Carmina completed her work timely, creatively and professionally; always on time and available on set to freshen up the talent. Sets are always a tough venue, and generally result in a lot of stress in various departments, but Carmina executedRead More →

I first worked with Carmina as an actor. It was a fast-moving set with a lot of actors and Carmina effortlessly met her deadlines for each actor and got everyone to set on time. I was very impressed. I alsoRead More →

During Carmina Cristina’s service with us, I admired her for many valuable qualities and regarded her with evermore respect. Very much a team player, Carmina was always punctual, yet easygoing. She was keenly devoted to her work but being aRead More →

Carmina is an absolute artist! She has a natural ability to flawlessly enrich any vision. I personally witnessed her artistic talent at the Harrisburg Magazine’s 2011 Simply the Best Gala where she showcased her proficiency in enhancing natural beauty. SheRead More →

Carmina-Cristina is so great to work with. She is hands down the best makeup artist we have ever seen, and her personality is exactly what you want in a professional. Makeup is such a personal thing, and your wedding dayRead More →

Carmina is artistry in motion! She is a complete professional and exquisitely talented as well! Carmina is a breath of fresh air and a peaceful influence with Brides! I have worked with Carmina since my 1st wedding and look forwardRead More →