Carmina recently expanded her business. Helena Felix is her new assistant and “another young import from Europe” says Carmina. Helena was born and raised in Germany, met her american husband a few years ago and moved to Central Pennsylvania in 2015.

“Helena represents my european brand perfectly. She is ambitious, trustworthy and embodies very much the european characteristics”, Carmina tells us.

How did you and Carmina meet?

Helena: That is a funny story actually. While I was organizing my husband and my wedding we hired a photographer who recommended Carmina as the best makeup artist in this area for my bridal makeup. I had just moved to Pennsylvania. I was was not only happy about any suggestions I could get in regard to the wedding but also more than pleased with Carmina’s phenomenal skills. I met her in person for my makeup trial and fell in love with Carmina’s talent and her outstanding personality right away.


What is it you like about Carmina’s personality?

Helena: She is very outgoing and sincere. Carmina is also very european. Just like me (Helena laughs) I think that connected us immediately on a deeper level. Today we are friends.

What was your first impression about Carmina Cristina’s Makeup Boutique?

Helena: I absolutely love her boutique. My instant impression was that her store was very european: tidy, elegant and bright with a lot of clean lines. The second I noticed that she sells Rituals cosmetics (which I am personally a big fan of and using for many years) I knew she had great taste.

How did you like Carmina’s work when she was doing your makeup for the wedding?

Helena: I loved it. She took a lot of time for me. It was a very personal experience. She really tried to get to know me first before she was doing her ‘magic’ on me. Even though I did not have many ideas how I imagined my makeup to be, Carmina did an incredible job. And I wasn’t an easy customer. I am very picky and precise (Helena chuckles).


Why do you think Carmina is the best makeup artist?

Helena: She is very professional, very much customer-orientated, she kept me calm on my wedding day, she is able to work under a lot of pressure, yet to perform on-the-spot even on a short timeframe and she is very good in extemporizing.

What do you mean by that?

Helena: Well, I was so excited that I just met such an inspiring woman that I knocked over a jar of candy while I hugged her enthusiastically. The jar I broke was beautiful and I felt terrible but Carmina wasn’t upset with me. Quite the contrary she hugged me back and said ‘Don’t worry. The jar wasn’t important to me but the fact that I just met you is’.

Wow, what an impressive answer!

Helena: I know! That blew me away!

Last but not least we would like to know how do you see yourself being part of the Carmina Cristina beauty brand?

Helena: I think I emphasize the european component of her brand perfectly. I love the fact that you can purchase her high-end-quality makeup and skincare line to such wonderful prices. I can also relate to all of her Rituals products since I have been using them for years. She is not only a good friend to me she is also my mentor who taught me so much already. I really see us growing her business. So far I have been covering the boutique for her when she couldn’t be here and I just finished getting our new square system to work. Further down the road I could imagine doing my aesthetic license as well and partner up with her.

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The pictures included in this blog post are from a recent photo shoot where Carmina Cristina partnered with Meeka Fine Jewelry to showcase the blend between beautiful and uniquely designed jewelry pieces and artistic makeup. The talented photographer was Borka. The blog post also includes photographs from Helena’s wedding taken by Ryan Randolph. Carmina did Helena’s makeup in every picture.

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