We have long awaited the warmer temperatures and beautiful weather that summer brings. Unfortunately the tradeoff for this enjoyable season is makeup that tends to smudge, smear and streak in the heat. Combine this with the existing challenges of oily or aging skin, and this is a recipe for disaster that can leave you feel frustrated and insecure.


The summer months provide us with so many reasons to get outside and get social, like graduation parties, weddings, BBQ’s, pool parties and more. So it’s time we prepare ourselves with knowledge of the best products and techniques to use when creating our summertime makeup looks!


Let’s take a look at professional makeup artist, Carmina Cristina’s advice on how to tackle the challenge of finding the right makeup products (combined with the right application) to keep us looking cool, calm and flawless from morning to night – regardless of sweltering temperatures! Here are just a few summer beauty tips for Heat and Humidity.

MAKEUP IN GENERAL – First, think carefully about the textures you are using and how these are affected by the heat, humidity and perspiration. For example, a water-based or powder-based product will NOT stay put! Instead, look for primers, foundations, blushes and shadows that have a creamy or silicone texture.


It’s also very important to remember that in the summer, less is more! Too much makeup will look unnatural in the harsh sunlight and because of how it reacts to the heat. I encourage you to go as bare as you dare! Use only a few key products (especially with an SPF!) and embrace a more natural look in the summertime.

FACE – Protection from the sun is the most critical thing to keep in mind when selecting your summer makeup products. A product without an SPF will not prevent you from burns, sunspots, wrinkles and cancer! I highly recommend multi-tasking products that protect you from the sun while giving you an even, healthy glow. It’s okay to want to have a sun-kissed look, but rather than relying on the sun to damage your skin to create this, use bronzers to add some color – the safe way!


EYESHADOW – My summer makeup advice is to use a liquid shadow that dries in very little time. I suggest choosing something with a bit of a shimmery texture that will reflect sunlight and glow under it, making your eyes look like beautiful gemstones. Particularly, gold-toned shadows will complement tan skin, wear longer and look less “flat” than a neutral color. Try my signature line of CARMINA-CRISTINA Liquid Eye Shadows in a variety of colors perfect for summer! 


BROWS-You can’t hide much under the bright light of direct sun, which is why you must use the right products to shape and fill in your brows while keeping them as natural-looking as possible. I recommend using an instantly-drying formula that helps you design hair-like strokes and is also waterproof so that it won’t budge or smudge, even under sweat.


LIPS & CHEEKS – When it comes to summer makeup products for your lips and cheeks, I suggest a staining formula that will provide a healthy flush of color while instantly setting in place.

If you are a fan of the glossy look for your lips, be sure to use something that has hydrating properties like my signature CARMINA-CRISTINA Lip Plumper. These glosses are infused with Nutmeg & Cardamom, smell delicious and gently plump your lips making them looking instantly fuller and softer. Full lips are a hallmark of youth and never go out of style!

This summer, remember to foremost protect your skin each and every day with products that include adequate SPF, are silicone-based, hydrate your skin and set instantly! Using these types of products with the techniques mentioned above will help you create a youthful and lasting look that will stay flawless throughout the longer summer days!


What other questions do you have for Carmina about perfecting your summer makeup routine? Share your thoughts by commenting below and Carmina will personally answer you!

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