There is a lot more to get excited about this season than just warm sweaters, delicious pumpkin-flavored treats and beautiful scenery. We are seeing a ton of new makeup trends on the catwalk…and the sidewalk! These autumn-inspired colors and daring new styles are the perfect accessory to your fall wardrobe. Plus, they will help to give you a fresh look just in time for the new season.


So what are the top autumn makeup trends for 2015? They can be broken down into three main categories: lips, blush and eyes. Let’s take a look at the new and creative makeup looks we should get inspired to try this fall!


Lip Trends

Dark, Blackberry-Stained Lips: This new trend in lip color is bold, confident and sexy. But take note, it is also extremely hard to wear. The lips need to be the only focus to make this trend work and to keep from looking too dramatic. To offset the dark lip color, keep your eyes very neutral. This means natural, skin-tone hues for eyeshadow and little to no eye liner. 



Red Lips: Just in time for the holidays we are seeing the classic red lip trend again make an appearance. This is a staple for creating that “timeless beauty” look. Similar to the blackberry lip trend we just mentioned, let your red lips steal the show from the rest of your look. Keep your eyes, blush and accessories simple and neutral to create the perfect canvas where your lips can play the star role they deserve. 


Nude Lips: Finally, and in total contrast to the other two trends we just mentioned, we are seeing a nude lip this fall season. Yes, completely natural and neutral. This trend is perfect to pair with an extreme, defined, edgy eye. Here, you want your lips to blend with the rest of your face and for another feature, like your eyes or brows, to be drawn into the spotlight. 


Blush Trends

If you’re over all the buzz about contouring, you’re in luck. This trend is fading out with the fall and instead the new “Blush Rush” trend is in! That’s right, designers are moving away from the heavily made-up look of contouring and moving toward a more natural look, especially for the cheeks. So what is the best way to incorporate the “blush rush” trend into your fall makeup look? Here are two great options…


Peachy Blush: A peach-tone blush is great because it looks very natural against most skin tones. It’s also the perfect hue for the autumn months and will blend nicely with the other trends. 


Vintage-Rose Blush: If you still prefer the more classic and vintage look of a pink blush, go for a “vintage rose” color that is a little more flirty and fun, but still fresh and youthful. Best of all, you don’t have to pick peach OR rose when it comes to your entire makeup look. You CAN combine a peach blush with a pink lip or a pink-rose blush with a peach lip. You do not have to match your lip color to your blush color, so dare to be a trendsetter! 


Eye Trends

Metallics: Shimmery and sparkly eyeliners and eyeshadows are out in full force this fall! Often we see this trend in the winter, but now the fun begins even earlier with the use of all our favorite golds, silvers and bronzes right now. These colors complement the wonderful colors we see in nature this time of year, with the added warmth of some sparkle and shine to liven up your look.


Interesting Fact! Golds can be combined with a neutral shade that is placed in the crease to bring even more definition to the eye area. Give it a try!


Dramatic Eyeliner: The use of eyeliner this season has gone completely dramatic! The ideal style is to create a look that appears almost painted. Do not be scared to extend that wing out beyond your natural eye line. The idea is to create an optical illusion that widens the eye, giving you an exotic and worldly look.


Diffused Dark Shadows: The dark and dramatic theme of fall 2015 makeup continues with dark eyeshadows. The key to pulling off this look is fading and softening the edges so that they blend into the rest of the eye. 


Mega Lashes: Bigger is better this season when it comes to lashes! This means it’s time to conquer any fears or uncertainties you have when it comes to applying false lashes – I promise, they are very easy to master with a little practice and patience. Creating a soft and full look is the goal. Avoid overusing mascara to compensate for thin eyelashes. This can often clump and create an unnatural look. Instead, opt for a good set of false lashes and achieve a natural, but enhanced look that will make your eyes the focal point of the season!


What 2015 fall makeup trend is your favorite? Want to learn how to incorporate these styles into your own makeup routine? Ask a question and Carmina will personally answer you!

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