It’s the New Year – a time in which we’re all thinking about ways we can improve ourselves and tackle the goals we’ve been putting off. For you, maybe this is to eat healthier, lose some weight, start a hobby or rekindle a friendship. But among all of these common New Year resolutions, there’s one very important category that always seems to lack our attention – beauty.

What will you do this year to make yourself feel more beautiful?

We don’t often think about the impact our beauty routine has on our mood, confidence and overall health, but even the smallest changes can significantly change the way we feel about ourselves! This year, why not resolve to refresh some of your beauty habits to create a healthier, more beautiful you? Both inside and out!

So, forget those larger-than-life resolutions that are impossible to keep! Instead, start with these 12 easy steps to improve your makeup routine and your overall feeling of beauty for 2014.


Resolution #1

Throw out your makeup sponge after every use (or at least once a week). Bacteria love to hide here and can cause your skin to breakout if not replaced often. Think of it this way: you can buy a 32-pack of makeup sponges for less than a Starbucks coffee!

Resolution #2

Wash your face every night before bed (or at least keep cleansing wipes on your nightstand). Your skin needs time to breath and a clean, moisturized face before bed will give it hours to rejuvenate, leaving you looking more refreshed in the morning. Try CARMINA-CRISTINA Wet Cleansing Makeup Wipes NEW for 2014, $15.

Resolution #3

Throw out your mascara every six months—it’s a breeding ground for bacteria! If you notice a change in smell, throw it out sooner. This small investment twice a year can improve your makeup wear and save you from health issues, especially around an area as sensitive as your eyes.

Resolution #4

The New Year is the perfect time to clean out your makeup bag. Make it your fresh start for 2014! You’ll be amazed at the outdated, broken and unsafe looking products you’ll find hiding in there. This will also show you what you have versus what you need to avoid duplicate purchase.

Resolution #5

Change your moisturizer to a primer that has an SPF. Already use one? Look for one that is infused with Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides  that will trap the moisture inside your skin & protect it from cold, while the SPF protects it from the sun. Try CARMINA-CRISTINA Tinted Primer SPF 20, $38.00.


Resolution #6

Clean your lip and eye pencils every month simply by sharpening them. Not only will this ensure their points are precise, it will also remove dirt and bacteria that tend to build up over time.


Resolution #7

Clean your makeup brushes weekly, since build-up can lead to breakouts or infections. This also keeps your brushes in the best shape possible, extending the life of their use  – and your investment!

Resolution #8

Choose the perfect shade of foundation by using your jaw line as your color match. This area is the most evenly toned part of your face and won’t leave you looking like you have two distinct skin colors, especially under natural light.

Resolution #9

When moisturizing your face, don’t just stop at your chin. Apply your skincare products to both your face and neck for optimal results. This will help to create toned and moisturized skin that ages evenly, extending the look of your beauty beyond just your face.

Resolution #10

Start using an eye cream. It’s never too early or late to fight fine lines and wrinkles! This moderate investment now will pay huge dividends to making you look more youthful for years to come. Think of it this way: it’s much less expensive and invasive than the surgical procedures that reverse aging!

Vitamin C-Eye-prep-Treatment-by-Carmina-Cristina

Resolution #11

Maintain your eyebrows. They are the high points of your face that have the powerful to completely redefine its shape. Without clean arches and groomed brows, even the best makeup application will still look messy. Care for them regularly like you would care for your hair or nails.


Resolution #12

Schedule a beauty date with your BFF, sister or mom. This is a great way to spend quality time together while feeling pampered and indulged. Best of all, you will all leave with beauty tips and tricks that will enhance your look for years to come! Here’s a great way to spend a “girl’s afternoon,” attend a CARMINA-CRISTINA hands-on workshop and learn skin care essentials and the perfect daytime beauty routine. Learn more here!


It’s the beginning of a new year and the perfect opportunity to clear your mind of old habits that are holding you back. The same applies to your beauty routine! Make 2014 the year in which you refresh your makeup bag and the way you apply your makeup. To really kick start this New Year resolution, consider attending one of my signature workshops designed for all levels where you’ll learn and experiment with the latest techniques, essential for flawless skin and every day beauty.

Share your New Year makeup resolutions! What are you planning to do in 2014 to feel more beautiful?

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