The wedding day is not only important for a bride but also for her mother. And of course, on your daughters wedding day you want to look and feel great. I have compiled some advice and tips, helping you achieve a fresh radiant and possibly a new look for your daughter’s special day.

Bridal-Beauty-Mother-of the-Bride-Makeup-by-Carmina-Cristina

Use priming products: Use a foundation primer, they are a must for mature complexions. Look for a Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides infused primer that evens skin tone and helps plump-out lines. Use  the same primer on your lids area before your eye shadow. It will help reduce crepy eye lids.

Less is more: Although you still need to wear make-up, do remember that too much make-up can make you look older. I advise to use a foundation which is light to moderate coverage rather than medium to heavy. Also opt for foundation which is dewy rather than matte because matte foundations are usually not complimentary on older skin.

Avoid Shimmer: Avoid shimmery makeup products, only they tend to enhance facial lines and pores. Always choose matte eye shadows and avoid shiny glittery ones.

Hide red veins: Mature complexions often have visible red veins on the facial surface, in order to hide these-use a yellow based concealer just on the problem areas.

Use Loose Powder: Use it, but use wisely-only on shiny areas, normally the t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). The Brush you apply your powder is very important!!! Keep in mind that a soft brush will give you less coverage but a more natural finish.

Apply Colour: Soft floral and pastel eye shadows are often very flattering so I would personally avoid too dark and dull shades.

Use a soft-gel blendable eye liner: Out of all the make-up products, eye liner is usually the most troublesome for mature ladies, for a couple of reasons, one is normally because they struggle to apply it- due to poor eye sight and the other being uneven liner application because of loose eye lid skin. If you struggle applying liner due to vision then my advice is get a really strong magnifying mirror. For the soft pencil liner application, do not worry if you can’t apply the line perfectly even, because you can gently smudge and blend gel liner, but still achieve eye definition, which looks great! You can also blend it with a softer matte eye shadow, in the same tone for a more long lasting and natural effect.

A touch of cheek colour: In general I tend to select peachy/coral/apricot tones for cheek colour- they often work really well, and add a beautiful glow to a dull complexion. On a number of occasions I have worked with ladies who experience hot flushes or naturally have high cheek colour, if this be the case, either try the peachy colours to tone down the redness or you can avoid cheek colour all together.

Use Lip Liner: Always use lip liner as it reduces the risk on lip stick bleeding into fine lines which surround the lip area.


Make-up-for-Mother-of the-Bride-by-Carmina-Cristina

My dear Mothers of the Bride/Groom, You can look 10 years younger  with the right Makeup!!! Ask for what you want , hire a skilled professional, put your trust in him/her and you too can look stunning on the Big Day – no matter what your age is!!!

I truly believe in…BEAUTY AT ANY AGE!!! Thank you to all my Brides, Mother of the Brides and Grooms,Grandmothers that throughout time, help me learn more about their beauty. They helped me to be the MUA I am Today!!!

Makeup-for-Mother-of-the Bride-by-Carmina-Cristina-wind-in-the willows-farms

Thank you KM Photography , Julie Paisley Photography and Leslie Gilbert Photography for all these unforgettable pictures!!!

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