We are very excited to announce the launch of our VIP Beauty Club!

This Club is a monthly membership program with the mission to inspire women to discover and preserve their unique beauty. The Club offers a personalized beauty enhancement and rejuvenation program tailored to each member’s individual needs. We are offering two levels of membership, Premiere and Elite. Your monthly membership services include a signature facial or personalized makeover every month for Premiere members, and both of these services every month for Elite members!

Included with this membership are Seasonal Trend Seminars, Seasonal Beauty packages, discounts on Workshops, as well as 10% off Carmina-Cristina Signature Line of cosmetics all year and 25% off all products during your birthday month! As part of this program you will enjoy invitations to private events, exclusive discounts with local business partners, referral bonus, and being able to use club fees toward the purchase of products!
Stop by to learn more about this amazing program!

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