Makeup and cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar a year industry – and it’s no wonder! Women all around the world want to look and feel their best and to do so often includes the purchasing of makeup products. How much money do you think you personally waste on products that you don’t love and therefore don’t use? Whether this is several dollars a month or several hundred dollars over the course of a year—it’s too much! This is where the knowledge of a professionally trained makeup artist can become invaluable to your cosmetic budget. The following are just a few areas in which a makeup artist is more than happy to share their expertise:

Choosing Your Colors – If you don’t already know “your colors” chances are you may have bought an eye shadow or blush that looked great in its container, but didn’t translate well onto your face. We’ve all been there and have felt the frustration and disappointment of another “failed” product. This is no reflection on your natural beauty! It simply may have been the wrong color for your skin-tone, hair color and eye color. This is where the expertise of a professionally trained makeup artist can save you the struggle. We’re able to identify the shades and tones that will enhance your features in a very natural way. Once you have a customized palette of the colors that best compliment your features, you’re well-equipped to select the right products without any of the guess work.

Carmina-Cristina Custom Blush CollectionCarmina-Cristina, Natural Beauty Custom PaletteCarmina-Cristina, Natural Beauty EnhancementNatural Beauty Custom Colors by Carmina-Cristina

Creating the Perfect Canvas – Look for a makeup artist that is a licensed esthetician. This additional expertise can teach you how to prep your skin and make your makeup last longer. Because facial skin is so delicate, and for some very sensitive, it’s imperative to find the type of makeup that fits your skin’s needs. An esthetician can suggest products to balance your skin and create a perfect canvas for makeup application. Not sure how to tell if your makeup artist is a licensed esthetician? Simply ask! Carmina-Cristina is proud to be a licensed esthetician in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Carmina-Cristina licensed esthetician central pa

Tools of the Trade – A professionally trained makeup artist can provide advice in regards to what brushes provide what type of effects. One size (or shape) does not fit all! It’s important to consider things such as: Does the brush fit the space in which you’re working? Will the hair density (thinness or thickness) provide the appropriate amount of pressure? From what type of hair is the brush made (natural or synthetic) as this will impact the texture of the makeup. There’s a lot of questions, but don’t worry – this is where the knowledge and expertise of a makeup artist can help you make a wise investment in quality brushes that will save you money and frustration in the long run.


Reflecting Your Inner Beauty – Makeup is not meant to be a mask. It’s meant to enhance your natural beauty, reflect your personality and fit your lifestyle. A professional makeup artist can identify the products and techniques that achieve just this. If you don’t give much thought to whether your makeup compliments your clothes, accessories or the occasion – it will appear this way. Whether you’re a business woman, busy mom, college student, retired young grandmother or somewhere in between, the right makeup can make you look your best while still looking like yourself.

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Emerging Trends and Technology – Finally, a knowledgeable makeup artist will be able to share with you the latest technological advancements in products, skincare and makeup. There’s a reason products keep evolving. It’s because they’re getting better, safer and more comfortable. Just as you wouldn’t continue to wear a style of clothes from decades past, your makeup routine should also evolve with trends and technology. A professional makeup artist can identify which trends are right for you and which new products are worth investing in.

Carmina-Cristina,Tinted Primer SPF 20

Are you convinced of the value of a professional makeup artist yet? Our knowledge and expertise can be applied to so much more than just a single occasion. You should seek out regular advice from your makeup artist just as you would any of your other specialists. We can help you save time, money and frustration – and help simplify what it takes to make you look your best!

A great way to get started is to attend a CARMINA-CRISTINA In-Studio Private Showcase in which Carmina herself will walk you through the new products from her makeup line and demonstrate how to best incorporate them into your look. Visit Carmina’s beautiful new studio and try out the CARMINA-CRISTINA product line firsthand. By appointment only, weekdays after 5:00pm. Call 717-343-2805 to reserve your spot today! There is no cost to attend but an appointment is required.

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