Think of your morning routine on a typical work day. Do you often feel rushed, stressed and not quite “pulled together” by the time you run out the door? Do you worry that too little or too much makeup could be making the wrong impression on your professional career?


If you can relate to any of these feelings, you are not alone. In fact, you are like most women out there! The good news is that with a few, simple tweaks of your morning beauty routine, you can create a polished and professional look in just 15 minutes (or less).


Let’s take a look at some of these essential tips for creating a quick, but flawless look that will leave a positive, lasting impression at the office – and everywhere in between!


What is appropriate makeup for an office environment?

First, you must think of makeup as an accessory. Just like you coordinate your jewelry, outfit and hair, you should also coordinate your makeup to complement your personal style.

For a work environment, makeup should be the following 5 things:

  1. NATURAL & SUBTLE. It should not overpower your personality
  2. QUICK & EASY TO APPLY. In the morning rush, there is no time to be experimenting with odd colors and textures.
  3. LONG LASTING. During a busy work day, you want makeup that will stay looking fresh without needing constant touch-ups.
  4. EASY FOR ON-THE-GO TOUCH-UP. Also, your look should easily convert into an evening look, if needed.
  5. FEEL GREAT ON YOUR SKIN. Looking great is one thing, you also want your makeup to feel great to really boost your confidence and help you perform better on the job!


Expert tips for looking polished and professional in just 15 minutes!


FACE – When it comes to your face, it’s all about creating a natural, healthy glow that makes you look well-rested and ready to greet the day. The two most important products to use are a concealer to cover any under-eye discoloration and a light foundation to even your skin tone. Save time and space in your makeup bag by selecting products that do double-duty. For example, the Carmina Cristina Tinted Primer with SPF 20 protects and nourishes your skin as it evens your complexion (Find this online at

PRO TIP! To combat the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning in the office, keep a mineral spray by your desk to spritz and hydrate your face during the day. I highly recommend using NANOSTIQUE (available at the Carmina Cristina Makeup Boutique) because of the nanotechnology patented system that infuses vitamins and minerals into the skin without disturbing the makeup.


LIPS – A great way to shape your lips but also keep your color lasting longer is to outline them with a pink/neutral lip pencil. Then, use either your favorite lip gloss or your favorite lipstick to fill in the rest of your lip with a lush color that will last all day.

PRO TIP! Once you outline your lips, you can use a clean lip brush to really work the pencil into the creases and smudge it for a very natural effect.


EYES – Take a few extra minutes each day to give your eyebrows some love! Proper shaping will instantly and naturally add definition to your eyes. For eyeshadows, use neutrals on your lid to create a clean and professional look. Then, add just the right amount of “drama” by using a black/brown/grey eyeliner to smudge into your lash-line for a very natural effect. It’s best to use a clean, square brush for this technique. Then finish with mascara to really awaken the eyes.

PRO TIP! Try lining your eyes with a pink/beige eyeliner, tracing just along the inner rim for a brightening effect. And for women who wear glasses, remember that your eyes need more definition but this does not necessarily mean more dramatic eye makeup. Aim for a soft and subtle enhancement to your natural beauty.


Put these tips into practice….

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