One of the hardest parts of my job is having to tell a bride that unfortunately her wedding day is already book and I cannot do her makeup for this special moment in her life. I wish I could be a multiple places at once and accommodate all of my brides, but this is simply not possible.


I want to help direct these brides to another quality and professional makeup artist that will take care them, which is why I’ve become experienced with helping people find a makeup artist they will love – even when it can’t be me.


If you’re looking for a makeup artist that will make you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable on your big day, start with these 7 tips to ensure you’re matched with the right talent!


1. Check the credentials

When first evaluating a potential makeup artist, check their resume! Ask about their education and qualifications. Where did they go to school? Are they properly licensed? It’s important to note that a cosmetology or aesthetics license does not necessarily indicate that the artist has received education in advanced makeup techniques. Look for a makeup artist that has experience beyond the bare minimum required. This shows passion and dedication.


2. Read online reviews

Websites like and are excellent ways to find available makeup artists in your area. They also often include online reviews from past clients who can share a testimonial about their personal experience working with this vendor. Take into account not only what a review says, but how many there are and if they seem genuine and honest.


3. Find a fit for your personality

You definitely want to take special care to find a makeup artist that fits your personality and shares your vision. Some artists prefer a particular style of makeup or specialize in certain ethnicities. You want to choose someone who “gets” you and will create a look that reflects your personality.


4. Meet them in person

There is only so much you can learn by reading online interviews and talking to some via email or phone calls. If possible, meet your makeup artist in person before you make a final decision. Take note of how they do their own makeup, their personal style and their nonverbal cues. This will help you with step #3 – picking an artist who fits your personality.


5. Examine their “tools”

When meeting your potential makeup artist in person, ask to see their makeup kit. Look at the brushes. Are they clean or full of powder? Do they appear new or worn? Do they have a large selection of tools and products to design a custom look? This is a good indicator of the quality and attention to detail you can expect to get from your own experience with them.


6. Learn their process

Next, ask about how the entire process works and how they will remember your look on your special day. Do they create a profile for you and take notes on what you want? Also ask how much time they require per person (for your bridal party) and confirm that this fits your time-line for your wedding day.


7. Have a trial before booking

It’s fair and reasonable for a makeup artist to require a trial for your wedding day. You should want one as well! This is an opportunity to evaluate their work and make any changes well in advance. It’s also the best way to see if your personalities work well together and to check the quality of their work. Ask to pay for the trial separately before booking so that you are not committed to working with them if you should have the gut feeling that it is the wrong choice.


Finally and most importantly, even when I cannot be with a bride on her wedding day, I can offer advice, quality products and customized makeup lessons to help her look their best! The CARMINA-CRISTINA signature line of makeup and skincare products is designed to give women access to top quality products at an affordable price.


Along with these products, brides will receive my personal expertise on how to use them to create the look they envision. Finally, I provide seminars, workshops and one-on-one makeup tutorials to teach you how to create your very own wedding look. Best of all, this education will help you create a flawless face long after your wedding day has passed. More information about can be found here:


What other questions do you have about finding a quality and professional wedding makeup artist? Comment below and I am happy to provide more advice!