This season is all about purple- perfect for the bride who is looking for a splash of color in their wedding makeup! Purple isn’t only super trendy but also extremely versatile. No matter if you have green, hazel, blue or brown eyes- purple looks gorgeous on everyone. In the following I will reveal a couple of ways in how to pull off purple on your wedding day!


Cara Bate’s wedding was in May 2016. She wanted the makeup to be feminine, elegant and with a touch of color. Her wedding colors were white, cream and peach.

Since purple wasn’t included in her color scheme I decided to integrate purple into Cara’s eye makeup. My choice was a soft purple smokey-eye. As eyeshadow particles are likely to fall down the cheeks, it is necessary to start with the eye makeup first or to be prepared to clean and touch up the area underneath the eyes with foundation and concealer afterwards. Besides purple I picked __________ shades. To brighten and open up Cara’s eyes I highlighted the inner corners of the eyes with white eyeshadow. Because the focal point really lays on the eyes within this look it is important to take good care of the eyebrows. Enhanced and flawless eyebrows are essential. Using my Carmina-Cristina Brow Pencil and Brow Definer makes this an easy task! Applying the Brow Set last keeps everything in shape and place all day long. For both, Cara’s blush and lips, I chose soft pink shades.

  Now, if you have chosen purple as one of your actual wedding colors, I recommend wearing a purple lipstick. That instantly elevates your wedding makeup look. From glossy violet to matte blackberry- this color comes in a myriad of formulas and shades. For this look you want to make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly. I recommend to exfoliate the night before with my Carmina-Cristina Exfoliating Papaya Scrub. Afterwards apply my Carmina-Cristina Vitamin E Treatment. The result are smooth and supple lips- ready to pull off a dramatic purple statement lip!

My second advise is to go minimal with eye makeup. A bold lip speaks for itself! Pair a purple lip with neutral eyeshadow colors and my Carmina-Cristina Luxury Mascara in Black Waterproof.

 This is how Cara describes her wedding-day vision:


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