For so many women, it’s one of the most disorganized and chaotic spaces in our home. No it’s not the pantry, the laundry room or even the closet – it’s our makeup drawer! Picture the space where you store all of your makeup products. What does it look like? If you’re like most of us, this might look like a mini bomb went off in your bathroom. But what would it really take to get more organized? This is the question we aim to answer in this week’s blog post!

Professional makeup artist CARMINA-CRISTINA joins us and answers some of our most desperate questions surrounding makeup organization. Because makeup is both her passion and her livelihood, organization of her countless products is critical. Here are 6 key ways in which Carmina recommends getting your beauty routine organized.

Q: From bags and boxes to bins and trays, how do you know what organizational style is right for YOU?

A: It really depends on how much makeup you have in your arsenal, but also how much counter space you have to devote to makeup storage. Also, cosider how much you like to play-up your look. Are you someone who wears the same colors every day? Or are you someone who likes to play with different looks, textures? This will dictate how much space you need and what you keep at the forefront.

how-to-organize-my makeup-ideas-by-Carmina-Cristina

Q: Where do you recommend purchasing the organizational solutions? (i.e. a big box retailer, a specialty makeup store, on-line, etc)

A: It really doesn’t matter, as long as you find the right fit for you! You can sometimes look in odd places and you will find some great options. Think kitchen supplies stores, office supply stores and jewelry organizers. I personally recommend transparent organizers because you can easily see what it is in it.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake women make when organizing their makeup?

A: Women tend to hang on to too many things they’re simply never going to use. And who can’t relate to this? Specifically, I’m talking about makeup and skincare that they never used, and they will never use because they tried it once or twice, found out it doesn’t work for them but keep it because it was so expensive that they feel bad throwing it out. I’m just as guilty of this mistake! You have to declutter your makeup products just as you would your closet. If you haven’t used it in several months, it needs to go!

Q: What about when it comes to travel; how can you easily organize your makeup for the road?

A: First, consider where you’re going and what type of makeup you’ll need while there.  This will determine whether you pack just the products for your daytime makeup routine or whether you need something more glamorous for the evening. No matter where you’re doing, do not forget your skincare products and your makeup removers! These can be even more important than your makeup as it will help keep you on a healthy routine for your skin.

Then, transfer the selected products into travel bottles and take just the quantity you need. Think about multifunctional products. Products that will meet multiple needs so that you can slim down the number of products you’re packing. A great example is my new Brightening Cleansing Water. It removes impurities as well as makeup from the face while hydrating the skin. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup that day, you should still use this product to make your skin feel clean and refreshed. Did I mention that it works wonderful for men’s skin too?

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Another example is my SPF 20 Primer. This protects your skin from the sun and gives you an even skintone while hydrating the skin (thanks the the hyaluronic acid and ceramides that trap the moisture inside your skin).

carmina cristina SPF 20 tinted primer

Q: Do you have any out-of-the-box tips for getting organized – things people might not normally think to do?

A: Organize your makeup and skincare products in the order you normally apply them every day.  This will help you move quickly and efficiently through your makeup routine. Also, keep your brushes clean! Besides keeping away bacteria, a clean brush will give you a smooth natural effect versus a makeup stain.

Q: What’s one of your own biggest struggles with keeping your makeup organized?

A: As I mentioned before, I struggle to toss the things are not working for me. I think that maybe, someday, I will use them and because I spent good money on them I shouldn’t toss them. But really, I’m doing myself – and my makeup organization – a big disservice but not admitting that “someday” will never come. Any unused products must go!

There you have it – some of the best expert advice on how to better organize your makeup! The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must pick a solution that meets YOUR needs. Every person has a unique makeup routine that requires a different organizational style. And don’t forget to think outside the box. An office supply store or hardware store offer some great, cheap solutions.

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What tips and tricks have you found most helpful for organizing your makeup products? Or what struggles do you still encounter? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below and Carmina will personally answer with expert advice!

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