The following interview is with Heidi, a former bride of Carmina Cristina. She shares with us her personal story of how her teenage daughter, Teyah, was struggling with finding her confidence. To help Teyah discover the beauty within, Heidi knew exactly who to call! Here is Heidi’s inspiring story…


How did you first meet Carmina?

Heidi: I was blessed to be able to have Carmina as my professional makeup artist on the day of my wedding in June of 2011. I have never felt more beautiful than I did that day, and as a bride that meant the world to me! Carmina traveled to the venue where the wedding was being held, and when she sat me in that chair, I truly felt like a celebrity and angel wrapped into one.

After she put the finishing touches onto my face and held up the mirror for the first time, tears came to my eyes and I struggled to catch my breath because it truly was a beauty I didn’t even know existed.

What inspired you to have your daughter take one-on-one lessons with Carmina as her professional makeup artist?

Heidi: When my daughter, Teyah, turned 13, I noticed that she began struggling with common teenage things such as an insecurity in herself, poor skin, not knowing if her makeup was too much or too little, and she worried about what others thought of her. I remember the day she came home in tears and stated that the only part of her body she was happy with was her arm.

Although I thought that she was the most beautiful young lady that I have ever seen, I needed to find a way to help her build her confidence. I knew that with Carmina’s guidance and expertise, Teyah could feel as confident and beautiful as I did on my wedding day. By discovering her outer beauty, she would also let her inner beauty shine through to the world. 

What did your daughter learn from Carmina?

Heidi: My daughter learned that no matter what, always love yourself for who you are! Also that the most natural of makeup can enhance the beauty that God already gave her. Teyah learned about makeup, what it was for, how to correctly apply each product and most importantly, that she can do it herself! It was so neat to learn about the different uses of brushes (so many!) and different face cleansing routines and how crucial it is for a teenager to take care of her skin. Carmina not only taught Teyah about makeup, she taught her about beauty, confidence and life!

What changes did you immediately see take place within your daughter?

Heidi: Teyah transformed into a poised and confident young lady right before my eyes! Her inner beauty shone through so bright. She was happy to get up in the morning and start experimenting with the new techniques she was taught and every compliment she received at school and in public made her smile just a little bit more. This began to spark a passion in both in makeup and modeling.



Now about 2 years later, what long term effects did her lessons with a professional makeup artist have?

Heidi: Long term wise, I have seen Teyah become more comfortable and confident in her own skin. She is also willing and excited to try new things with makeup. Within two years, her makeup skills have increased and gotten better tremendously. Teyah just began her freshman year in high school and gets compliments from her friends and peers almost every day! Her girlfriends are starting to ask her to do their makeup for special occasions and they frequently spend hours at her vanity table learning from her. The student is becoming the teacher!

Would you recommend that other young ladies work with a professional makeup artist, like Carmina to build their confidence and sense of inner beauty?

Heidi: I would, without question, recommend every teenage girl to pursue something, like learning about makeup, to help them feel confident and comfortable in their skin! The changes I saw take place in Teyah are truly priceless. Realizing your inner beauty and self-worth at a young age is so important, yet doesn’t often happen for most girls.

Carmina made both my daughter and me feel like movie stars and empowered us with the knowledge that makeup merely helps to bring out the inner beauty that already exists within each of us! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Carmina is. She is beautiful, classy, funny, talented, amazing and creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in Europe with your own personal glam team!

Do you want to learn more about Carmina’s makeup workshops, seminars and one-on-one lessons? Visit or contact her at today!

The pictures included in this blog post are from a recent photo shoot where Carmina Cristina partnered with Meeka Fine Jewelry to showcase the blend between beautiful and uniquely designed jewelry pieces and artistic makeup. In some of these pictures, Teyah did her own makeup and in some others, Carmina added a final touch. The talented photographer was Borka.

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