Girls, lets talk about brows- natural brows! They can be thicker, some are thinner, some are curved, some are arched, some are naturally full, some of you may have a couple of empty spots. But there is one thing they all have in common- they are all uniquely beautiful. Learn in the following how to enhance your natural  eyebrow shape with just 3 products and without the tedious tweezing.

Step 1: Carmina Cristina NEW Brow Pencil

The Carmina Cristina NEW Brow Pencil comes in three different shades- Blonde, Brunette and Deep Brunette. Pick the right color geared to your hair color. If you are unsure what shade to pick we will be happy to assist finding the right tone for you here at the Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill. The BrowPencil has a brush on one side with which you want to comb your eyebrow hairs upward. A simple trick that helps you to perceive the naturally shape of your brows better and to detect empty spots easily. Start to outline the shape of your brow with the other side- the pencil.  The soft texture and the shaped tip will make the usage very simple no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. Gently fill in the empty spots with little strokes. 



Step 2: Carmina Cristina Brow Definer

To achieve a darker, more precise and more natural look proceed to the next tool- the Brow Definer. It comes in there different shades Soft Taupe, Dark Taupe and Brunette and has a similar consistency of a marker. The Brow Definer allows you to produce a fuller looking brow thus it’s ability of creating fine and little strokes which appear like hairs. The Brow Definer is also waterproof. Once it is on it stays on! Huge plus especially in the summer time!



 Step 3: Carmina Cristina Brow Setting Gel

This is the final tool for gorgeous looking natural eyebrows. The Brow Setting Gel applicator looks like a mascara brush and it’s liquid has no color. It keeps color, hair and shape of your eyebrows in place all day long.





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