In my years of working with women of all ages and nationalities, I’ve learned a great deal about the common skin and makeup struggles they all seem to face. I’m sure you can think of a few off the top of your head right now. These are those pesky skin problems and makeup concerns that so many women are too shy or embarrassed to ask about or seek a solution for.

In developing my 2013 signature seminar series “Revealing Beauty,” I kept in close mind these common problems and used them as inspiration. This series is unique in that each seminar is specifically tailored toward addressing one of these skin or makeup concerns so that they are ultra tailored to what you’re most interested in learning. Instead of a broad or basic makeup education, I will give you the best information that fits your exact needs.

These seminars will be held all across Central Pennsylvania – in Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Hershey to accommodate you and your friends. No matter where you’re located, there will be a seminar not too far away! And just as they cover an extremely focused topic, the length of the seminar itself is also condensed to make the most of your time, covering everything you need to know in just 1 to 1.5 hours. Finally the cost, which will range from $35-$55, is fully redeemable in CARMINA-CRISTINA signature products to help you put what you’ve learned to immediate use.

For every lady – from early teens to 85+ – there is a seminar topic tailored to the problems you’re most likely facing. To get started, ask yourself this: What do you most desire for your look? Is it…

1. A Face Lift in 10 Minutes?

The problem(s): dry skin, creases around mouth and large pores

In this seminar you’ll learn: How the right skin care regime can create the same drastic affects of a face lift – but in far less time and without the use of any needles or knives. With quality products used together properly, you can achieve an all-natural, healthy and youthful looking glow. The essential products you’ll get to try include: Vitamin C Peel, Nanoestique, Vitamin C –Eye Treatment and Vitamin C & E –Lip Treatment.

2. Even Looking Skin Tone in 2 Minutes?

The problem(s): age spots, dark circles or bags under the eye, fine lines around the mouth, large pores, occasional blemishes, redness, broken capillaries, wrinkles, scars, sensitive skin or oily skin, looking too made-up, uneven skin tone and preventing running makeup

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to conceal under-eye darkness, how to keep your skin hydrated with the perfect skin primer, how to create perfect looking skin with the minimum amount of product, how to choose and use the perfect concealer brush, foundation brush and powder brush for your skin.

York makeup classes about beauty seminar

3. To Slim Your Face with the Proper Contouring Technique?

The problem(s): Slim nose and contouring

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to pick the right shades of powders to accent your coloring and how to use the appropriate brush shape to highlight and downplay features on your face. These techniques can completely change the shape of your face to use for special occasions or an everyday look.

Hershey makeup lesson seminar how to find the right eyeshadow color for your eyes

4. Natural Looking Brows?

The problem(s): thinning eyebrows, using an eye-brow pencil

In this seminar you’ll learn: The classic brow shapes and shaping techniques, how to use the right tools to maintain these looks and the secrets to fool-proof trimming and brushing up. The right brow shape is a powerful way to accent your best features – without the use of any makeup at all!

Lancaster makeup lesson seminar how to get a perfect arch for your eyebrows

5. 3D Lips?

The problem(s): finding lipstick colors specific to day or night

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to pick the perfect lip liner, lip color and lip gloss to accent your complexion and compliment your style, how to shape your lips and the best products for long stay lip color and lip correction. With these techniques, we promise when you speak everyone’s ears – and eyes – will be on your lips!

Harrisburg makeup lesson seminar how to design a perfect lip

6. An Eye Lift Without Surgery?

The problem(s): fine lines, droopy eye lids, always looking tired, applying eye shadow or eye liner, finding color that will best compliment your eyes, learning how to wear makeup for the first time but still look natural and the right shades to compliment but not overpower light complexions

In this seminar you’ll learn: the most effective makeup techniques to use to give yourself the look of an instant eye lift and which shades of eye shadow will look most natural on your complexion to achieve this desired look.

7. Smoky Eye?

The problem(s): creating a dramatic eye makeup that will not bleed after one hour and making a real smoky eye

In this seminar you’ll learn: how to adapt your makeup to your exact eye-shape, how to make your eye makeup last longer and how to pick the right shade of blush to accent these dramatic eyes without overpowering your look.

Hershey makeup lesson seminar

More information, including the exact 2013 CARMINA-CRISTINA “Revealing Beauty” seminar schedule will soon be announced. Check for regular updates or email for information anytime!

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