As a producer, you plan and prepare as much as possible prior to shoot day. You are responsible to make sure everything gets captured that needs to, in the way that it is supposed to. Part of the pressure isRead More →

Carmina completed her work timely, creatively and professionally; always on time and available on set to freshen up the talent. Sets are always a tough venue, and generally result in a lot of stress in various departments, but Carmina executedRead More →

I first worked with Carmina as an actor. It was a fast-moving set with a lot of actors and Carmina effortlessly met her deadlines for each actor and got everyone to set on time. I was very impressed. I alsoRead More →

During Carmina Cristina’s service with us, I admired her for many valuable qualities and regarded her with evermore respect. Very much a team player, Carmina was always punctual, yet easygoing. She was keenly devoted to her work but being aRead More →