This month we would like to introduce you to a blend of relaxing ingredients incorporated in the new Rituals collection TAO. The collection is inspired by the ancient philosophy of Taoism – particularly the believe to flow with life and to live with the heart.

A blend of calming white lotus, refreshing Chines mint and soothing yi yi ren help rebalancing body and soul and reaching TAO’s effortless state of Wu Wei – doing by not doing! Sounds worth trying with our busy lifestyle, doesn’t it?


As the previous collections from Rituals, TAO has some all-time-favorites like a foaming shower gel sensation, a calming shower oil, a mild exfoliating body scrub, a rich and nourishing body cream and a calming body mist. But there are a few well worth to know additions. In the following we will introduce you to the new products, as well as to the classics.

1. TAO | T’AI CHI foaming shower gel

The T’AI CHI shower gel helps to bring a little balance to your life



2. TAO | SHENG SHUI caring shower oil

The SHENG SHUI shower oils helps to go with the flow





3. TAO | WAI WANG mild exfoliating body scrub

The WAI WANG body scrub gives your body regal radiation


4. TAO | MEI DAO rich and nourishing body cream

The MEI DAO body cream helps to calm your body



5. TAO | YIN calming body and body mist

The Yin body and bed mist helps your body and soul to find inner peace


6. TAO | XIU XI calming body and massage oil NEW

The XIU XI body and massage oil gifts you with the sweetest dreams you ever had



7. TAO | QING FA soothing and cooling foot scrub NEW

The QING FA foot scrub makes you feel like you have a new pair of feet


 8. TAO | QI relaxing serum NEW

The QI relaxing serum helps your energy to flow for a better life force


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