I first worked with Carmina as an actor. It was a fast-moving set with a lot of actors and Carmina effortlessly met her deadlines for each actor and got everyone to set on time. I was very impressed. I also work as an independent producer/director and I realized the value of someone with her skills and calm demeanor under pressure. I was fortunate to be able to book Carmina for my next project. The shoot required that our lead actor have an overgrown bushy beard that almost reached his chest. Carmina took on this challenge with the same calm ease that impressed me on our initial meeting. On the day of the shoot, we were running behind due to inclement weather. Carmina helped us make up that time by applying the beard and make-up effects in even less time than we had allotted. I have worked with a variety of make-up artists but Carmina is by far one of the most talented and dependable professionals I’ve met.