From billboards and professional head shots to television commercials and magazine ads, we see examples of completed commercial projects on a daily basis. Some of these appear professional and polished while others lack the same quality and level of talent. One of the main differences between these two very different finished products is the use of a professional makeup artist.

A professional makeup artist is an asset to your team, a professional image for your company and a valuable investment that saves you on editing and retouching. Whether it’s being filmed or photographed, makeup artistry will help you deliver the highest level of quality and professionalism to your client. Here are five reasons why your next commercial project needs a professional makeup artist.

MAKEUP-for-CORPORATE commercial project-on-set with-Carmina-Cristina
1. They save you time – A professional makeup artist takes several big tasks off your list. They organize the talent, keep them moving on schedule and ensure they’re looking their absolute best.

2. They save you money – Retouching film isn’t cheap and can be a significant line-item in your budget. With a professional makeup artist, you will save money in the long run by making your talent look flawless from the start.

LancasterCommercial-advertising-MakeupArtist-Carmina-Cristina3. They bring unique expertise – Professional makeup artists know what products work best to achieve different looks and are a wealth of creative knowledge at your disposal.

4. They prepare the talent – Many clients are new to the limelight and may feel nervous in front of a camera. A professional makeup artist will help give them confidence and relax them before their big moment.

CampHill TVcommercials makeup Artist

5. They build your professional team – A professional makeup artist becomes an extension of your team, an extra set of hands and assists you in achieving the overall look and feel you desire for your project.

For many commercial projects, time and budget is a big consideration. A professional makeup artist is a valuable asset to your team that will help you to maximize both of these things and keep your project on track. Aside from just expert makeup application, a professional makeup artist is that extra set of eyes, hands and creative mind on set that will help you deliver exceptional quality to your clients!

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