Did you know that one of the most popular parts of many bedtime rituals is a bath? Sitting in warm water is a soothing experience, and getting your toddler warm, clean and dry is a great way to ease him into bedtime. Expand your daily ceremonies of caring and nourishing for your little one with our Rituals Baby Products. They are specially formulated to safely and gently cleanse, protect and nourish delicate skin. 

Take the daily bath ritual to the next level! Take a bath with your baby! It is not only a great way to spend some special time with your child but it will also relax you! Use our Rituals Dao Collection that is specially designed to bring peace and tranquility into your busy life as a parent!

Baby Splash

Rituals Baby Splash is an ultra mild cleanser for your baby’s body and hair. Organic Rice Milk and Cotton Flower leaves your toddler’s skin feeling super soft. The scent is very light so it doesn’t overstimulate your child.



Baby Secret

Finish up your baby’s bath ritual with Rituals Baby Secret, a soothing and softening baby cream. The cream is rich and has a skin neutral ph formula. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling ultra soft and hydrated. 


Wash Glove

Rituals Wash Gloves are made with organic cotton and come with cute pig and elephant embroideries. They make a great gift for every child!


Honor your little ones with small, everyday rituals and transform them into moments of meaning with our Rituals Baby Products available at the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill! 

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