This summer is all about being a bronzed beauty. We know, we know – it seems like a returning trend every year. Although sunbathing, tanning beds or spray tanning come to mind first, they can cause some serious skin issues like sunburn and skin irritation. Does that mean we have to be pale forever? Not at all! Welcome Bronzy Cheeks!!!


This year is all about looking fresh, healthy and flawless in maximizing your glow and you find it here in the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill: NEW Brazilian Bronze! Once and for all, say goodbye to burnt shades, dreaded orange streaks and ruddy complexions!


With some of our pro advise you’ll be ready to get that perfect faux glow every day!

1. Start with your best skin

Make sure your skin is clear and flawless before applying our Brazilian Bronze. Use our Carmina-Cristina, Brightening Cleansing Water. It is a non-drying and rinse-free cleanser, which exfoliates, clarifies and refines your skin. Your skin will feel clean, revitalized and refreshed and the scent? Mmmh – you’ve got to smell it!


2. Know your shade

We all know how difficult it can be to find the right shade of foundation. Well we have good news! We’ll make it easy for you! Due to two shades our Brazilian Bronze comes in it makes it impossible for you to pick the wrong …….


 3. Cream, powder or tint?

In general let your skin guide you. If you have dry skin, creams may work well. If you skin tends to be oily, a powder can absorb excess oil. Most difficult to use are tints. They showcase and highlight any imperfections due to their sheer texture.

Our Carmina Cristina NEW Brazilian Bronze is a clever bronzer, which serves all skin types. The technology of the powder is specially designed to absorb oil where needed while delivering moisture to drier parts of the skin.

4. Where the sun shines

Key is: the less product you use the better the result will be. It is easy to overdo bronzer, starting from you cheeks, to your nose, to your chin…Don’t do that! Don’t pretend to be a windshield wiper! The first place you want to do it is along the temples and the cheeks in a C formation. And then do a little bit along the neck. A lot of women forget to do the neck. Result: a glowing face and a white neck. A little dusting of powder along the center of your neck will also help with an all-over glow. Then take whatever is left over and dust it along the cheek, a little on the eyelid. Never work straight and hit the center of your face. It just doesn’t look right. You’ll look sunburned. You want to look sunkissed, not sunburned or sun-obsessed ;-).


5. Blending is key

The best way to sport your bronzer is a light dusting only where the sun would naturally hit. Then, blend like you’ve never blended before. Use a specific bronzer brush, like our Bronzer Blush #995 from bdellium, which comes in 3 cute colors: pink, green or yellow. This allows the bronzer to blend with a more natural finish without any harsh lines.

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