Wedding makeup trends change with every passing season and each new year. For this reason, many brides are unsure how to incorporate a new trend into their wedding day so that they will still feel classic and timeless as they look back on this memories years and years from now.


The good news is that there are many different ways to use current makeup trends to add a fun and fresh twist to a timeless look that will make you feel uniquely beautiful on your wedding day!


2015 has brought with it an exciting mix of energizing colors, romantic styles and an emphasis on highlighting natural beauty. Let’s take a look at the top trends to watch – and how to seamlessly incorporate them into your wedding makeup this year!



Coral is among the hottest colors we are seeing used in wedding makeup in every season so far in 2015. In the spring, we saw this color quickly gain popularity, only to carry into the summer months with the addition of pink tones. Now, we expect to see this fresh and vibrant tone remain popular into the fall, transitioning into more orange and pumpkin hues.


Coral is the perfect shade for injecting some color into a neutral look without steering the attention away from the natural beauty of the skin. Besides lips and cheeks, soft corals can be worked into the eye makeup paired with warm neutrals and champagne tone to give an ethereal yet all around “pretty” look.


Best of all, coral is a shade that can be adapted to complement various skin tones from a very light complexion to a Mediterranean skin, but also can be a great touch for ebony skin. Don’t shy away from this trend! Incorporate a touch of coral into your wedding makeup for a modern hint of color while still looking naturally flawless.


Contouring with Color

If you follow any celebrities’ social media or makeup blogs, you are sure to have come across of the “contouring phenomenon” as of late. Why is this trend so powerful? Because contouring works to instantly (and might I add, painlessly) sculpt your face, highlighting your best features like never before.


Basic contouring uses bronzers and highlighters to achieve its effects, but the latest take on this trend adds in color too! We are not talking extreme colors, but rather soft peaches and warm pinks to enhance your natural features for a radiant and flawless silhouette. The key is to use the right techniques to achieve the balance of chiseled features while still looking bright and natural.


Metallic Eyelids

As the fashion and beauty worlds continue to obsess over reviving the “best” part of the 90’s style, it’s no surprise that this year we are now seeing the return of metallic eye-shadow!


But before you dig to the back of your makeup bag for that eyeshadow from 20 years ago, keep in mind that this is a modern take on a retro trend. Brides should looks to use soft silver shimmer or metallic bronze liners to achieve an eye catching, but still chic look. This trend has served us very well in the summertime and will continue to look great well into the fall and winter seasons.


Just-Bitten Lips

One of the prettiest, and most accessible make-up trends for 2015 is the “just-bitten,” English rose lip. This is a not-quite-pink, but not-quite-red hue that has the potential to be “the new nude” for our blushing brides!


This trend pairs equally well with a completely natural look or the drama of a smoky eye. I especially recommend this lip trend for mature brides as it will bring color into their lips while still looking fresh and youthful.


Gatsby-Inspired 1920’s Burgundy Lip

Ever since the revival of the movie, the Great Gatsby set the stage for many recent trends in bridal makeup. As we move into the fall and winter months, we can expect to see the deep, rich burgundy lip color return.


Brides often pair this lip style with a soft, smoky eye for a look that’s less harsh, but just as sexy. When selecting your coordinating eyeshadow, steer toward soft and dark purple hues to complement the burgundy tone. This look captures the wonderful romance of the 1920’s while modernizing the look to be just as fashionable in 2015!


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Carmina was also featured in a special segment on Fox43 News where she talked about the 2015 bridal makeup trends and showcased her techniques on actual brides. Listen to Carmina’s advice and learn how to incorporate these trends into your own wedding day look by  watching the video interview here

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