At the beginning of 2014, I gave you a list of New Year Beauty Resolutions as a guide for feeling more beautiful throughout the entire New Year. Now, with the start of another New Year, I wanted to again provide you with some beauty wisdom that will help you make 2015 your most beautiful year yet!

Rather than another list of resolutions or telling you about products you shouldn’t be using, I instead compiled a concise list of the top 10 products you should have in your makeup bag right now. It wasn’t an easy task narrowing it down to 10, but what we ended up with was a list of the absolute core essential products that are a smart investment in your health and beauty routine and ones that will do double (or triple) duty to give you the most bang for your buck.

So join me as I describe – in no particular order – the 10 products I highly recommend keeping in your makeup bag throughout the next 12 months and beyond!

  1. Brightening Cleansing Water

No matter what your plans are for the rest of the day, whether you’re simply headed to the gym or to a black tie gala, this Brightening Cleansing Water is the product you should always begin (and end) your beauty routine with. It removes makeup and surface impurities, leaving skin clean and hydrated. Best of all, it’s impossible to mess up! To use, saturate a cotton pad and apply evenly to a clean face; no rinsing required!


  1. Vitamin C Eye Treatment

Next, you need to focus on nourishing the delicate skin around your eyes. Now is always the best time to start a healthy skincare routine – whether you’re 21 or 81. While there are countless products on the market, this specially formulated eye treatment truly does it all in one small, but mighty tube. It builds underlying collagen tissue, firms skin, moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin, naturally lightens and brightens dark circles and offers antioxidant protection!



  1. Vitamin C and E Lip Treatment

After your eyes, you want to have a product that also nourishes your lips. What’s worse than dry, cracked lips that are as hard to look at as they are hard to apply lip color to! This intensive-healing antioxidant balm helps repair dry, chapped, aging lips. Vitamin C retexturizes and smoothes fine lines, while a core of Vitamin E brings extra nourishment.


  1. Tinted Primer with SPF 20

With a clean face and nourishes eyes and lips, you’re now ready to even out your skin tone. Instead of using several different products to moisturize, protect and even out blotches and blemishes, I highly recommend this one product that does it all. This undetectable, light, creamy fluid tinted primer smoothes skin, evens tone and warms the complexion with a subtle radiance. It is enriched with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and age-defying Ceramides to help improve skin hydration and overall skin integrity. Additionally, the oil-free formula helps minimize the appearance of large pores, and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.


  1. Brow Pen

Your eyebrows play an important role framing your face and adding structure and balance. So often, women neglect their brows for fear that filling them in will look unnatural. My response is that you just haven’t found the right product yet…until now!

The SuperWear Brow Definer’s precision, felt-tip pen defines and fills-in brows for hours of indelible wear. It’s designed for expert control and easy application so that your brows will never look “painted on.” The quick-dry formula sets instantly, and won’t smudge or stray, as it delivers a lasting, natural finish and professional makeup artist results.


  1. Brow Set Gel

Once you’ve created the perfect brow, you want to keep everything in its place. This brow set gel is an often overlooked makeup must-have because it’s meant to go undetected. The clear, brush-on gel sets quickly to sculpt brows, for easy, error-free contouring. Most importantly, it’s flake and feather resistant so you can be confident that your brows will look perfect from morning to night even when you can’t see them.


  1. NEW: Luxury Mascara

By now, you have likely tried and experienced the profound power of a quality mascara. It can take your eyelashes from non-existent to supermodel status in mere seconds. I highly recommend investing in a quality mascara that gives you clump-free length and definition. The CARMINA-CRISTINA Luxury Mascara is new to the product line and offers a unique curved brush shape that targets even the finest lashes in the corners of your eyes so that your eyes look wider and brighter.

  1. NEW: Eye Shadow Base

Using an eye shadow base is especially important for aging skin that color can set into. A good quality eye shadow base creates a protective layer and prevents the natural oils of your lids from affecting the pigment and placement of your eye shadow product. Using an eye shadow base ensures smooth, even color that will look great now and hours from now.

Want to try out the newest CARMINA-CRISTINA makeup products first-hand? Visit our Makeup Boutique in the heart of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania where you will benefit from one-on-one advice from Carmina herself. With her expert help, you will learn how to maximize your results from the products, giving you an immediate return on your investment. Carmina also regularly holds workshops and seminars in her beautiful, naturally-lit boutique. Visit for her upcoming class schedule!

Inside the Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill.
Inside the Carmina-Cristina Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill.
With Carmina's personalized attention and expert advice, you'll be sure to leave with the perfect products to fit your look!
With Carmina’s personalized attention and expert advice, you’ll be sure to leave with the perfect products to fit your look!
A happy (and beautiful) customer after a consultation and mini-makeover courtesy of Carmina Cristina!
A happy (and beautiful) customer after a consultation and mini-makeover courtesy of Carmina Cristina!
  1. NEW: Neutral Eye Shadow Trio

Once you’ve primed your lids with the eye shadow base, you’re ready to contour and highlight your eye with shadow. While I do love color, for the purpose of this top 10 list, I recommend having a simple eye shadow trio which includes three different neutral shades that complement your skin tone. These are colors you can wear every day, with any outfit and for any occasion. They offer extreme versatility and can even be made to look different depending upon how you apply the colors.

  1. Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of collecting far too many lip colors we don’t like and will never use. If I can recommend just one lip gloss to keep in your makeup bag this year, it’s the Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss in a neutral color. What makes this product special is that it is infused with real diamond dust! This allows it to instantly fill in fine lines (with collagen micro-spheres), giving a long lasting plumping effect and reducing wrinkles (with ceramide peptides). And unlike those uncomfortable, drying lip sticks, this gloss hydrates lips with water-attracting skin plumpers.

plumping lip gloss in nude

BONUS TIP! 5 Makeup Must-Haves On the Go!

As an added bonus to this expert advice, I also wanted to give you my list of the top 5 makeup products you need to have in your retouching kit on the go. Here they are!

  1. Lip Gloss/Lip Stick – Whatever you applied on your lips before leaving the house, take it with you on the go! You will surely be due to a touch up after food and drink or just after several hours of wear.
  2. Lip Liner – While packing your lip gloss, be sure and throw your matching lip liner in your bag as well. Redefining your lines will really help to keep your lips looking fresh all day long.
  3. Blotting Powder – Sun, rain, snow, heat, humidity, stress and simply enough hours of wear will cause your skin to get moist and oily. This invisible blotting powder allows you to quickly absorb the excess oil while keeping your makeup intact and looking fresh.
  4. Black Eye Liner – When applying black eyeliner, especially to the waterline on your eyes, you can expect that this will need retouched every so many hours. If you’re planning to be at an event where weather or tears may play an added role, you’ll definitely want your black liner on hand to refresh your eye makeup throughout the day.
  5. Powder – Finally, a fresh coat of powder can do wonders for refreshing your look. It combats shine and can help reduce the look of redness and blemishes that may have chosen to appear throughout the day.

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