Frankly- Isn’t Fall the prettiest season of the year? Isn’t it nature’s mot beautiful and exciting creation of all time? Green leaves change to the most alluring colors- a combination of numerous red, orange and yellow shades. 

My grandfather who painted and remodeled old wooden furniture said once to me “Fall is the most talented painter“. Up to this day I think this is such a wonderful saying with one little exception: Unfortunately Fall and Winter didn’t take my lips in consideration to make them as pretty as everything else in these particular seasons. For those who struggle with dry and chapped lips like I did, in the following I will share my 3-step system that keeps my lips soft and supple all year around. Your lips will be as pretty as the fall- promise! Are you ready to say goodbye to dry lips for once and for all?


Step 1: Hydrate

Not from the outside but rather from the inside! Drinking lots of water helps to prevent dryness from within. I personally find it’s easier to stay hydrated when it’s warm outside. That being said, I had to spin my wheels in how to make drinking a more natural routine for me and how to make it more fun. My solution: an Infused Water Bottle!!! Target for example not only has really pretty ones (yes, I admit- pretty things do motivate me) but also ones you can buy for less than $10. I infuse mine with ingredients like cucumber, lemon, strawberries and raspberries but really you can put in whatever you would like to keep you motivated to stay hydrated.


Step 2: Exfoliating

You want to make sure you start with clean and smooth lips before applying any protection. This is key! Get rid of flakiness with a gentle Exfoliator like the Carmina-Cristina Papaya Scrub. You don’t need a lot of product- one dime sized portion will be plenty as your lips really don’t that much. Gently rub the Carmina-Cristina Papaya Scrub in a circular motion for about 30 seconds on your lips and rinse with warm water afterwards.


Step 3: Lip Care

I’ve been using and trying a ton of different products in the past but nothing really seemed to keep the hopeful promises that came with it. After doing some research I found out some shocking results. Chapsticks most common ingredient is mineral oil which is a by-product of gasoline production. Here my question: would you be wanting to put something toxic like that on your lips? Even worse- studies have shown that we consume 25% of our chapstick every time we put it on. That is absolutely not safe! 

Instead choose something natural like our Carmina-Cristina Vitamin C Lip Treatment or Carmina-Cristina Vitamin C Serum. They both are free of Mineral Oil and only contain healthy and natural ingredients. I personally keep a bottle of the Carmina-Cristina Vitamin C Serum in my purse because you can use the Serum for far more than just the lips. The Vitamin C Serum is also my life-saver for dry hands and other dry spots in the Winter. 

My last advice: Try to prevent licking your lips! That dries out your lips in no time!


Sincerely yours,




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