Spring is upon us! We’re beginning to feel the warmer weather and see the flowers emerge from their winter hiding. It’s also the perfect time for us to re-emerge our beauty routine that may have gone into winter hiding over the dark and chilly months! Spring Makeup is here!!!

If you’re feeling a little lost or uninspired as to how to freshen up your makeup routine for spring, let us offer you some tips that are sure to get you excited to brighten up your most beautiful features. Take a look at these five ideas that we promise you’ll instantly want to try!

1. Nourish the delicate skin around your eyes!

Did you make it part of your New Year’s resolution to start a better skincare routine in 2016? If not, it should be at the top of your list! Investing in your skin now, especially around your eyes, will not only save you from untimely aging and sun damage, it will save you from forking over money for expensive procedures to try and fix the damage you could be preventing right now. 








Best of all, a good skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated. I recommend using the power of Vitamin C for gentle, but highly effective results! Two of my favorite products are these small but mighty Vitamin C Treatment & Transforming Eye Treatment  http://carminacristinaboutique.wazala.com/showstore .

These special products build underlying collagen tissue, firms and moisturizes skin and naturally lightens and brightens dark circles all while offering antioxidant protection! 

If you’re not committed to a good skincare routine for your eyes, this spring is the time to get started!

2. Routinely exfoliate

While we’re on the topic of skincare, our next tip for rejuvenating your makeup routine for spring is to regularly exfoliate your skin. Why? By exfoliating your skin, you remove dead and dull cells that can make your skin look uneven, ruddy and blemished. No amount of makeup will compensate for poor skincare. Instead, start by fixing the root of the problem by exfoliating at least once per week!

I highly recommend the Papaya Scrub and Exfoliator http://carminacristinaboutique.wazala.com/showstore 

which offers a gentle and relaxing massage for your face that you’ll look forward to adding as part of your routine. This product hydrates and lubricates as it gently dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation. With continued use, the Papaya Scrub can make your complexion more porcelain-like, silky and radiant. Who doesn’t want that for spring?

3. Choose a lip gloss that works for all occasions 

Our next tip focuses on your luscious lips. This spring, make it a goal to get yourself a lip gloss that can truly do it all. Do you want that one product that can take you from day to night, nourish your lips and offer unbeatable, lasting color? Try this Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss ! 


I’m not kidding when I tell you that the Plumping Sheer Lip Gloss is infused with real diamond dust! It instantly fills in fine lines (with collagen micro-spheres), gives long lasting plumping effects, reduces wrinkles (with ceramide peptides) and hydrates lips (with water-attracting skin plumpers). Yes, it truly does it all. Plus it comes in a wide variety of colors to match any style and skin tone. 

4. Fill your makeup bag with the right tools

Just as an artist requires the right brushes to create their masterpiece, you also need the right brushes and tools in your makeup kit to achieve the best results from your beauty routine. So often I find that ladies try to “make do” with the wrong brushes and end up wasting product and feeling frustrated. If this sounds like you, it’s time to “spring clean” your makeup bag!

Furthermore, having the right size and shape of brush is not enough. You also need to be sure your tools are high quality so that they distribute product evenly, are antimicrobial and stand the test of time. The CARMINA-CRISTINA boutique offers a full line of professional-quality brushes and tools that I personally use on all of my clients. We also take customer service to the next level by matching each client with the exact brush they need to achieve their makeup goals. This spring, we welcome you to come visit us at our Camp Hill Boutique : 2209 Market Street, so we can do the same for you!


5. Hydrate ALL of your skin

Finally, our top makeup and beauty tip for spring 2016 is to give ALL of your skin some love and pampering, not just your face. Yes, your face is one of the first things people see when they meet you, but in the warmer months of tank top and dress season, your arms and legs will catch their eye. What will your skin say about you?



We are excited to now offer luxurious and high-end products from Rituals including hand cream and lotions that deliver superb hydration and rejuvenation with tantalizing scents. Best of all, you can try these products from the comfort of your own home, turning an ordinary shower routine into a spa-like experience!

BONUS TIP! Purple is the new pink for spring 2016!

You’ve likely seen some of your favorite celebrities incorporating the color purple into the wardrobe and makeup routine. You might be wondering how you can also add this fun color to your look this spring. We have some easy and fool-proof ideas!

Try a purple eyeliner to make the color of your eyes pop. Purple compliments great all eye colors green, blue or brown. Use a lip color with a purple undertone. Or play with a modern shade of purple on your eye. Focus on just one of these tips at a time and avoid “doing it all.” Remember, a little hint of purple goes a long way!

Want to learn more? Get hands-on instruction at an upcoming CARMINA-CRISTINA Seminar!

If you’re inspired to really kick start your beauty routine for spring, attending one of our upcoming seminars might be just the right fit! Plan to attend our Spring Makeup for 2016 if you want a hands-on look at the hottest trends of the season that you can learn to personalize into your own makeup routine. Or, if you’re a professional woman who wants to put her best face forward at the office, plan to attend our Office Beauty in 15 min or less seminar that focuses on creating a polished look in minimal time. For more information about our seminars and workshops click here or contact Carmina@CarminaCristina.com!

Which one of these makeup tips has you anxious to give it a try? Share how you plan to incorporate them into your new spring makeup routine by commenting below!

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