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Pucker up ladies, National Lipstick Day, July 29, is around the corner! Summer makeup is here!

We thought we would treat your lips to a few, fun lipstick facts and a couple of our personal Carmina Cristina Line picks.


Did you know that lipstick was invented by ancient men and women about 5.000 years ago? They transformed crushed gemstones into decorative color for their lips and eyes.

Lipstick gained its popularity during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, in the 16th century. Both, women and men of the upper class and actors wore makeup. Lipstick was made from a blend of beeswax and stain of red plants at that particular time.


One male famous person who wore lipstick was George Washington. He would wear makeup, a powdered wig and color on his lips occasionally. 

But lipstick has been through so some very hot and heavy affairs also. Red lipstick or lip paint in general revealed a female prostitute in the early Greek empire. Because of that most of the women avoided makeup and especially lipstick.

Today 80% of american women wear lipstick and 800-900 million lipsticks are sold annually worldwide. European women, however, seem to love their lipsticks the most – 300 million tubes are sold in Europe alone.


First things first. Before applying one of our summer hottest hues make sure you pamper your pout with these 3 Carmina Cristina finds first.

Japonesque Lip Brush

This brush isn’t only a head turner, it also gets its job done. Get the brush now for only $14!


Vitamin C Lip Treatment


The Carmina Cristina Vitamin C Lip Treatment is one of our best selling products in the Makeup Boutique. For only $22 this treatment does wonders. It nourishes with Vitamin C and Vitamin E and protects your lips from sun ray’s with an SPF 15. A definitely must have for your summer makeup. Sold?


Vitamin C Serum

If you have very dry lips you will need this product! The concentrated formula will make you fall in love with the softest lips you ever had! It is only $30 and lasts you for a long time due to the tiny amount you only need!


Lets dive into our hottest lip colors this summer! 

Our Go-To Carmina-Cristina Signature Reds

Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Cherry Bomb, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Code Red,    Carmina -Cristina Liquid Lipstick Uncorked, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Just Bitten,       Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Siren

Our Picks For Pretty in Pinks

Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Electric Taffy, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Electric Pink, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Wild Orchid, Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Pixie,              Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Fairy Dust, Carmina-Cristina Plumping Gloss Enchanted,      Carmina-Cristina Lipstick Pretty Please, Carmina-Cristina Lipstick Buh Bye

Our Skinny-Dipping Nudes

Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Kitten Pink, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick, Haute Cocoa, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Brown Sugar, Carmina-Cristina Liquid Lipstick Mink Pink,     Carmina Cristina Plumping Gloss Cloud 9, Carmina Cristina Plumping Gloss Cherub


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