Think back to the first time you learned to apply makeup. For most women, this was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Since then, you’ve updated your clothes, hair and personal style, but have you updated your makeup routine? Makeup trends and techniques have changed just as much as all other aspects of our world. If you’re still applying your makeup as you did decades ago, it’s time to take a fresh look at your makeup bag!

Many women avoid changing their beauty routine because change can seem complicated and intimidating. But simply put, your outer beauty should reflect your inner personality. Don’t feel pressured to wear bold colors or fake eyelashes if that’s not a representation of who you are. It’s most important to choose a look that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Whatever reason you’re using to avoid updating your makeup routine, put it aside and open your mind to a beautifully modern new you.

Stay-young-tips-for-women-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-CristinaHere are some simple tips to help you refresh your makeup style today!

1. Prepare your skin

The most tried and true principle of makeup application is to prepare your skin. If you’re not currently doing this, make this change today! Before applying any makeup, you need to prepare your eyes, lips and skin with the right level of hydration for you. Depending upon whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, you should select a moisturizer and primer to meet your needs. Keep in mind that the right cream for your eyes may not be the right cream for the rest of your face. Pay special attention to each part of your face and treat it uniquely.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizer applied to a freshly washed face evens the skin porosity and allows the foundation to blend evenly. This is a critical step to preparing your skin and should be done each and every day. More than any other part of your body, your face is exposed to all the elements such as sun, wind and pollution. A quality moisturizer will help you replenish the hydration you lose throughout the day, making you look younger and keeping your skin healthier to prevent premature aging.

beauty-tips-for-women over-50-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-Cristina3. Never underestimate the power of foundation

The right foundation is one of the single most powerful makeup products you can use. The difference is immediate and profound! If you don’t think you need foundation, think again. Everyone can enhance their features by first evening out their complexion and hiding any discolorations or imperfections such as dark-sun spots, red spots and inflamed areas.  This step in your makeup routine can make you look 10 years younger in just several minutes. If you haven’t been wearing foundation, you’ve been missing out on some incredible benefits!

4. Don’t overdo it

Many women will opt not to wear foundation (or any makeup at all) because it feels thick, sticky and uncomfortable on their skin. This is a sign that you’re not using the right product or technique. The key is to use as little product as possible so that it still looks like natural skin.  Another tip is to use multi-functioning products like a primer that offers sun protection while evening out your skin tone. This eliminates extra layers of product and gives your skin a very natural look and feel.

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5. Choose quality products

Any product you put on your skin, especially the skin on your face, should be of the highest quality. This small investment will give you quality makeup ingredients that provide better light-reflecting properties and last longer so you stay looking fresh from day to evening. Just as quality clothes have a better fit, quality makeup is also more flattering to your features. While higher-quality products may cost more upfront, you actually use less and reapply less so they last much longer than their less-expensive counterparts.

beauty-tips-for-women over-40-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-Cristina6. Cream-based products have staying power

Aging skin can be emphasized with makeup that smears off or is absorbed into the skin throughout the day. To keep your face looking as fresh as it did when you first applied your makeup, it again comes down to the right products. Cream-based makeup provides all-day staying power and gives you ultimate control with application. Powders can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, emphasizing the areas you want to cover up. Cream-based products blend seamlessly into the skin’s complexion and stay exactly where you place them. TIP: anything you apply as cream, such as lip liners, eye liners, primer and foundation, will stay in place better if set with a powder.

Beauty-tips-for-women naturally-by-Makeup-Artist-Carmina-Cristina

7. It’s all about the eyes

Our eyes are the first part of our face to show age. Fortunately, there are many makeup techniques that allow us to add youth and vitality to the eyes. First, use eye shadow. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone (and personality) and use it to add depth and interest to the eye area. Then, curl your lashes! Many women are intimidated by a lash curler, but they are as easy to use a tweezer and offer a big impact for your efforts. Next, line the eyes with eyeliner. Much like with the lash curler, don’t be intimidated! Every woman is capable of applying eyeliner with just a little practice and confidence. Finish off the eyes with mascara – this is one of the most noticeable differences you can make to your face. Mascara draws attention to all the right places and really “dresses up” your look.  Want a hands-on way to learn the latest eye makeup techniques? Attend one of CARMINA-CRISTINA’s signature seminars!

8. Pay attention to your brows

Your eyebrows may be made up of hair, but they should be treated much differently than the hair on your head. They are just as much a part of your face as your eyes and lips, so be sure to include them as part of your daily beauty routine. Defining your brows also defines the shape of your face. You can quite literally give yourself an instant facelift and erase years from you look all with a little attention to the brow area.  Next to a good bra, it’s the best thing you can do for a lift!

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Whether it’s been just a few years or several decades since you’ve updated your makeup products and techniques, there’s no better time than right now to discover the (modern) beauty in you! Visit for more makeup tips, inspiration, seminars and to shop her exclusive line of makeup products!

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