it