As a producer, you plan and prepare as much as possible prior to shoot day. You are responsible to make sure everything gets captured that needs to, in the way that it is supposed to. Part of the pressure is making sure you have built the right team that will help you deliver what the client is expecting- both in the final product and in the experience getting there. Carmina is one of those rare talents that will help you exceed those expectations every time. She invests herself in each project. She takes the time to understand your expectations and her role. Her presence on-set demonstrates a well-balanced mix of being reactive and proactive. She cares about what is in each frame without overstepping her boundaries. She’s willing to adapt her working style to accommodate yours. And she somehow comforts and empowers each person who sits in her chair, setting them at ease and making them ready to step out in front of the camera and take charge – something I recently got to experience firsthand. But of course, none of this would be relevant if it wasn’t coupled with incredible skills in her craft, of which she delivers brilliantly.